Caldera Forms – More Than Contact Forms - Wordpress Plugin List (2023)


Caldera Form is a free and powerful WordPress plugin that creates responsive forms with a simple drag and drop editor. Caldera Forms has many free user-friendly add-ons for both beginners and web developers. Learn more about Caldera Forms at

Caldera Forms’ visual editor simplifies form building for WordPress. Set up your form with multiple columns, add additional pages, and funnel user responses with conditional logic to get more robust data and relevant information from your customers and site visitors. Anti-spam, AJAX, notification emails, and database entry tracking are enabled by default.

Caldera Forms is a free WordPress plugin by Caldera Labs.

5 Stars! “Exceptionally well thought out and executed.”

-Pippin Williamson: Developer of Easy Digital Downloads, Restrict Content Pro and AffiliateWP.

Top Features

  • Intuitive user interface !
  • Easy to use – drag and drop !
  • Tons of great field types – calculation, dropdown select, radio, file upload
  • Conditional logic for form fields, processors and auto-responder recipients!
  • Front-end post submissions and post editing with the free Caldera Custom Fields add-on
  • NO LIMITATIONS on the number of forms or fields or submissions!
  • Unlimited auto-responders!
  • Anti-spam by default to stop those bots!
  • Export entries to CSV!
  • Responsive and accessible by default!
  • A ton of add-ons to take your forms farther!
  • Caldera Forms Pro makes your emails reliable and beautiful
  • Free CDN to improve site speed

Responsive By Design

Caldera Forms is a different kind of WordPress form builder. With its intuitive drag and drop interface, it’s never been easier and less stressful to create forms for your WordPress site that look awesome on any device. The visual editor simplifies form building for WordPress. Set up your form with multiple columns, add additional pages, and funnel user responses with conditional logic to get more robust data and relevant information from your customers and visitors.

Whether you are creating a simple contact form or a complex system, you’ll love the drag and drop editor. Your site’s visitors will love the totally responsive, live-updating forms.

“Caldera Forms does a thing well, let’s you build forms on your website quickly… I ship it with just about every site these days.”

  • Alex Vasquez: Owner of the DigiSavvy agency.

Get Started Quickly With Form Templates

Caldera Forms ships with form templates that help you create beautiful, responsive forms quickly. With our powerful grid-base form builder, you can add new fields or modify the layout quickly.

Quickly configure the email notification, to let you know when a form has been submitted. Add one or more auto-responder processors to your forms to send emails to your lead.

“I’ve converted many sites from Gravity Forms because Caldera Forms is easier, more powerful, and the forms looks great on any device by default”

  • Matt Cromwell: Head of support for WordImpress

Go Pro

As makers of the most powerful free form plugin for WordPress, we know what makes form builders tick. Caldera Forms Pro makes form creation beautiful: with drag-and-drop builders for form form notification, enhanced email delivery, and 27+ integrations, it just works.

Emails Send Every Time, Best In Class Support, Easy Form Form Notification Design, Connect To The All The Apps You Love

Top Pro features:
* Enhanced Email Delivery: It’s getting harder to convince Gmail or Exchange emails from WordPress are legit, we make it simple.
* Priority Support For Caldera Forms: Need help with a form or connecting Caldera Forms to another service or plugin? We can help.
* HTML layout builder: Make your emails on brand and looking great.
* 27+ Add-ons: Accept payments, build your mailing list, integrate with Google Analytics and create more powerful forms.
* Form entries as PDFs: Create an easy to print record of all submissions.

Anti-Spam By Default

Spam is annoying. No form builder is complete without a robust anti-spam system.

Anti-spam is not an add-on with Caldera Forms, your forms will repel spam using a highly-effective honey pot. Anti-spam does not require configuration or adding a Captcha that will hurt your conversions.

“A drag-and-drop builder that’s both easy and fun to use, we reckon Caldera Forms is possibly one of the best, most advanced free form builders available, and we highly recommend it.”

