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If you’re curious about installing Microsoft Office Mobile, the following review should help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.

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Earlier in 2020, Microsoft rolled out an Android version of a “unified Office” mobile app. The app includes Word, Excel, and Powerpoint all in one mobile application.

You needed to install individual mobile apps for Word, Excel, and Powerpoint before this rollout. Now you can get all three in one Microsoft Office app for Android or iOS.

If you’re curious about installing Microsoft Office Mobile, the following review should help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.

Navigating Microsoft Office for Android

The moment you install and launch the Microsoft Office app, you’ll notice how quickly it runs. The app launches in seconds, and tapping items changes the window almost immediately.

Beyond the small footprint of the app, you’ll also notice that it’s intuitive. Finding your way is simple.

On the home screen, you’ll see any previous documents you were working on, as well as a list of any older files in your OneDrive account.

Microsoft Office For Android: Is it Any Good? (3)

To get started using either Word, Excel, or Powerpoint, you have to tap the + icon at the bottom of the screen. This brings up three icons.

  • Notes: Quickly capture text or images in the Microsoft Notes app
  • Lens: Capture a photo to save in your OneDrive account
  • Documents: Access the mobile version of Word, Excel, or Powerpoint

The folder icon at the upper right of the home screen takes you to the Browse window. This is where you can see files in your OneDrive account, Google Drive, or items stored locally on your mobile device. You can also see any documents other users have shared with you or add a new cloud storage account that you want to use with Microsoft Office mobile.

Microsoft Office For Android: Is it Any Good? (4)

If you tap the personal OneDrive account, you’ll notice that it may look familiar if you’re a Google Drive user. Navigating OneDrive directories and files inside this app is similar to navigating Google Drive using the Google Drive app.

You tap folders to drill into them and tap files to open them. Three dots to the right of file names provide options to share or see the file properties.

Using Word in the Office Mobile App

When you tap Documents from the main screen, you’ll see the option to open Word, Excel, or Powerpoint. You’ll notice an icon to Scan text for opening Word.

If you tap Scan text, it’ll switch to the camera. As the app attempts to recognize text on the page, you’ll notice a red box around the outside of the text block.

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Once it’s in focus, press the white button at the bottom of the window. The Office mobile app will use optical character recognition (OCR) to convert the printed text document into Word.

Microsoft Office For Android: Is it Any Good? (5)

OCR in the Office mobile app is surprisingly accurate. It’s an excellent way to capture documents that you can edit later.

Using the mobile Word app is surprisingly easy, even on a small mobile screen. You’ll see all of the common Word functions normally in the ribbon by tapping the up arrow at the bottom of the window.

Microsoft Office For Android: Is it Any Good? (6)

These include the things you’d expect, like:

  • Text formatting: Bold, italics, underline, color, and highlighting
  • Paragraph formatting: Text alignment, tab, bullets, and numbered lists
  • Document formatting: Headers, footers, and lists
  • Search help: Tap the light bulb icon to search for how to do specific tasks

The free version of Microsoft Office mobile has far fewer features than an Office 365 subscription. However, even the free version is useful for all of your standard document needs.

Using Excel in the Office Mobile App

Excel inside this Office mobile app is just as intuitive. All of the features you’d expect to find in Excel are available. It’s also easy to navigate and edit spreadsheets with just your fingers and the on-screen keyboard.

Tap in any cell and type “=” to start using functions. As you type, you’ll see a list of functions that start with those letters. If you’re not sure what function you want, tap fx at the upper left corner of the screen and search through the functions directory.

Microsoft has made doing certain tasks you’d think would be difficult very easy. For example, resize multiple cells, drag your finger to highlight them, and use the circles on each side to resize the cells.

Microsoft Office For Android: Is it Any Good? (7)

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint all come with useful templates you can use to save time when creating new documents. Excel includes the most useful ones like budgets, task management, and organizers.

Microsoft Office For Android: Is it Any Good? (8)

Functions from the desktop app that you’ll find in this mobile version of Excel include:

  • Text formatting
  • Text alignment and wrapping
  • Creating data filters
  • Adding photos to spreadsheets
  • Formatting cell colors and borders
  • Merging and centering cells
  • Inserting and deleting columns and rows

You won’t find advanced VBA or macros in this online version, but for most Excel users, it’ll have everything you need.

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You can also add multiple tabs to your spreadsheets by tapping the tabbed folder icon at the lower-left corner. Then, tap the + icon on the right of the tabs.

