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Domain 1.0 Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities AssessmentKeep in mind that as you read the questions and the answers, try to research the questions and answers to understand both the questions and answers - what they mean. Otherwise you know nothing.Some useful quizlets to help with hard ones include: flash-cards/ user used an administrator account to download and install a software application. After the user launched the .exe extension installer file, the user experienced frequent crashes, slow computer performance, and strange services running when turning on the computer. What most likely happened to cause these issuesThe user installed Trojan horse malwareA security operations center (SOC) analyst investigates the propagation of a memory-resident virus across the network and notices a rapid consumption of network bandwidth, causing a Denial of Service (DoS). What type of virus is this A wormA user purchased a laptop from a local computer shop. After powering on the laptop for the first time, the user noticed a few programs like Norton Antivirus asking for permission to install. How would an IT security specialist classify these programsPUPA fileless malicious software can replicate between processes in memory on a local host or over network shares. What other behaviors and techniques would classify malware as fileless rather than a normal virus? (Select all that apply.)Uses lightweight shellcodeUses low observable characteristic attacksAn attacker is planning to setup a backdoor that will infect a set ofspecific computers at an organization, to inflict a set of other intrusionattacks remotely. Which of the following will support the attackers' plan? (Select all that apply.)Computer BotsCommand & ControlIf a user's computer becomes infected with a botnet, which of the following can this compromise allow the attacker to do? (Select all that apply.)Launch a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attackLaunch a mass-mail spam attackEstablish a connection with a Command and Control serverIf a user's device becomes infected with crypto-malware, which of the following is the best way to mitigate this compromise? Have up-to-date backups.During an internal investigation, a security specialist discovered a malicious backdoor script on a system administrator's machine that executes if the admin's account becomes disabled. What type of malware did the specialist discover?A logic bombEnd-users at an organization contact the cybersecurity department. After downloading a file, they are being redirected to shopping websites they did not intend to navigate to, and built-in webcams turn on. The security team confirms the issue as malicious, and notes modified DNS (Domain Name System) queries that go to nefarious websites hosting malware. What most likely happened to the users' computers?Spyware infected the computers.An attacker installs Trojan malware that can execute remote backdoor commands, such as the ability to upload files and install software to a victim PC. What type of Trojan malware is this? A Remote Access Trojan (RAT)A hacker is trying to gain remote access to a company computer by trying brute force password attacks using a few common passwords inconjunction with multiple usernames. What specific type of passwordattack is the hacker most likely performing? Password spraying attackAn attacker can exploit a weakness in a password protocol to calculate the hash of a password. Which of the following can the attacker match the hash to, as a means to obtain the password? (Select all that apply.)A dictionary wordA rainbow tableWhich of the following attacks do security professionals expose themselves to, if they do not salt passwords with a random value? A rainbow table attackHow can an attacker make unauthorized use of acquired user and account details from a user's smart card? Clone it.What type of attack is occurring when a counterfeit card reader is in use? SkimmingAn attacker discovered an input validation vulnerability on a website, crafted a URL with additional HTML code, and emailed the link to a victim. The victim unknowingly defaced (vandalized) the web site after clicking on the malicious URL. No other malicious operations occurred outside of the web application’s root directory. This scenario is describing which type of attack?Cross-site scripting (XSS)An attacker escalated privileges to a local administrator and used code refactoring to evade antivirus detection. The attacker then allowed one process to attach to another and forced the operating system to load a malicious binary package. What did the attacker successfully perform?DLL injection Using an open connection to a small company's network, an attackersubmitted arbitrary queries on port 389 to the domain controllers. Theattacker initiated the query from a client computer. What type of injection attack did the attacker perform? LDAP injectionHow can the lack of logic statement tests on memory location variables be detrimental to software in development? A malicious process can alter the execution environment to create a null pointer, and crash the program.An attacker gained remote access to a user's computer by exploiting a vulnerability in a piece of software on the device. The attacker sent data that was too large for an area of memory that the application reserved to store expected data. What type of vulnerability did the attacker exploit?A buffer overflowDevelopers found a "time of check to time of use" (TOCTTOU) vulnerability in their application. The vulnerability made it possible to change temporary data created within the app before the app uses the data later. This vulnerability is taking advantage of what process in the application? Race conditionA web application's code prevents the output of any type of information when an error occurs during a request. The development team cited security reasons as to why they developed the application in this way. What sort of security issues did the team have concerns about in this case? Revealing database server configurationAn intruder monitors an admin's unsecure connection to a server and finds some required data, like a cookie file, that legitimately establishes a session with a web server. Knowing the admin's logon credentials, what type of attack can the intruder perform with the cookie file?Replay attackAn attacker submitted a modified uniform resource locator (URL) link to a website that eventually established connections to back-end databases and exposed internal service configurations. The attacker did not hijack a user to perform this attack. This describes which of the following types of attacks?Server-side