  • Lisa-Robyn Keown – Aspen Grove Studios

All The Fields You Need

Caldera Forms has tons of field types to make a great form that will help your website succeed for you. You can set field defaults using the power of Caldera Forms magic tags. Impress your site’s visitors when you take advantage of field sync!

Caldera Forms field types include:

  • Text
  • Credit Card Number
  • Credit Card Expiration
  • Credit Card Secret Code
  • Auto-complete
  • URL
  • Calculation
  • Range Slider
  • Star Rating
  • Summary
  • WYSIWYG – rich text editor
  • Phone
  • Text
  • File Upload
  • HTML
  • Hidden
  • Button
  • Email
  • Paragraph
  • Toggle Switch
  • Dropdown Select
  • Checkbox
  • Radio
  • Date Picker
  • Color Picker

All of these field types are included in the free version! We don’t call basic field types like URL or hidden fancy and charge extra. We even throw in the fancy field types like calculation and and phone fields!

“WordPress should have more plugins like this. Adding new forms, editing their settings and stuff is fun.”

  • Ahmad Awais: Full Stack WordPress Developer

Awesome Conditional Logic

Caldera Forms provides a visual editor for conditional logic. Show only the fields you need to make your forms easy, and maximize conversions.

When creating a form, you want to make sure to only show and only require the necessary information. Forms with fields that are not always needed can be confusing. Conditional groups, applied to fields allow your forms to adapt to user input, as it is entered.

“I love Caldera. I’d marry it if possible.”

  • Lee Jackson: WordPress Developer and host of the WP Innovator Podcast

Use Caldera Forms As Super-Powered Search Tool

Caldera Forms is more than just an awesome form builder. You can use Caldera Forms to create totally custom search forms. Search posts, users, categories, tags, custom post types, custom fields — including those added with Advanced Custom Fields.

  • Easy Pods – Create custom WordPress search forms using the Caldera Forms drag and drop form editor. Search in any post type, taxonomy, or even users or a custom database table. Requires Pods works with any custom post type.
  • Easy Queries Create custom WordPress search forms using the Caldera Forms drag and drop form editor. Search across multiple post types, works great with Advanced Custom Fields.

“Great plugin that I will be using for years to come”

  • Devin Walker: Developer of Give, WooCommerce QuickCheckout and Maps Builder Pro.

Track, Edit and View Your Form Submissions

Caldera Forms tracks all of your form submission data in the WordPress database. The entry viewer is fast, dynamic and responsive. You can choose to create sub-menu pages for viewing form submissions and chose which users roles are allowed to view those pages.

Entry editing is a core feature of Caldera Forms. When editing entries, click the “Edit Entry” button to edit your saved data. Display your form entries with the Front-End Entry Viewer!

“While Gravity Forms may be the more established form solution plugin for WordPress, there is another contender out there that is a real gem. And that gem is Caldera Forms.”

  • John Teague: Owner of Theme Surgeons


All Caldera Forms Add-ons

Grow Your Email List
* MailChimp – Seamlessly integrate MailChimp optins into your forms.
* Aweber – Aweber marketting automation meets Caldera Forms.
* ConvertKit – Convert leads to customers the ConvertKit way.

Accept Payments
* Stripe – Accept credit card payments via Stripe.
* PayPal Express – Accept payments via Paypal Express.
* Dwolla – Accept payments with low fees using Dwolla.
* Accept all major credit cards by integrating Caldera Forms with
* BrainTree Accept credit card payments in your form through BrainTree.

Increase And Measure Conversions
* Google Analytics – Track custom events and eCommerce conversions.
* Connected Forms – Create sequences of forms with conditional logic. Split your forms into smaller pieces, with total control over what comes next.
* A/B Testing – A/B testing for your forms. Powered by Ingot

Front-End Post and User Profile Editing
* Users – Register or login users from your form.
* Caldera Custom Fields – Save form submissions as post and post meta.

