Linda Lancashire’s 2022 New Year Horoscopes (2023)


March 21 – April 20th

Loyal, principled and of high values, 2022 sees you plan out everything in microscopic detail attaining to work, career and business, and at times, even down to arranging your personal life. The new year starts out well by you displaying added confidence, passion, and the determination to succeed in whichever direction you choose. You will require an extraordinary amount of patience when dealing with loved ones, especially certain friends or family members. Prepare yourself for some extremely difficult circumstances to deal with, but nothing that you cannot overcome if you show empathy, understanding, and where needed, excellent financial sense. Create some extra time for yourself just to enjoy pottering about and seeing to outstanding odd jobs that you have been putting on the back burner for months. A current serious romantic relationship may reach new heights putting you in an amazingly good mood, but alternatively romance could be spiced up with an unexpected, whirlwind love interest that will take your breath away whilst causing you a few problems into the bargain.


April 21 – May 21

You are most content in professions that offer scope for variety and change where you feel most productive and useful in society. Job offers, career moves, or business ventures will all influence your financial prosperity and satisfaction in what you are trying to achieve. Your personal life will dominate most of the advancing months one way or another, and even though you may be walking on air, or broken egg shells, all loved up in a romantic affair, it’s also possible that you are allowing yourself to be lulled into a false sense of security, but for some of you, this could be the year when you finally tie the knot with a loved one and settle down once and for all. Vast amounts of money could be spent on home luxuries or meeting your family’s needs in creature comforts that could almost wipe out your savings and money reserves. There are many opportunities for you to expand your personal interests, travel and exploration or business ventures. This is the year for you to excel in everything that you do best.


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May 22 – June 22

You deserve recognition and praise for all your hard work and richly rewarded for your contribution to society, or devotion of time to your family and loved ones. In your private life, you must make more of an effort in personal or romantic relationships because people will need to feel your presence and recognise your commitment. Your greatest satisfaction will be to see other people happy, which is why you can be especially generous even to those less fortunate and in need. Always follow your instincts and never let anyone convince you that you should follow their advice. As an invaluable team player, either by clearing up minor misunderstandings or by displaying high degrees of positivity, you will not only be in great demand socially, but a great deal of your energy will be channelled into creating new, lucrative, and exciting opportunities. There will be no expense spared fulfilling dreams and ambitions whilst travelling and exploring the world. Start doing things your way and always be true to yourself.


June 23 – July 23

As an intellectual with a razor sharp mind and sometimes the wildest imagination, you will most likely create some amazing masterpieces which are designed to last and make an impression. Your personal life, however, may sometimes be questionable. How much longer are you going to allow a certain person to rule your life or at least feel that they have an element of control over your decisions? It’s imperative for your health and wellbeing that you start acting more assertively and courageously by finding the courage to sever certain ties before circumstances are allowed to spiral out of control. The governing planets and transits over future months will enable you to get your romantic life back on track as well as succeed in business and finance. New connections and friendships will become steadier, enabling you to spread your wings as you progressively discover your true, authentic self. The latter part of the year will be the most favourable as you receive encouraging news and many opportunities reinvent yourself to live the life you have always wanted to live.


July 24 – August 23

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Take advantage of every opportunity to reclaim total control over your life. Reflect on the past, learn from previous mistakes and you will soon realise just how much has changed and how different, more relaxed and confident you are becoming. By gaining more self belief and discovering your talents and abilities, you will be able to start over by creating a new life whilst succeeding in reaching great heights, enjoying many great achievements and rich rewards. A total change of direction is strongly indicated, including the possibility of moving house, relocating, starting a new business venture or even immersing yourself in a new love interest. You are in the process of experiencing a period of enormous transformation, and well advised to go with the flow of the energy that is currently guiding you along the right soul path for you. For more financial security, pay your debts, live within your budget and avoid borrowing money you are not in a position to repay. You will be at your most glorious and charismatic during the Summer and Autumn months.


August 24 – September 23

Right from the very start, 2022 is going to be an action-packed year filled with unexpected twists, turns and surprises. Prepare yourself for a roller coaster time in both romantic, career and business ventures as you pioneeringly lead the way for others to follow your professional example. Focus more on planning everything with military precision because some of your greatest moments will be achieved preparing in advance and always listening to your inner voice whilst trusting and following your instincts. Occasionally you may experience problems trying to juggle and balance work and your personal life, and not everyone will understand nor appreciate why you need to complete projects, but in your eyes, there is no time like the present in which to get things done. Procrastination is the thief of time. As the year progresses, you will become increasingly reluctant to readily spend your hard earned cash because you refuse to blindly invest in anything without verifying all the ends. Your cautiousness regarding a certain business project could drive a wedge in-between a relationship, but by standing your ground, you will be proved right in the end.