request forgeryAn attacker modified the HTML code of a legitimate password-change web form, then hosted the .html file on the attacker's web server. The attacker then emailed a URL link of the hosted file to a real user of the web page. Once the user clicked the link, it changed the user's password to a value the attacker set. Based on this information, what type of attack is the website vulnerable to?Cross-site Request Forgery (XSRF)The latest web application, using default settings, is currently accepting application programming interface (API) calls over HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP). The environment has a moderate key management system. Even with basic server security, the API connection is vulnerable to which of the following? (Select all that apply.)Key discovery Improper error handlingWhich of the following conditions are results of a SYN (synchronize) flood attack? (Select all that apply.) denial of service (dos) Resource exhaustionAmplificationBy compromising a Windows XP application that ran on a Windows 10 machine, an attacker installed persistent malware on a victim computer with local administrator privileges. What should the attacker add to the registry, along with its files added to the system folder, to execute this malware?A shimThrough what method can malware evade antivirus software detection, so that the software no longer identifies the malware by its signature? RefactoringA security engineer implemented once-only tokens and timestamping sessions. What type of attacks can this type of security prevent? (Select all that apply.) A replay attackA pass-the-hash attackA security analyst's scans and network logs show that unauthorized devices are connecting to the network. After tracing this down, the analyst discovered a tethered smartphone creating a backdoor to gain access to the network. Which of the following describes this device? A rogue access point (AP)An attacker used an exploit to steal information from a mobile device, which allowed the attacker to circumvent the authentication process. The mobile device is vulnerable to which of the following attacks? BluesnarfingAn attacker used an illegal access point (AP) with a very strong signal near a wireless network. If the attacker performed a jamming attack, which of the following would mitigate this type of network disruption? (Select all that apply.)Locate the offending radio source and disable it. Boost the signal of the legitimate equipment.Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) fixes critical vulnerabilities in the earlier wired equivalent privacy (WEP) standard. Understanding that WPA uses a combination of an RC4 stream cipher and Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP), this makes a wireless access point NOT vulnerable to which of the following attacks when related to encrypted wireless packets?IV attacksA malicious user sniffed credentials exchanged between twocomputers by intercepting communications between them. What type of attack did the attacker execute? A Man-in-the-Middle attackA hacker corrupted the name:IP records held on the HOSTS file on a client, to divert traffic for a legitimate domain to a malicious IP address. What type of attack did the hacker perform? Domain Name System (DNS) client cache poisoningExternal hackers have some access to a company's website and made some changes. Customers have submitted multiple complaints via email for wrong orders and inappropriate images on the website. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is now worried about the distribution of malware. The company should prepare for which of the following other issues or concerns? (Select all that apply.) Domain reputation URL redirections Maybe DNS Poisoning (NO)A low level distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that involves SYN or SYN/ACK flooding describes what type of attack? NetworkAn attacker is preparing to perform what type of attack when the target vulnerabilities include headers and payloads of specific application protocols? Application attackA security engineer examined some suspicious error logs on a Windows server that showed attempts to run shellcode to a web application. The shellcode showed multiple lines beginning with Invoke-Command. What type of script is the suspicious code trying to run?PowerShell scriptA Linux systems admin reported a suspicious .py file that ran on a daily schedule after business hours. The file includes shellcode thatwould automate Application Programming Interface (API) calls to aweb application to get information. What type of script is executing this shellcode? Python scriptA malicious actor is preparing a script to run with an Excel spreadsheet as soon as the target opens the file. The script includes a few macros designed to secretly gather and send information to a remote server. How is the malicious actor accomplishing this task? By using VBA codeDomain 2.0 Architecture and Design AssessmentAn application requires continuity of operations within a 24 hour period due to the command and control capabilities it maintains. The failover site must be physically separated from the program office and be available within the required timeframe with live data. Which of the following redundancy solutions best meets the failover requirement? Geographical dispersalWhich Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) combines mirroring and striping and is the better option for mission critical applications? RAID-10A data center needs to ensure that data is not lost at the system level in the event of a blackout. Servers must stay operable for at least an eight-hour window as part of the response and recovery controls implemented. Which redundancy effort should be put in place to ensure the data remains available?UPSA system engineer can monitor and control voltage factors in a data center. The engineer can make critical decisions on the center’s energy consumption and load balancing. Which device is the engineerlikely using to make these decisions? Managed PDUsA company requires a means of managing storage centrally and the ability to share the storage with multiple hosts where users can access data quickly, with little to no latency. Which of the following storage architectures would best meet the company’s needs?SANA company has implemented a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) where the user’s desktop operates as a Virtual Machine (VM) on a centralized server. When users log off the machine, any changes made at the VM level are not saved. Which means for ensuring non- persistence has been implemented?Revert to known stateA system engineer has tested a new application in the lab, and wants to deploy the