Cool Tools!
* Connected Forms – Create sequences of forms with conditional logic. Split your forms into smaller pieces, with total control over what comes next.
* Geolocation – Make a text field a geolocation auto-complete field and recorded geocoded data.
* Mark Viewed – Let users track what content they have viewed using a Caldera Forms.
* Mail Templates – Add your logo, and your brand’s color scheme to your emails sent from Caldera Forms.
* Nexmo Get SMS notifications of form submissions.
* Translations – Multi-lingual WordPress forms. Translate all form fields. One form, all the languages!
* Verify Email for Caldera Forms – Send an email with a validate link to verify the email address before completing the form submission.
* Form as Metabox – Custom Fields – Use a Caldera Form as a metabox in the post editor to save custom field values.
* Slack Integration for Caldera Forms – Get notifications in Slack whenever a Caldera Form is submitted.
* Run Action – Trigger a WordPress action with your form submission.
* Conditional Fail – Set conditions to cause that if met will allow or prevent form submission.
* Postmatic – Subscribe users to your posts and comments using Postmatic.

Third-party add-ons and integrations:
* Caldera Forms Google Sheets Create spreadsheats in Google Drive with form submissions.
* Testify – Testimonials plugin with front-end submissions powered by Caldera Forms.
* AffiliateWP– Register affiliate referral commissions when a Caldera Form is submitted.
* PowerPack Beaver Builder Addon – Style Caldera Forms in the Beaver Builder layout
* FileTrip Upload fields to Dropbox or Google Drive from Caldera Forms.
* WP HTML Email Design fancy, responsive emails for Caldera Forms email notifications.
* CleanTalk Anti-Spam– Additional anti-spam protection for your forms.
* UpiCrm – Use Caldera Forms to add content to the UpiCRM database.


  1. Caldera Forms – More Than Contact Forms - Wordpress Plugin List (1)

    Mobile Friendly – Looks Great On Any Device!

  2. Caldera Forms – More Than Contact Forms - Wordpress Plugin List (2)

    Easy, Powerful Grid-based Form Builder – Drag and drop editor!

  3. Caldera Forms – More Than Contact Forms - Wordpress Plugin List (3)

    All The Field Types You Need – Tons of fields! The fancy fields are included!

  4. Caldera Forms – More Than Contact Forms - Wordpress Plugin List (4)

    Powerful Conditional Logic – Hide, show and disable fields based on user input! Don’t pay for conditional logic!

  5. Caldera Forms – More Than Contact Forms - Wordpress Plugin List (5)

    Go Further With Form Processors – Auto-responders, conditional recipients, redirects are included! Go further with our add-ons!


Does Caldera Forms Have A Getting Started Guide?

Why yes it does. Check it out at and start making awesome WordPress forms.

Are My Caldera Forms Going to Display Properly on All Types of Devices?

Yes. Caldera forms is responsive by design. With Caldera Forms’ drag and drop layout editor, you can easily create multi-column layouts for desktop that will display properly on mobile devices thanks to our responsive bootstrap-driven design.

Is Caldera Forms Protected Against Spam?

Yes your forms are protected against spam submissions by default. We use a honeypot instead of a captcha because captchas are less effective than honeypots and captchas are bad for conversions. You can also use our Akismet processor for anti-spam, which is available when Akismet is active on your site. You can also use Spam Shield. On our own sites, we just use the default anti-spam and we find this to be over 99% effective.

Can I Send One or More Emails With Each Form Submission?

Yes, we have many options for sending emails on each submission of your form. Caldera Forms provides an email notification, which is turned on by default. In addition you can add one or more auto-responder processors to your forms.

How Can I Get Support for Caldera Forms?

Support for Caldera Forms is available on our site. Support is available to paying users a Caldera Forms add-ons or one of our cost-saving Caldera Forms bundles. Buy purchasing an add-on or bundle you get cool features, support and supports our work, which allows us to offer this awesome plugin for free. Support for Caldera forms is not offered through

Does Caldera Forms Have Documentation?

Yes it does. Our documentation can be searched here.