Microsoft Office For Android: Is it Any Good? (9)

Tap the tab and select Rename to rename the tab. You can also change its color, duplicate it, hide, move, and delete tabs.

You can easily share your spreadsheets with others by tapping the three connected dots share icon at the window’s upper right. This will bring up a Share window.

You can share the file as a link or as an attachment via email. Or, type email addresses into the Invite people to this file field. Those people will need to use their Office 365 account (free or paid) to access your shared file.

Again, this looks very similar to how Google handles file sharing in Google Drive. It seems that Microsoft is taking a few pages from Google’s playbook.

Microsoft Office For Android: Is it Any Good? (10)

Using PowerPoint in the Office Mobile App

If creating a PowerPoint presentation inside a mobile app scares you, rest assured that it’s not hard at all inside the Office Mobile app.

When you first launch PowerPoint, you can choose a theme to start with (highly recommended). Then, type the text into each slide, add notes, and add any pictures you like.

Microsoft Office For Android: Is it Any Good? (11)

To add another slide, tap the + icon to the right of the slide deck.

You’ll see tools on the bottom of the screen to add pictures, shapes, or text to your slides. Most of the simple text and shape formatting options you’d expect are available.

The real power behind this app comes from its casting feature. If you tap the presentation icon (a TV picture on a stand) in the menu bar, the presentation launches in full-screen mode. Tap the screen, and you’ll see a cast icon at the top. Tap this to view available Chromecast devices on your network.

When you select that device, it will play the presentation slides in full-screen on that television. Meanwhile, on your mobile device, you’ll see the slide along with the notes underneath it.

Microsoft Office For Android: Is it Any Good? (12)

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This makes giving presentations much more enjoyable. You can use your phone to glance at your notes for the slide, while your audience can only see the slide presentation.

Even if you don’t use the PowerPoint mobile app to create your presentations, it would be worthwhile to save your desktop-created presentations to your OneDrive account. Then, you can open it with your mobile device to give your presentation.

Notes and Other Features

One major issue with Android is that there has never been an excellent note-taking app available for the platform. Microsoft Notes in the Mobile Office app changes all of that.

Note-taking is fast and easy with Notes. It also lets you change the background, edit and format the text, make quick bullet lists, and more.

Microsoft Office For Android: Is it Any Good? (13)

It’s also straightforward to share those notes with other users by using the same sharing feature as the other apps.

If you tap the Actions icon at the bottom of the main screen, you’ll see a list of other useful features.

Microsoft Office For Android: Is it Any Good? (14)

These features include:

  • Quickly convert images to a text document or a spreadsheet
  • Easily transfer files to your computer or other nearby phones
  • Sign a PDF document someone sent you
  • Scan or convert images to PDF format
  • Convert existing Word documents to PDF format
  • Use the built-in QR scanner utility

Summing Up

As you can see, the Microsoft Office mobile app is like six or seven apps, all built into one. For a Microsoft product, it’s surprisingly intuitive and easy to learn.

If you haven’t tried the Office mobile app yet, give it a try. Who knows, you might find yourself using it more than you use Google Drive apps!

Microsoft Office For Android: Is it Any Good? (15)


Does Microsoft Office work well on Android? ›

The answer is Yes. Microsoft Office does work perfectly fine with Android tablets and phones without any issues. You can view, edit or share your documents on Android just like you do on your PCs.

Is the Microsoft Office app any good? ›

Being the world's standard for office suites, it's no surprise Microsoft Office 365 is one of our top picks for the best office suite software. It's the best option for online and offline use, thanks to its smooth collaboration features, user-friendly interface, and unparalleled flexibility to suit each use case.

Is Microsoft Office or Google Drive Better? ›

Google Drive lets you access your files anywhere and on any device. It's important to note however that Microsoft 365 gives you the option to buy more storage on a per user basis, but Google Workspace doesn't — you have to upgrade your entire plan, which could work out rather expensive if you have a large team.

Is Microsoft Office the same as Google Drive? ›

Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365, provides web, desktop, and mobile apps for Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote,... Google Drive is a cloud storage and backup platform to access files, docs, photos & more, store them in a safe place, and...

How much does Office for Android cost? ›

Anyone can now download the Office app on phones for Android and iOS. The app is free to use, even without signing in. However, signing in with a Microsoft Account or connecting to a third-party storage service will enable you to access and store documents in the cloud.

