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Total Time: 30 minutes



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Spam Onigirazu is perfect for a quick meal or snack on the go. The winning combination of fried eggs, sweet sushi rice, and classic spam wrapped up in crunchy nori. You want to sink your teeth into this yummy treat!

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If you love a popular Hawaiian favorite SPAM® Musubi, you will LOVE this SPAM® Onigirazu (スパムおにぎらず). The ingredients are similar to classic musubi; all you need is SPAM®product, rice, and a nori (seaweed) sheet. The biggest difference is that you could add more fillings in Onigirazu, and today I added lettuce and a fried egg to make it more like a breakfast dish. This combo of deliciousness is portable and hearty enough to fill a hungry stomach any time of the day. You’ll love it for a picnic, road trip snack, or plane food too!

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What is Spam Musubi?

A popular snack and lunch dish in Hawaii, SPAM® Musubi is made of a thinly sliced grilled SPAM® product on top of rice pillow. The SPAM® product and rice are wrapped together withnori (seaweed sheet), almost look like Tamago Sushi. It is sweet, salty, filling and extremely addicting. If you like to get creative, check out the cuter version ofPiggy SPAM® Musubiwhich I made a while ago to surprise my children.

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How To MakeSpam Onigirazu

SPAM® Onigirazu is a little bit fancier version of SPAM® Musubi. You could add more ingredients and make it more delicious as onigirazu holds more fillings inside.

If you’re not familiar with onigirazu, it’s basically a rice sandwich; instead of making a triangle/round onigiri (omusubi), we make a rice sandwich with more fillings. I made a video on how to make it here, and I have also shared myChicken Katsu Onigigirazu and Bulgogi Onigirazurecipes on my blog (and more recipes coming soon!).

As the SPAM® product is a bit on the salty side, I like to add a fried egg to make it more balanced, while lettuce (especially iceberg lettuce) gives a crunchy and refreshing texture.

SPAM®product is usually cooked with soy sauce for musubi, so I seasonthe SPAM®product the same way in this recipe. Soy sauce, mirin, and sake are the most important 3 ingredients for typical Japanese flavors.

(Video) Spam Onigirazu スパムおにぎらず (without a Mold) #shorts | Yummy It Food

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Hawaiian Foods Week with Spam Onigirazu

My children absolutely love onigirazu and it’s one of their most requested lunch items. As next week (June 12 – 18) is Hawaiian Foods Week, I got the idea for this recipe while grocery shopping and saw SPAM®. As many of you know, SPAM® products are a part of life in Hawaii. It’s served everywhere, from grocery stores, delis to fancy restaurants. Even McDonald’s features several SPAM® items on their breakfast menu.

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Starting next week, I will be celebrating Hawaiian Foods Week with many of the brands you know and love, which include King’s Hawaiian, Dole, SPAM®, Kona Brewing Co., and Mauna Loa.

After making the onigirazufor my children, I made several sandwiches with King’s Hawaiian rolls, SPAM®product, and King’s Hawaiian BBQ sauce for Mr. JOC. He thoroughly enjoyed the combination, and it’s now made the list as one of our quick meal ideas.

What are your favorite Hawaiian foods? Share in the comment below! 🙂

Using an Onigirazu Mold

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Mark, one of JOC readers fromOregon, kindly sent me thisbeautiful onigirazu mold that he handcrafted. It’s made of Port Orford cedar and there is not a single nail used in this mold. Thank you, Mark! If you want to purchase this mold, please click onigirazu moldpage for details.

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Spam Onigirazu

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Spam Onigirazu is perfect for a quick meal or snack on the go. The winning combination of fried eggs, sweet sushi rice, and classic spam wrapped up in crunchy nori. You want to sink your teeth into this yummy treat!

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Prep Time: 15 mins

Cook Time: 15 mins

Total Time: 30 mins

(Video) How to Make Teriyaki Spam Onigirazu (Recipe)

Servings: 6 Spam Onigirazu


  • 6 large eggs (50 g each w/o shell)
  • 1 SPAM® (7 oz)
  • 1 Tbsp neutral-flavored oil (vegetable, rice bran, canola, etc.)
  • 6 sheets nori (dried laver seaweed)
  • 3 cups cooked Japanese short-grain rice (1 ½ rice-cooker-cups (180 ml x 1.5 = 270 ml) yields roughly 3 servings (3 US cups); see how to cook short-grain rice with arice cooker, apot over the stove, aninstant pot, or adonabe)
  • kosher salt (Diamond Crystal; use half for table salt)
  • 1 Tbsp furikake (rice seasoning)
  • 6 leaves lettuce (I used ice burg lettuce for the crunch)


  • 1 Tbsp mirin
  • 1 Tbsp sake
  • 1 Tbsp soy sauce

Japanese Ingredient Substitution: If you want substitutes for Japanese condiments and ingredients, click here.