Why Is Caldera Form So Awesome? Seriously, Even Its Free Version Has So Many Great Features!

Because we are awesome:) We set out to make a different kind of WordPress form builder.

It’s no secret that there are a lot of established leaders in this field. But we think that by starting with no conceptions of what a WordPress form builder should be or how it works, we were able to make something special. We strive to provide a solid core product that can be used for free in hopes that you will use it, and think it is awesome. If you would like to support our work please consider purchasing one of our Caldera Forms add-ons, a cost-saving Caldera Forms bundles or one of our other fine WordPress plugins including Easy Pods, Easy Queries and Ingot.

How Can I Send an Email to More Than One Person?

There are a lot of ways to send more than one email with Caldera Forms.

(Video) Caldera Forms Tutorial 2021 | Learn with the WPress Doctor 👨‍🏫

If you’d like to send two different emails, for example, one email with all of the submission details to the site owner and an auto-response message to the person who filled out the form. In this situation, you can use the main email notification to send to you and then use the auto-responder processor to send a simple “thank you, we will be in touch” message to the person who filled out the form.

If you use the starter contact for form template to create a form this is already set up for you. Simply add your email address as the recipient in the email tab and you’re ready to go. You can add more than one auto-responder processor to your form. Since these processors can make use of Caldera Forms conditional logic, you can add multiple auto-responder processors and set them to run or not run based on form input.

How Can I Save And View Forms Submissions?

Form submission tracking in your WordPress database, is a core feature of Caldera Forms.

Tracking the entries from your forms is turned on for forms by default. You can turn it off from the settings tab of the form editor. When enabled all form entry data, with certain exceptions — such as credit card numbers — for security reasons, is saved. You can view this information from the Caldera Forms admin page. You may optionally enable, form the form settings tab, a sub-menu page of the Caldera Forms menu page that will show entry data. You can choose to make these sub-menu pages available to users of other roles besides admins.

Can You Use Caldera Forms to Create a Event Registration Form?

Oh yes you can. Caldera forms is excellent for this if you need to accept payments for the event, you can use one of our many payment processors. If you need to register users, you can use our users add-on.

Can I Use Caldera Forms For Front-end Editing Of Users?

Yes, you can. Our users add-on can register users, login users and even be used to edit user profiles. Matt Cromwell has an excellent tutorial on using Caldera Forms for front-end editing of user profiles.

Can I Use Caldera Forms For Front-end Editing Of Posts?

Yes, you can. Our plugin Caldera Custom Fields allows you to use Caldera Forms to edit or create posts of any post type, and their custom fields. Mike Hemberger has an excellent post on creating a WordPress front-end editor with Caldera Forms.

Does Caldera Form Support Multi Page Forms?

Oh, yes it does. By default Caldera Forms supports multi-page forms. This is a core feature of Caldera Forms.

In the Caldera Forms form builder, there is a “Add Page” button, click that to add a page to your form. The Caldera Forms form builder supports adding as many pages as you want to your form, but don’t get carried away. No one likes a form with too many pages!

Multi-page forms are loaded on one page. This way of creating multi-page forms is simple to use and excellent for shorter, less complicated forms. We also offer a Connected Forms add-on, which allow you to combine multiple Caldera Forms into a sequence of forms. The advantage of this method is that a connected form sequence can have conditional logic. So for example, if one form asks your user select that they want to pay now or pay later, you can take them to a credit card payment form or a form to arrange payment details.

In addition, Connected Forms tracks partial submissions between each step in the form sequence allow users to come back to where they left off in the sequence.

Does Caldera Forms Create Accessible WordPress Forms ?

Some form builder plugins require an add-on to make their forms accessible to those with disabilities. That seems silly. Caldera Forms is committed to making the most accessible form builder possible. We do our best to add all necessary ARIA tags tags, use semantic markup and the correct title attributes. In addition Caldera Forms is 100% translation friendly.