application on a production server. The server is a virtual machine that processes and stores live data for company employees. Which of the following is the BEST approach for deploying the new application on the server?Take a snapshot of the server before installing on the server.A system engineer is researching backup solutions that are inexpensive and can store large amounts of data offline. The backup solution must be portable and maintainable for a certain length of time defined in the company’s backup recovery plan. Which of the following is the best backup solution? TapeA network administrator is installing a device that uses Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) technologies for redundancy and provides employees remote access so that files can be accessed anywhere. The device does not require licensing and stores data at the file level. Which device is the employee likely installing in the infrastructure?NASAn aviation tracking system maintains flight records for equipment and personnel. The system is a critical command and control system that must maintain an availability rate of 99% for key parameter performance. The cloud service provider (CSP) guarantees a failover to multiple zones if an outage occurs. In addition to the multi-zonal cloud failover, what backup solution would allow the system to maintain data locally?OfflineWhen workload heavily increased, a company maintained service performance by manually installing an additional load balanced server. What feature of the IT architecture allowed this to occur? ScalabilityA system engineer enhances the security of a network by adding firewalls to both the external network and the internal company network. The firewalls are products of two separate companies. This is an example of what type of security control practice?Vendor diversityA startup company adds a firewall, an IDS, and a HIPS to its infrastructure. At the end of the week, they will install HVAC in the server room. The company has scheduled penetration testing every month. Which type of layered security does this represent? Control diversityDomain 3.0 Implementation AssessmentAn authoritative server for a zone creates a Resource Records Set (RRSet) signed with a zone signing key. From the following Domain Name System (DNS) traits and functions, what does this scenario demonstrate?DNS Security ExtensionsThe administrator in an exchange server needs to send digitally signed and encrypted messages. What should the administrator use? S/MIMEAn organization uses a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) endpoint for establishing communications with remote branch offices. Which of the following protocols will provide encryption for streaming data during the call?SRTPA web server will utilize a directory protocol to enable users to authenticate with domain credentials. A certificate will be issued to the server to setup a secure tunnel. Which protocol is ideal for this situation? LDAPSA Transport Layer Security (TLS) Virtual Private Network (VPN) requires a remote access server listening on port 443 to encrypt traffic with a client machine. An IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) VPN can deliver traffic in two modes. One mode encrypts only the payload of the IP packet. The other mode encrypts the whole IP packet (header and payload). These two modes describe which of the following? (Select all that apply.) Transport TunnelConsider the principles of web server hardening and determine which actions a system administrator should take when deploying a new server. (Select all that apply.) Use the configuration templates providedSecure a guest zone Use SSH for uploading filesWhich of the following protocols would secure file transfer services for an internal network? FTPESImplementing Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Secure (LDAPS) on a web server secures direct queries to which of the following? Directory servicesSelect the vulnerabilities that can influence routing. (Select all that apply.) ARP poisoning Route injectionSource routingManagement has set up a feed or subscription service to inform users on regular updates to the network and its various systems and services. The feed is only accessible from the internal network. What else can systems administrators do to limit the service to internal access?Provision SSO access.A small organization operates several virtual servers in a single host environment. The physical network utilizes a physical firewall with NIDS for security. What would be the benefits of installing a Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) at the end points? (Select all that apply.)Protection from zero day attacks Prevent malicious traffic between VMsWhich of the following would secure an endpoint and provide attestation signed by a trusted platform module (TPM)? Measured bootA tokenization process is a substitute for encryption when securing a database. What does tokenization do? Replaces data field with random string of charactersA developer writes code for a new application, and wants to ensure protective countermeasures against the execution of SQL injection attacks. What secure coding technique will provide this? Input validationA web administrator notices a few security vulnerabilities that need to be addressed on the company Intranet site. The portal must force a secure browsing connection, mitigate script injection, and preventcaching on shared client devices. Determine the secure options to seton the web server's response headers. (Select all that apply.) HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) Content Security Policy (CSP) Cache-ControlWhich of the following practices would help mitigate mistaken assumptions of applying coding techniques that will secure the code of an internal application for a company? Static code analysisDuring the functional testing phase of application development, an application tests for vulnerabilities against the running code. What type of code testing is this? Dynamic analysisThe IT team has purchased a few devices that are compatible with the Trusted Computing Group Security Subsystem Class called Opal. Which of these device specifications will take advantage of Opal's security features?Disk encryptionA laptop arrives at the company technology lab with a private key embedded, providing full disk encryption. When matched with a public key, what does this system provide? Hardware root of trustFollowing a secure deployment methodology for custom applications, early code testing would run in which type of environment? DevelopmentWhat can a system administrator configure on two load balanced servers to achieve a round-robin configuration? Not Configure virtual IP