  • Gather all the ingredients.

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  • Heat 1 Tbsp vegetable oil over medium high heat in the frying pan and cook the eggs as you like. I made the egg “over hard” (over well), which is a fried egg turned over and cooked until the yolk is solid. Make the eggs in batches if necessary, and transfer to a plate when they are cooked.

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  • Meanwhile take out the spam from the can and cut into ¼ “ (6 mm) slices. You’ll get about 6-7 slices. Once the eggs are cooked, add the spam slices to the pan and cook both sides until nicely browned. Transfer the spam slices onto a plate.

    Spam Onigirazu スパムおにぎらず (11)

  • Turn down the heat to medium low and add 1 Tbsp. mirin, 1 Tbsp. sake, and 1 Tbsp. soy sauce. Mix well quickly.

    Spam Onigirazu スパムおにぎらず (12)

    (Video) たった5分!折りたたんで作る"スパムおにぎり"【ええ声クッキング】

  • Transfer the spam slices back to the pan and coat well with the sauce.

    Spam Onigirazu スパムおにぎらず (13)

  • Place a plastic wrap on a working surface and put a sheet of nori seaweed on top (shiny side facing down), with a corner pointing up. Evenly spread the steamed rice in a thin layer and form into a square shape in the center of the nori sheet. I’m using the onigirazu mold.

    Spam Onigirazu スパムおにぎらず (14)

  • Sprinkle a little bit of kosher salt and furikake. Salt is added to prevent the food from spoiling as we eat onigiri, onigirazu, and bento at room temperature and typically without refrigeration.

    Spam Onigirazu スパムおにぎらず (15)

  • Place the fried egg and spam slice on top.

    Spam Onigirazu スパムおにぎらず (16)

  • Place the lettuce and thin layer of steamed rice on top, maintaining a nice rectangular/square shape.

    Spam Onigirazu スパムおにぎらず (17)

  • Now if you have an onigirazu mold, pull up the mold carefully. Remember to moist the “lid” before you press down so rice does not get stuck to it.

    Spam Onigirazu スパムおにぎらず (18)

  • Bring left and right corners of nori sheet towards the center. Fold gently but tightly to wrap around the layers at the center.

    Spam Onigirazu スパムおにぎらず (19)

  • Then bring bottom and top corners towards the center. Continue to fold gently but tightly around the layers. Make sure the rice is tucked in nicely.

    Spam Onigirazu スパムおにぎらず (20)

  • If you like your onigirazu to showcase the filling after cutting in half, mark with a piece of rice or lettuce strip perpendicular to the filling. When you add the filling, you can decide which way you want to cut so it looks the best when the ingredients are revealed.

  • Wrap tightly with plastic wrap. Set aside for 5 minutes with nori’s seam side down.

    Spam Onigirazu スパムおにぎらず (21)

    (Video) 【ONIGIRAZU-okinawa style】(Japanese rice sandwich with egg&spam) teriyaki mayo sauce 【スパムと卵のおにぎらず】

  • Cut the onigirazu with a sharp knife (following the mark that tells you which direction to cut). Run your knife in running water before cutting so that the cross-section will be clean. If you plan to make this the previous night, wrap the onigirazu with a kitchen towel and keep in the refrigerator overnight. The towel will prevent the rice from getting hard from the cold temperature. Eat within 24 hours.

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Calories: 243 kcal · Carbohydrates: 29 g · Protein: 8 g · Fat: 9 g · Saturated Fat: 4 g · Polyunsaturated Fat: 1 g · Monounsaturated Fat: 5 g · Trans Fat: 1 g · Cholesterol: 42 mg · Sodium: 588 mg · Potassium: 188 mg · Fiber: 1 g · Sugar: 1 g · Vitamin A: 204 IU · Vitamin C: 1 mg · Calcium: 8 mg · Iron: 2 mg

Author: Namiko Chen

Course: Main Course

Cuisine: Japanese

Keyword: onigirazu, rice sandwich, spam musubi

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Full Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of King’s Hawaiian. The opinions and text are all mine.

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