修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Ninety Three “Qing Lin” (2022)

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Chapter Four Hundred and Ninety Three – Qing Lin


Lu Shu’s respectful voice came from outside the door.

“Come in.”

The wooden door creaked open without any wind. Li Shu respectfully walked in and first bowed towards Elder Shen.

“What? Looking at A Shu’s face, it seems that you are worried about something.” Elder Shen asked Li Shu with a warm expression. Li Shu was an inner sect disciple and deeply liked by the sect leader so even he had to give him some face.

“I’m not afraid that Elder will laugh. But for some reason, this disciple feels slightly unconfident.” Li Shu grimaced.

He had only taken over this mission in the recent few years but he knew more than Elder Shen. From the moment the location of the ruins had been divined, the sect had sent Lu Zhen and the others to set up Xu Ling Sect. All the signs indicated that the sect wanted the Sun Shen Temple ruins.

He finally learned later that there was a wondrous treasure inside the Sun Shen Temple ruins that was extremely important to the sect. However, he did not know what treasure it was. For this, the sect even sent out a yuanying elder!

In his experience during the many years he had been in the sect, the yuanying elders were all in deep seclusion and only focused on cultivation. It was hard to even get see their face. This was the first time he saw a yuanying elder out on a mission.

It was possible to see from this just how much importance the sect placed on this mission`s success.

If there was any misstep in the mission this time, he naturally would not escape the judgment of “unable to carry out matters.” This would be extremely disadvantageous for his future in the sect. The sect leader paid great attention to him but in reality, there were many disciples like him.

Elder Shen said with a smile, “A Shu does not need to worry. Before leaving, the sect leader made a special divination and did not see any sudden changes. As for the Masked Assassin, even though he has some small fame but this old man has a slight grasp on the situation. The other two yuanying have pretty good cultivation, but in other matters, they amount to just that.”

In his tone, he was extremely disdainful of the two yuanying from Cloud Sea Jie.

The worry on Lu Shu’s face decreased greatly. The sect leader’s godly divination had never been disproven before. Just yesterday, he had received the sect leader’s paper crane. There was only gentle motivation on the paper crane, and nothing else. If there really was change, how could the sect leader not know?

It seemed that he was really worrying too much.

“Elder is right, losing composure like this, this disciple needs more training,” Li Shu said.

Elder Shen was not concerned and said with a smile, “A Shu’s personality is cautious. Not bad, not bad. When this old man was the same age as A Shu, this one was even less skilled at keeping one’s composure. There are four more days until the shen temple opens. A Shu should have a good rest in these days to be in the best condition.”

“Yes!” Li Shu responded. The elder’s tone was warm but the meaning in the words was still for him to stop thinking nonsense.

There should not be anything that would go wrong in the span of four days.


“I heard you failed?” a middle-aged person with a white face and no beard said with a smile, “That is rare. If this spreads, this person might become famous.”

In front of him, the Masked Assassin was wordless like a wooden puppet and the pale white mask was frightening to look at.

“Why did you think of attacking this person? Did you discover something?” the middle-aged male asked with curiously.

He had jumped in fright when he received the news. He and the Masked Assassin had worked together for a long time and he understood the other well. The Masked Assassin walked in the darkness but was not a murderous person. Other than the targets of assassination, he almost never acted against other people.

He had actually attacked a complete stranger, how could he not be shocked? What was even more shocking was that he had failed!

The middle-aged male’s first response when he heard this was, impossible! Even when the topic had heated up later on, he still did not believe it until now.

The response of the Masked Assassin proved the truth.

“Intuition,” the masked assassin treated words as though they were worth gold and gave the one word answer.

“Intuition?” The middle-aged male was shocked. He had thought of countless possibilities but this was not among them.

“He will affect my target.” The Masked Assassin’s voice was hoarse and unpleasant to hear like the sound of sandpaper rubbing.

“Affect your target?” The middle-aged male was astonished. But as one who was familiar with the other, he instantly understood what the other meant. “You mean that you intuitively feel that he would affect our matter?”

“Yes,” the Masked Assassin responded.

The middle-aged male became silent. He knew that the Masked Assassin had many curious qualities. This was also one of the reasons he never failed.

The Masked Assassin’s intuition felt that the other would affect their target, this caused the middle-aged person to feel it was fantastical.

But for some reason, the middle-aged male believed slightly in it.

“Should we think of a way to kill him?” the middle-aged male inquired.

“Formation is strong,” the Masked Assassin said.

“Then what?” the middle-aged male asked.

“Don’t know.”

The middle-aged male was speechless..


“This method is very simple, it is applying the Sun Crystal Seed to your body,” Qing Lin explained.

“This thing is useful?” Zuo Mo took out the Sun Crystal Seed. Since the other had found it, there was no reason to keep hiding it.

“Your power is not enough, and cannot take in the Sun Crystal Seed. The person who sealed the Sun Crystal Seed must also have thought this,” Qing Lin continued, “But he probably would not have thought that you would come across a Sun Shen Temple.”

Zuo Mo’s eyes were perked up in fear of missing a word.

“The Sun Crystal Seed is the seed of the Sun Tribe’s totem and used to nurture the totem warriors of their tribe. The totem warriors were strong but they also had great constraints. Since the Sun Tribe is gone now, and so is the belief of the tribe members, there is no totem power, and you cannot become a totem warrior.”

Zuo Mo was instantly greatly disappointed. After all this, this stuff had lost its effect.