address Not Configure active/passive settings.MUST BE Configure scheduling. Cloud engineers are considering network segmentation options thatwill provide the most security between services on the cloud platform.Which of the following would ensure this type of network security is within the cloud? (Select all that apply.) Set up efficient east-west traffic. Set up zero trust.A company recently implemented a Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) version that supports Secure Hashing Algorithm-256 (SHA-256) cipher. Which SSL/TLS version was deployed?TLS 1.2Systems administrators want to set up a way for remote administration from home. Rather than installing a software agent, the solution should use an underlying technology that is available to an application, such as a web browser. Which option would best support these requirements?HTML5A network engineer is plugging in new patch cables and wants to prevent inadvertent disruptions to the network while doing so. What will the engineer prevent if Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) is configured on the switches?Broadcast stormsWhat is a jump server commonly used for? Provide secure access to DMZ servers.A company hosts internal web servers between two firewalls: one firewall at the edge network and another near the internal gateways. These web servers provide multiple services to employees on the road. A recent security audit advised the company to find ways to further secure connections between remote clients and these internal web servers. Which of the following will satisfy the security advice? Reverse ProxyAn administrator deploys a basic network intrusion detection (NID) device to identify common patterns of attacks. What detection method does this device use?Signature-basedA network administrator set up a stateless firewall using an open- source application running on a Linux virtual machine. The immediate benefit to this setup is that it was easy to set up quickly with basic rules. What other reasons may have influenced the administrator's decision to deploy a stateless, rather than a stateful, firewall? (Select all that apply.) Allow network protocols Block TCP portsAn administrator navigates to the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. The inbound rules show a custom rule, which assigned the action, "Allow the connection" to all programs, all protocols, and all ports with a scope of This is an example of what type of security setting?ACLA company is renovating a new office space and is updating all Cisco routers. The up-to-date Internetwork Operating System (IOS) will provide the best protection from zero-day exploits. What other options could a network administrator configure for route security? (Select all that apply.)Block source routed packets Message authenticationUsers are reporting jittery video communication during routine video conferences. What can a system administrator implement to improve video quality and overall use of the network bandwidth? Use 802.1p header.Evaluate and select the differences between WPA and WPA2. (Select all that apply.) 1 WPA2, and not WPA, supports an encryption algorithm based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) instead of the version of RC4 "patched" with the Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP).2 WPA2, and not WPA, uses the Advanced Encryption Standard(AES) cipher with 128-bit keys.Which wireless configuration provides the most up-to-date and secure way of connecting wireless devices to an office or home network? (Select all that apply.) WPA3SAEWhat are the benefits of using Wi-Fi heat maps for wireless networks? (Select all that apply.) Determine where to place access points Survey a site for signal strengthA cloud administrator connects two separate cloud server instances on Amazon Web Services (AWS). How does the administrator configure the instances with private IP addresses without using an Internet gateway?Configure VPC endpoint interface.A cloud customer prefers separating storage resources that hold different sets of data in virtual private clouds (VPCs). One of those data sets must comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines for patient data. How should the customer configure these VPCs to ensure the highest degree of network security?Split segments between VPCsA cloud service provider (CSP) dashboard provides a view of all applicable logs for cloud resources and services. When examining the application programming interface (API) logs, the cloud engineer sees some odd metrics. Which of the following are examples that the engineer would have concerns for? (Select all that apply.) 78% average error rate Spike in API callsA company is looking into integrating on-premise services and cloud services with a cloud service provider (CSP) using an Infrastructure asa Service (IaaS) plan. As a cloud architect works on architecturaldesign, which of the following statements would NOT apply in this case? The provider is responsible for the availability of the software.A company set up controls to allow only a specific set of software and tools to install on workstations. A user navigates to a software library to make a selection. What type of method prevents installation of software that is not a part of a library? Allow listA company would like to deploy a software service to monitor traffic and enforce security policies in their cloud environment. What tool should the company consider using? CASBA large firm requires better control over mobile users' access to business applications in the cloud. This will require single-sign on and support for different device types. What solution should the company consider using? CASBAn organization moves its data to the cloud. Engineers utilize regional replication to protect data. Review the descriptions and conclude which ones apply to this configuration. (Select all that apply.) Access is available if a single data center is destroyed.A solution that is known as zone-redundant storage.Cloud service providers make services available around the world through a variety of methods. The concept of a zone assumes what type of service level? (Select all that apply.) High availabilityRegional replicationDetermine a solution that can combine with a cloud access security broker (CASB) to provide a wholly cloud-hosted platform for client access? Next-generation secure web gatewayIf managed improperly, which of the following would be mostdetrimental to access management of cloud-based storage resources? Resource policiesWhen implementing a native-cloud firewall, which layer of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model will require the most processing capacity to filter traffic based on