Is Microsoft Office free on Android? ›

You can use Microsoft Office for free on any Android tablet with a screen size of 10.1 inches or smaller. Any larger, and you need a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Why do I need Microsoft Office on my phone? ›

With the power of the Office app for Android, you can stay productive on the go. Create and edit new Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or PowerPoint presentations. Quickly jot down thoughts and ideas with Sticky Notes. Instantly create PDF files from photos or your existing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

Does Office app replace Word? ›

Microsoft today launched Office for Android and iOS in general availability. The unified app means you no longer need to download, install, and switch between the individual Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps.

What is the best app for Word documents on Android? ›

Top 10 Free Word Processors for Android
  • Google Docs. Google Docs is a free online word processor to let you easily create and edit documents. ...
  • Microsoft Word. To create or edit documents on Android phones or tablets, you can also use Microsoft Word. ...
  • WPS Office. ...
  • Docs To Go. ...
  • OfficeSuite. ...
  • AndrOpen Office. ...
  • Zoho Writer. ...
  • Quip.
19 Jul 2022

Why do people use Microsoft Word instead of Google Docs? ›

User-friendly features make MS Word the most preferred processor for most people in educational areas. On the other hand, Google Docs is preferred by tech-savvy users who enjoy working online and require access to their documents on multiple devices at all times.

Can Google Docs replace Microsoft Office? ›

Google Docs is the best choice if you need to share files, work collaboratively with others, or work in the cloud for optimal backup options. However, you can certainly enjoy using both programs, as Google Docs is a free program, and employers and schools frequently offer Word to users.

What is Google's version of Microsoft Office? ›

Google Workspace comes in four commercial versions: Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, and Enterprise. Business Starter, at $6 per user per month, comes with the full suite of applications and 30GB of storage per user.

Do I need Microsoft Office if I have Google Docs? ›

Buying a Microsoft Office subscription will be unavoidable for those who have a lot of more complex files to create and edit, like students or professionals. But if you need software for light word processing and data entry then we would recommend switching to the Google Docs Suite.

Why is Google Drive better than Microsoft? ›

In short, Google Drive is better for independent users who store a normal amount of stuff. OneDrive makes more sense for businesses and teams that are doing heavy-duty storage or large-scale syncing. Realistically, though, most users will fall somewhere in between the two, where either platform would meet their needs.

How much does Microsoft Office cost? ›

The Microsoft 365 collection typically costs between $70 and $100 every year for subscription access across devices and family members. Microsoft also released a new stand-alone version of Microsoft Office for Windows and Mac, called Office Home and Student 2021, for a flat $150 -- no subscription required.

Is Microsoft Office a one time fee? ›

Office 2021 is sold as a one-time purchase, which means you pay a single, up-front cost to get Office apps for one computer. One-time purchases are available for both PCs and Macs. However, there are no upgrade options, which means if you plan to upgrade to the next major release, you'll have to buy it at full price.

Do Samsung phones come with Microsoft Office? ›

Office Mobile comes natively integrated on the latest flagship smartphones from Samsung, including the Note 20 and Note20 Ultra 5G and new S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra 5G.

Does Samsung have free Microsoft Office? ›

Upon activation of a Samsung Galaxy S21 5G smartphone purchased at Samsung Experience Store and registration as a ClubS member, customers can get a free Microsoft 365 Personal 12-month subscription, including 1TB OneDrive cloud storage.

Which is best Office for Android? ›

The 7 Best Free Microsoft Office Alternatives for Android
  1. WPS Office. WPS Office. ...
  2. Polaris Office. 3 Images. ...
  3. Collabora Office. 3 Images. ...
  4. OfficeSuite. If you're looking for an office app with almost all the features of Microsoft Office, then OfficeSuite is a great option. ...
  5. Docs To Go. ...
  6. Google Workspace Office Apps. ...
  7. Document Reader.
15 Sept 2022

What is the Android equivalent of Microsoft Word? ›

There are many alternatives to Microsoft Word for Android Tablet if you are looking for a replacement. The best Android Tablet alternative is Google Docs, which is free.

Do you need a subscription for Office for mobile? ›

With the free Office apps on your mobile device, you can do some core tasks like viewing, creating, and editing files. However, you will need a qualifying Microsoft 365 subscription if: Your mobile device is larger than 10.1”.

Can Android edit Word documents? ›

You can upload and download files with the Google Docs app for Android. Import: You can open and edit DOC, DOCX, ODT, TXT, RTF, and HTML files.

Can I type a document on my phone? ›

Edit or create documents from just about anywhere using the Word mobile app on your mobile device. Go to the download site for your device: To install Word on a Windows device, go to the Microsoft Store. To install Word on an Android device, go to the Play Store.