Seeing the disappointment on Zuo Mo’s face, Qing Ling couldn’t help smiling, “You may not be able to become a totem warrior, but the Sun Crystal Seed itself is a rare and precious treasure in our world. It naturally has its own extraordinary properties. Do you know how the Sun Crystal Seed forms?”

Zuo Mo finally became spirited again. “How does it form?”

“Each generation of totem warriors from the Sun Tribe would try all they can to go to those primitive worlds, or places of chaos to search for unformed suns. They would first seal them into crystals, and then forge them day and night using the power of belief. Fifty years later, it would become a Sun Crystal Seed.”

Zuo Mo gaped on hearing this.

An unformed sun … ..

Motherf***er, so ge is holding a little sun!

“Each Sun Crystal Seed is a priceless treasure! If the Sun Tribe did not fall and die out, how could this Sun Crystal Seed end up in the hands of someone else?” Speaking of this, Qing Lin became slightly emotional. He shook his head and then said, “Your luck is pretty good to be able to encounter such an object, and also a person that could seal this object. Now you have also encountered a Sun Shen Temple that has not disappeared. Maybe there really is fate.”

Seeing Zuo Mo’s shocked face, Qing Lin grinned. He had a pretty good feeling about Zuo Mo. This person seemed slippery of the tongue and slightly cunning but still had a pure heart.

“The belief power in this Sun Crystal Seed probably has dissipated. If another ten thousand years passes, it may form another sun. In the future, you have to remember not to reveal the fact you possess the Sun Crystal Seed to prevent a calamity from falling on you.”

Hearing this, Zuo Mo nodded furiously.

In the past, he only knew that this object was probably extraordinary, but he did not know how this was useful. After learning this, he finally understood how valuable of a gift the strange corpse had given him!

“Originally, the Sun Crystal Seed needs to be worshipped at the sacrificial altar before it can be absorbed. But the sacrificial altar in the shen temple has been abandoned for a long time. So we have to use a stupid method.”

As Qing Lin spoke, a jade-like water droplet suddenly condensed at his fingertip as he gently poked Zuo Mo’s forehead.


Zuo Mo felt a coolness spread from his brow and roll downwards.

His entire body was unspeakably comfortable, and his mouth and nose was filled with the scent of fresh flora.

“This Greenvine Mystical Water is your big brother’s meeting gift to you,” Qing Lin said with a smile. His face was slightly pale. “It is very lacking compared to the Sun Crystal Seed, don’t look down at it.”

Zuo Mo was very moved. His nose became sore as he made a deep bow and said sincerely, “Big Brother!”

Qing Lin held him up and had a happy expression. “After muddling tens of thousands of years, I have no regrets in this life to encounter a brother again!” He then said, “This drop of Greenvine Mystical Water was a harvest from an old vine that was ten thousand years old. If Brother can absorb it well, it will be of great benefit.”

Zuo Mo could only nod dumbly. He suddenly took out a pile of treasures he usually treasured as though they were his life and said, “Big Brother, take a look. If there is something useful, please take it!”

“Oh, Brother has many good things,” Qing Lin said with a smile as he flipped through. “This broken arrow is probably the weapon of the totem warrior from the Archer Tribe. This broken bell should be the greatest treasure of the Eastern Water Tribe and is called the Celestial Bell. This black rock is the Nether Ghost Core, the greatest treasure of the Nether Ghost Tribe. It is a pity that this brother can just barely recognize them and I do not know how to use them.”

“This is all things I picked up from the Sealed Extinction Battlefield. My friend said that is the place many warriors died,” Zuo Mo said. These treasures had all been obtained when Zuo Mo had followed the strange corpse out of the Sealed Extinction Battlefield. They had gone through many places of death similar to the gold crystal sand sea. The strange corpse didn’t have much interest in these objects and gave them all to Zuo Mo.

“So that is the case!” Qing Lin nodded. “The Sealed Extinction Battlefield, as expected of the Battle of Sealed Extinction! The grave of so many warriors … …”

With a long sigh, Qing Lin pushed the objects in front of Zuo Mo. “This brother accepts Brother’s good intentions, but I will not be able to use these things. Brother, keep them on you and remember to not easily show them to others.”

Zuo Mo instantly said, “Big Brother, pick a few!”

“There really is no use.” Qin Lin pushed the objects back in front of Zuo Mo and said, “This brother does have something to request.”

“What? Big Brother, say it!” Zuo Mo said unhesitatingly.

“If Brother has free time in the future, can you go to this place to look. There may be descendents of mine here. If they are lucky and are still alive, Brother, please help look after them for me.” Qing Lin pointed again and Zuo Mo felt a jie map appear in his mind.

“Seas turn to mulberry fields, everything probably has changed. Shidi, do not deliberately go looking. If you encounter them, just giving them a helping hand and it is enough,” Qing Lin said.

“No problem!” Zuo Mo nodded heavily. He decided inside that he would definitely go to this place to search.

Qing Lin smiled slightly and reached out a hand. “Brother, lend the Sun Crystal Seed to me for use.”

Zuo Mo hurriedly gave the Sun Crystal Seed to Qing Lin’s hand.

At this time, a bright green light suddenly came from Qing Lin’s hand and wrapped around the Sun Crystal Seed, the other end of the light entangling around Zuo Mo!

Translator Ramblings: More history, more plot development, and … … Isn’t a feeling a great reason to want to kill someone?

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