content? Layer 7Which of the following makes it possible for cloud service providers (CSP) to create a virtual instance and container simultaneously? dynamic resource allocationWhich of the following will reduce the risk of data exposure between containers on a cloud platform? (Select all that apply.) Namespaces Control groupsWhich aspect of certificate and key management should an administrator consider when trying to mitigate or prevent the loss of private keys? StorageThe system administrator is installing a web server certificate and receives an error indicating the server does not accept wild card certificates. After examining the certificate, the system admin notices the problem. Determine the specific location where the admin found the problem.In the SAN (unlikely CRL)Employees have the ability to download certain applications onto their workstations to complete work functions. The CIO installed a reliable method to ensure that no modifications to the application have occurred. What method of validation did the CIO implement?Code signing A network administrator is importing a list of certificates from an onlinesource, so that employees can trust and communicate securely withpublic websites. Another set of certificates were already imported, to trust and securely communicate with intranet sites and other internal resources. Which type of certificate is the network administrator currently importing?RootA security engineer must install a X.509 certificate to a computer system, but it is not accepted. The system requires a Base64 encoded format. What must the security engineer execute to properly install this certificate? Convert to a .pem file.Which certificate format allows the transfer of private keys and is password protected? PFXA company has a two-level certificate authority (CA) hierarchy. One of the CA servers is offline, while the others are online. Which statements are TRUE of online and offline CAs? (Select all that apply.) An online root is required to add an intermediate CA.An online CA is needed in order to publish a CRL.There are several ways to check on the status of an online certificate, but some introduce privacy concerns. Consider how each of the following is structured, and select the option with the best ability to hide the identity of the certificate status requestor.OCSP staplingAn independent penetration testing company is invited to test a company's legacy banking application developed for Android phones. It uses Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) certificates. Penetrations tests reveal the connections with clients were vulnerable to a Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attack. How does the company prevent this from happening in the public Internet? Use certificate pinningIn a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), which option best describes howusers and multiple Certificate Authorities (CA) interact with each otherin a large environment? Trust modelA company with multiple types of archived encrypted data is looking to archive the keys needed to decrypt the data. However, the company wants to separate the two in order to heavily guard these keys. Analyze the scenario to determine the most likely key placement.Key escrowA company has two web servers using a load-balance configuration. Users report having periodic trust errors connecting to the website. Both servers are using server-only certificates. Which of the following actions would most likely resolve the issue?Use correct certificate path.A public key infrastructure (PKI) is being set up for a logistics company, utilizing OpenSSL. Which of the following commands can the team use, when setting up the PKI, to create an encrypted RSA key pair? openssl genrsa -out server.key 1024A new cloud service provider (CSP) leases resources to multiple organizations (or customers) around the world. Each customer is independent and does not share the same cloud storage resource. The customers use an on-demand payment plan. Which cloud model is the CSP most likely providing to its customers?Public cloudDomain 4.0 Operations and Incident Response AssessmentA penetration tester is experimenting with Nmap on a test network. The tester would like to know the operating system of the target device. Select all Nmap commands that will provide the tester with OS information. (Select all that apply.)nmap -Anmap -OA penetration tester is testing a network's vulnerability. The first test to perform is to test how well the network's firewall responds to a flood- based Denial of Service (DoS) attack. What software tools can perform both packet sniffing and a DoS attack? (Select all that apply.) NmaphpingA cybersecurity investigator is investigating a breach, and the method of entry is not yet known. The investigator decides to begin by checking for suspicious entries in the routing table. Select the command-line tool that will enable the investigator to directly access the table.routeA new cybersecurity analyst is working at his first job. The analyst requires a penetration test reporting and evidence gathering framework that can run automated tests through integration with Metasploit. Recommend a framework that will fulfill the analyst's needs.Sn1perA white-hat penetration tester is simulating an attack to check for vulnerabilities. The first step is to determine if the pen tester can scan for ports or services that have been left open, without being detected by the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). Recommend a tool that fits the pen tester's requirements. scanlessA cybersecurity student has been using dig and whois to query hosting records and check external DNS services when a fellow student recommends a tool that packages similar functions and tests into a single query. Conclude what tool the student recommended. dnsenumAfter a security breach, a cybersecurity analyst decides to cross-checkthe services and software installed on the breached network againstlists of known vulnerabilities. Prescribe a software tool best suited for the analyst's purpose. NessusA malware expert wants to examine a new worm that is infecting Windows devices. Verify the sandbox tool that will enable the expert to contain the worm and study it in its active state. CuckooIdentify the command that will output the 15 oldest entries in the log file called hostnames. head -n 15 /var/log/hostnamesIdentify the command that will output the 15 most recent entries in the log file called hostnames. tail -n 15 /var/log/hostnamesA network technician working for a three-letter intelligence organization has to troubleshoot a specialized, air-gapped Linux device without asking any questions. The technician only has access to the CLI and