Can I still use Word without a subscription? ›

With Office Online, you gain access to online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Teams, and Outlook at no cost. Lesser-used apps like Microsoft Teams, Forms, and Sway are included in the list of Office Online offerings too. There are no online versions for Access and Publisher, however.

What app is better than Microsoft Word? ›

The best alternative is LibreOffice - Writer, which is both free and Open Source. Other great apps like Microsoft Word are Google Docs, WPS Writer, Apache OpenOffice Writer and ONLYOFFICE. Microsoft Word alternatives are mainly Word Processors but may also be Novel Authoring Tools or Note-taking Tools.

Which app is best for Microsoft Office? ›

The best office apps for Android
  • AndrOpen Office.
  • Docs to Go.
  • Google Drive (Google Workspace)
  • Microsoft Office.
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop.
27 May 2022

What app is better than Word? ›

Arguably, Google Docs is a powerful word processor and among the better-known alternatives to Microsoft Word. It mirrors Microsoft Word in terms of functionality. It allows users to create files and share them in various formats. The functionality of Google Docs can get extended using different add-ons.

Can I save Word documents on my Android? ›

On the file menu, tap Save As. You can save your files locally to your device or save them to the cloud so you can share with others easily.

How do you use Microsoft Office on Android? ›

Get the most out of Office on Android phones and tablets
  1. Download the Office mobile apps you want from the Google Play store.
  2. Sign in with the Microsoft account you use for Microsoft 365.
  3. View or edit files stored in OneDrive.
  4. Tap Add a place to select another cloud service or tap Browse to add Google Drive.

Why can't I open a Word document on my Samsung phone? ›

If you can't open Microsoft Word attachments, it may be that you don't have an app that allows you to open certain types of document. Most Android devices come with Google Docs as standard.

What does Google have that is like Microsoft Word? ›

Google Docs offers the option to download your Doc as a Microsoft Word document. Along with a few other files type such as ODT, PDF, RTF, HTML, TXT, and EPUB. The difference is Microsoft Word doesn't offer the same compatibility as Google Docs.

Why do people still use Microsoft Office? ›

Microsoft Office has become a leading platform to drive productivity at home and in the workplace. Whether it's managing email in Outlook, or building analysis spreadsheets in Excel, Office has made carrying out many computer based tasks easier for all of us.

Why is a PDF better than a Word document? ›

PDF files are accepted by professional printers, whereas Word DOC files usually are not. In addition, PDF's print-ready file transfer makes it easy to send a print-ready file to a printer in another department or even another country with little or no rework needed at the other end.

What does Microsoft Word have that Google Docs doesn t? ›

It offers limited features but comes with great add-ons developed by the community. Files on Google Docs are stored as one type, although you can download a file in different formats, including DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF, plain text, and HTML. Microsoft Word offers a wider variety of file formats to save your documents.

Is Google Docs being discontinued? ›

“Older versions” of the Google Suite Apps (which include Google Docs) will be discontinued effective April 3, 2022 for Android and iOS smartphones. Google will push out notifications to force old version users to update to the most current version of the mobile apps starting tomorrow, March 1, 2022.

What is better for writing Word or Google Docs? ›

Word is more secure and offers more granular formatting and collaboration tools; those aren't features that are likely to be very important to you in writing a novel. Go with whichever platform you're most comfortable with; when you're trying to be creative, you don't want the technology to get in your way.

Is Gmail better than Outlook? ›

If you're plugged into the Google ecosystem, then Gmail will work wonders. However, some users are still using a lot of Microsoft products such as Office 365. Because of this, Outlook could be a better choice if you're locked into a Microsoft ecosystem.

Is word free on Google? ›

Google Docs, a web-based word processor that Google offers as part of its office suite–Google Drive – is free and available for use. It competes with Microsoft Office.

Is Gmail part of Microsoft Office? ›

Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365, provides web, desktop, and mobile apps for Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote,... Gmail is a free, advertising-supported email service offered as part of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), with 15GB of...

What are the main differences between MS Office and Google Docs? ›

Docs is accessible from any device, using any modern web browser. In fact, while Microsoft users can install Word and other 365 apps on only five devices,3 Google allows users to access Docs and the rest of Google Workspace on an unlimited number of devices.

Is OneDrive being discontinued? ›

After March 1st, 2022, your personal files will no longer sync and should be uploaded/accessed directly on OneDrive for web. If you are currently using one of these operating systems, we recommend upgrading your operating system to either Windows 10 or Windows 11 to avoid disruption.