September 24 – October 23

The New Year commences with an increased momentum in the business and financial domain, and more interestingly, in personal acquisitions and relationships. Anything connected with property, inheritance, winnings or other piece of good fortune will set you up beautifully. As always, you will focus your time and attention on your family and some good news will benefit your home life and loved ones. Regardless of all the problems, challenges, and obstacles you must work through, things will play out much better than you initially anticipated, even those which felt almost impossible to overcome at one point. Create more time to relax and to heal because finding and protecting your inner peace is imperative to your spiritual development. You can rely on your fantastic sense of humour and communication skills to keep the moods of others buoyant and above the darkness, which can often befall upon those nearest and dearest to us. This year, your role is a ‘friend in need is a friend indeed’. An emotional reconciliation could also add to your happiness and contentment with the world.

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October 24 – November 22

The advent of 2022 is the bringer of remarkable inventions and innovation to your personal, home, domestic and spiritual life. Recent events have proved life changing and, in some places, surreal, but inspiration from an unexpected source will prompt you into taking a huge gamble, which will pay dividends if you are prepared to step out of your comfort zone. You will receive encouragement towards adapting new beliefs that genuinely reflect the real you and your new chosen lifestyle. You are now discovering just who your true friends are, but equally, you must also remain extra cautious and vigilant as to whom and where to place your trust. Always be mindful that envy and jealousies are never far away and that you can never judge a book by its cover. Remain humble and under the radar, private and secretive about your business. You are beginning to understand yourself more and realise that applying positive thinking and using creative imagination that you can achieve great things. Arrange to spend sometime alone with your own thoughts and reflections as this will preserve your health and wellness. Turn your skills and attention to developing your more creative gifts and talents towards the arts, music and writing.


November 23 – December 21

The arrival of 2022 brings unexpected changes in many areas of your life which will cause you to feel pressured and at times, on edge because of the speed of all the developments and strange behaviour of others. Tensions could arise because of sudden developments either at home or work, but nothing that you cannot handle or get a grip of once you put your mind to it. Be more selective in your choice of companions by cultivating people of good character and worthiness. As the year progresses, you will begin to enjoy success, personal growth, abundance, and good fortune as well as a hint of romance and other excitement. Focus your energies on studying, higher learning, or developing creative and artistic accomplishments. Gradually you will begin to emerge out of a period of strange isolation and begin to enjoy the sunlight once more, but look at how much you have learned and how far you have progressed. Stop resurrecting the past, instead, focusing your energies on living a happier, more spiritually fulfilled and purposeful life. Respect your money and never a lender nor borrower be.


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December 22 – January 20

Forthcoming events in the coming year suggests that you have much work to do if you are to enjoy the rewards of your hard labour. The enjoyment of beneficial results will fill you up with renewed energy and enthusiasm, firing you up to take on board new challenges that could make you richer and more affluent than you could ever imagined possible because luck is on your side. A genuine offer of help could lead to the development of a meaningful friendship or romantic relationship. People enter our lives for a reason and friends are only strangers we have not yet met. Some stay for only a short time whilst others remain for an eternity. You will experience a massive transformation in your life that will positively affect and influence numerous areas of your life, bringing out all the very best qualities in you. Your sometimes restless, but highly intellectual mental, emotional and physical state needs continuous inspiration and stimulation in order to remain interested in anything, otherwise you tend to become slightly off balance. Arrange to take a short break to escape mundane routine and embark on grand journeys of exploration.


January 21 – February 19

An interesting line up of planetary movement indicates that you can expect to be busy reconstructing every area of your life to the point where you begin to rise out of the ashes like a magnificent Phoenix. You are approaching the end of several long tedious, hard going cycles and can now confidently look forward to making new starts and new beginnings, only differently to before. 2022 is a pivotal year for love and romance in so many ways, but your head must always rule your heart, not the other way around. There is also a possibility that you may even reconcile with an old friend or former partner. The more prepared you are for change the more effectively will be able to experience the forces of universal energy work in your favour. You will make great progress in business or career projects. The very worst-case scenario sees you ignoring all the wonderful opportunities on offer, remaining static and stale, but to your detriment. Consider investing in the property market either at home or overseas because there is so much choice out there just waiting to be embraced and enjoyed.


February 20 – March 20

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The Sun always passes through your sign in the first quarter of the year so can expect to enjoy celebrating your birthday month, and with it will arrive lots of fabulous opportunities and surprises. A career or business move could prove a real game changer as you become faced with challenges and difficult decision making on a much grander scale than you are normally used to. Watch out for a double dose of nervous tension and other people’s unpredictability as they continue playing mind games, but neither does this mean that you must also join in. Its time to put down some very strong and meaningful boundaries, displaying your intentions. Recent dramatic events have caused you to live on an emotional see saw, resulting in you to feel disorientated and somewhat out of control. One minute you are feeling ecstatic and up in the air, the next you are plunged into darkness, not quite knowing what or who to believe. This must now all change, but only you are responsible for your own actions. However, if you are patient, you will soon begin to realise that fate has some great things in store as you discover yourself in a much stronger emotional and financial position than of previous years.


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