needs to read a log file, without a GUI, and without network access. Outline the command that will easily enable the technician to view the file from the command line. cat security.logAn administrator of a Linux network is writing a script to transfer a list of local host names, contained in a file called hostnames, directly into the syslog file. Predict the CLI command the admin is likely to use to accomplish this.logger -f hostnamesA systems administrator recently hardened two servers (Linux and Windows), disabling unused ports and setting up a software firewall to block specific port connections and protocols. These servers support employees at an external branch that operates on wireless network connections and laptops. Which of the following tools will help audit the server's security settings with the least amount of effort? (Select all that apply.)tshark tcpdumpA forensics analyst is attempting a live acquisition of the contents of the memory of a running Linux device. In order to copy the blocked / dev/mem file with memdump or dd, the analyst must install a kernel driver. Recommend a framework that will enable the analyst to install a kernel driver.VolatilityA cyber forensic investigator is analyzing a disk image acquired from a suspect in a major network breach and wants to generate a timeline of events from the image. Predict the tool the investigator will use to piece together a timeline of events so that they can tie the hacker's disk to the breach in question.AutopsyA security event popped up, alerting security of a suspicious user gaining access to, and copying files from, the %SystemRoot%\NTDS\ file path on a server. What is the user trying to do? Gather employee login credentials.A government agency is getting rid of older workstations. The agency will donate these workstations, along with other excess computer systems, to nearby schools. Management reminds the systems administrators about the data sanitization and disposal policy. What policy items are applicable for these IT systems, prior to donating to the schools? (Select all that apply.)Degauss media with a magnet Maybe Use the DoD 5220.22-M methodAn incident involving a data breach is under investigation at a major video game software company. The incident involves the unauthorized transfer of a sensitive file to an outside source (a leak). During the investigation, employees find that they cannot access the original file at all. Verify the data loss prevention (DLP) terminology that describes what has been done to the file in question.QuarantineA network administrator for a large oil company has discovered that a host on the company network has been compromised by an attacker spoofing digital certificates. Recommend an immediate response that does not require generating new certificates.Revoke the host's certificateSelect the methods of containment based on the concept of isolation. (Select all that apply.) Physical disconnection/air gapping SandboxingBlackholeThe marketing department at a local organization has detected malicious activity on several computers. In response, IT personnel have disconnected the marketing switch from the network. Identify which incident response lifecycle step IT has enacted. ContainmentSelect the methods of incident containment based on the concept of segmentation. (Select all that apply.) Honeynet SinkholeA resident cybersecurity expert is putting together a playbook. Evaluate the elements that the security expert should include in the playbook. (Select all that apply.) Incident categories and definitions When to report compliance incidents Query strings to identify incident typesDomain 5.0 Governance, Risk, and Compliance AssessmentHackers infiltrated a home furnishings store’s network six months ago. The hackers obtained customer information to include account and payment data. Since the breach, sales have gone down, and customers have closed accounts with the store. Which of the following consequences is a direct result of the breach?Reputation damageWhich of the following can be consequences of a data breach? (Select all that apply.) Reputation damage FinesIdentity TheftA hacker uses a spear phishing technique to infiltrate an Information Technology (IT) company’s network to steal sensitive data pertaining to new and developing technologies. What is the hacker's goal? IP theftA financial institution employee notices from the audit log, that several attempts were made by a user to bypass the authentication process. The user attempted to log in ten times in twenty minutes using various methods, though the user never gained visible access. Which of the following describes what the employee should do next?Escalate the information to a security manager.An application maintains social security numbers and birthdates as primary keys for personnel tasking of various contingencies and mobility exercises. To maintain the personally identifiable information (PII), which of the following deidentification methods should the application adopt?Data maskingAn employee is responsible for protecting the privacy and rights of data used and transmitted by an organization. The employee dictates the procedures and purpose of data usage. Which governance role for oversight does the employee maintain? Data controllerA third-party vendor collects and analyzes data for a paint supply retailer website. The retailer specifically asks for information, such as what colors customers are searching for regularly and what quantity customers request the most. Which of the following best describes the third-party vendor? Data processorA logistics detail facility must maintain transportation data up to 365 days after transaction closeout. At the creation of the transaction, the logistics planner tags the information contained in the file according to classification. The transaction data is protected until disposal. Which data model does this best represent?Information life cycleA website allows a user to apply for a home loan with multiple vendors so that the user can compare lenders' rates. The process requires personal data entered to verify creditworthiness. The website states that the data entered can only obtain loan estimates and shall not be shared with outside agencies or used for any other purpose. Which of the following describes the intent of the statement?Privacy notice
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Students can choose to take either exam but it is much easier to take the SY0-501 exam than the SY0-601 exam. That is because there is far less content in the SY0-501 exam (25% less), which means students need to memorize less concepts. Our Comprehensive Security+ Course will fully prepare you to ace the SY0-501 exam.