What happens if you don't pay for Google Drive? ›

Until you reduce the amount of storage you use, neither you nor anyone else can edit or copy your files. Syncs stop between your computer's Google Drive folder and My Drive. Important: As of June 1, 2021, if you remain inactive or go over your storage quota for 2 years or longer, all of your content may be deleted.

What are the disadvantages of OneDrive? ›

Limited document size support. Microsoft does not support files over 15 GB in OneDrive for Business. For larger files, you may need to use a compression utility. Lack of third-party app integrations.

Is there a version of Microsoft Office that is free? ›

Use Office Online in a Browser; It's Free

Whether you're using a Windows 10 PC, Mac, or Chromebook, you can use Microsoft Office for free in a web browser. The web-based versions of Office are simplified and won't work offline, but they still offer a powerful editing experience.

Can I get Microsoft Office for free? ›

Get started with Office 365 for free

Students and educators at eligible institutions can sign up for Office 365 Education for free, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and now Microsoft Teams, plus additional classroom tools. Use your valid school email address to get started today.

How do I activate Microsoft Office for free? ›

  1. Activating your free Office suite via Microsoft. Open the Microsoft Office program of your choice. ...
  2. Step 1: open the Office program. ...
  3. Step 2: choose an account. ...
  4. Step 3: log in to Microsoft 365. ...
  5. Step 4: accept the conditions. ...
  6. Step 5: get started.
2 Sept 2022

Which MS Word is best for Android? ›

The best Android Tablet alternative is Google Docs, which is free. If that doesn't suit you, our users have ranked more than 50 alternatives to Microsoft Word and nine of them are available for Android Tablet so hopefully you can find a suitable replacement.

Does Samsung work with Microsoft Office? ›

Reading your emails, creating documents, and sharing photos is even easier when you use Microsoft apps on your Galaxy phone. For instance, you can create spreadsheets with Microsoft Office, store documents with OneDrive, and transfer content from your phone to a PC with Link to Windows.

Can Microsoft Excel be used on Android? ›

Excel for Android phones is a free download from Google Play. Once you have it installed, follow along with this animated guide to learn some quick tips.

Can I run Outlook on Android? ›

To get started, make sure you have Outlook downloaded to your device. Whether you use an iOS or Android device, download the app here. Note: Screenshots shown in this guide are for Outlook for iOS and Android.

How do you type on Microsoft Word on Android? ›

On your device, tap the Word app. Sign in with the account you use with Microsoft 365.
Try it!
  1. Go to the download site for your device: ...
  2. Search for the Word mobile app.
  3. Tap Microsoft Word or Word mobile.
  4. Tap Install, Get or Download.

Why should I connect my Samsung and Microsoft accounts? ›

Connecting accounts means you also allow Microsoft to provide the following data to be accessed, stored, and used by Samsung in accordance with the Samsung Privacy Policy: Profile data — includes your Microsoft account unique identifier, which is used to help verify your identity.

How do I use Office on Android? ›

How to use Office app on Android
  1. Open Office app on your phone.
  2. Tap the Done button.
  3. Tap the Connect your account option. ...
  4. Enter your Microsoft account.
  5. Click the Next button.
17 May 2022

Is Excel on Android good? ›

Excel inside this Office mobile app is just as intuitive. All of the features you'd expect to find in Excel are available. It's also easy to navigate and edit spreadsheets with just your fingers and the on-screen keyboard.

Is Android Microsoft Excel free? ›

The Android app for Excel spreadsheet is free for non-business and requires a free Microsoft Outlook email account. Excel for Android contains the most used features of Excel. But that doesn't mean it's a watered-down version.

How much does Outlook for Android cost? ›

Outlook for iOS and Android is free for consumer use from the iOS App store and from Google Play. However, commercial users require an Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscription that includes the Office desktop applications: Microsoft 365 Apps for Business.

Why has Outlook stopped working on my Android phone? ›

Check Your Internet Connection

Outlook uses your phone's internet connection to sync your email accounts. If your phone's internet ever stops working, that causes Outlook not to send and receive new emails. Therefore, it's important to check your phone's internet connection and ensure it works.

Does Outlook for Android store emails locally? ›

Outlook app maintains a local backup database of your emails on the device file system at "/data/data/com. outlook. Z7/" location, which could be accessed only if the device is rooted and for non-rooted Android devices, Android Debug Bridge (adb) tool can extract it.


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