How long is Certmaster free trial? ›

During this 30-day trial you'll experience a comprehensive personalized learning plan that includes study tasks like hands-on labs, practice and performance-based questions and more, so that you'll gain the knowledge and practical skills necessary to be successful on your CompTIA certification exam.

Is the CompTIA Security+ exam hard? ›

The Security+ exam is used to assess candidates' knowledge of basic security concepts and best practices. This is considered an entry-level exam but is not an easy test to pass.

How much can you make with a security plus certification? ›

Salary facts at a glance
CertificationSalaryExperience Level
CompTIA Security+$84,000Entry
Mar 5, 2019

How do I maintain my CompTIA Security+? ›

You can renew your CompTIA Security+ certification by taking a recertification exam, qualifying higher IT-Industry certifications, a higher CompTIA certification or by passing the latest release of the CompTIA Security+ exam.

Is a CompTIA A+ worth it? ›

The Dice report lists CompTIA A+ as one of the highest-paying IT certifications in the United States – with A+ holders earning $78,629. Keep in mind that this salary represents IT pros at all levels – both those who are just starting out and those who earned CompTIA A+ years ago and have advanced their careers.

How long is CompTIA A+ Good For? ›

How Long Does the CompTIA A+ Certification Last? Your CompTIA A+ certification is good for three years from the date you pass your certification exam. Through our continuing education program, you can easily renew CompTIA A+ and extend it for additional three-year periods.

Where can I find my CompTIA ID? ›

Log in to your CompTIA certification account and click on the Certification tab. Then click the PDF certificate link under Downloads for the corresponding certification. The PDF certificate contains a URL and verification code that is used to authenticate your certification.

What does CompTIA It fundamentals cover? ›

CompTIA IT Fundamentals covers the foundations of IT concepts and terminology, infrastructure, cybersecurity, database fundamentals and software development. CompTIA A+ covers the skills necessary for today's IT support jobs.


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