If you see a way Caldera Forms could be a more accessible form builder, please open an issue. We are currently working to address several remaining accessibility issues and are always on the look out for other ways to improve our form builder so all vistors to your WordPress site are able to interact with your beautiful WordPress forms.

What Types Of Forms Can I Build With Caldera Forms?

Caldera Forms in one of the most robust WordPress form builders currently available, and, in combination with some of our extensions, can allow you to create a wide variety of forms using our drag and drop form builder. Here are sometimes of forms you can create:

  • Standard Contact Forms
  • Fancy Contact Forms
  • Custom Contact Forms
  • Registration Login Forms
  • Dynamic Forms – where fields can change based on the users answers
  • Customer Application Forms
  • Product Purchase Forms
  • Support Ticket Forms
  • Newsletter Sign-Up Forms
  • Lead Capture Forms
  • Interest rate calculation forms
  • Various types of Calculators
  • Feedback Survey Forms
  • Credit Card Payment Form
  • PayPal Payment Form
  • Stripe Payment Form
  • Payment Form
  • Braintree Payment Form
  • MailChimp Form
  • AWeber Form
  • Converktit Form
  • Sell Memberships
  • Sell Courses
  • eCheck payment Forms

How Do I Add A Caldera Form To A Page On My WordPress Site Using A Shortcode?

Get more information on Caldera Forms shortcodes by visiting our Shortcode documentationor learn more about WordPress shortcodes in the codex.

Please note that you can also add a form to your theme directly using PHP. See this page
Adding A Form To A Page Or Post Using Shortcodes

Once you finish creating your form using the Caldera Forms form builder system, the next step is to embed the forms into your WordPress website. Our shortcode system makes this process extremely quick and easy.

Steps To Add A Form Automatically

Step 1 : Go To A Page Or Post

Add or edit your website content by clicking on Pages or Posts in the WordPress left menu. Create a new page / post, or edit an existing page / post.

Step 2 : Inserting The Caldera Forms Shortcode

Insert a form’s shortcode by clicking on the Caldera Forms icon in the WordPress text editor and then select a form from the list.

Under the Options section, you can choose to have your form display with a modal (pop-up) window and to do this, check the box beside Set As Modal.
Modal setting configuration has 3 options:

  • Open Modal Trigger Type – This allows you to choose the element that triggers the Modal. Select either Link or Button.
  • Open Modal Text – This is the text that appears in either the Link or Button.
  • Modal Width – This allows you set the width of your Modal window.

Once you have selected a form and configure the options, click on Insert Form.

Steps To Add A Form Manually

Step 1 : Go To The Caldera Forms Admin Page

Starting from the WordPress Dashboard, you can navigate to the Caldera Forms Admin Page by hovering over the Caldera Forms icon and in the drop-down menu clicking on Forms.

Step 2 : Get The Form Shortcode

  • Option 1:

Copy the shortcode by hovering over 1 form from the list of built forms and clicking on Get Shortcode. The shortcode for the specific form displays in the Get Shortcode section you click on and you must copy the entire shortcode string.

  • Option 2 :

    You can navigate to the form settings tab by clicking on Form Settings in the top Caldera Forms menu bar and copying the entire shortcode string.

Step 4 : Go To A Page Or Post

Add or edit your website content by clicking on Pages or Posts in the WordPress left menu. Create a new page / post, or edit an existing page / post.

Step 5 : Inserting The Caldera Forms Shortcode

Insert a form’s shortcode by pasting the shortcode in the WordPress text editor.

How Do I Create A New Form From A Template For My WordPress Site ?

If you are unfamiliar with building a form, using one of our pre-configured templates is a great way to learn our Caldera Forms as your form builder. Caldera Forms is an excellent way to quickly get a form up and running on your WordPress website.

Steps To Create A Form From A Template

Step 1 : Go To The Caldera Forms Admin Page

Starting from the WordPress Dashboard, you can navigate to the Caldera Forms Admin Page by hovering over the Caldera Forms icon and in the drop-down menu clicking on Forms.

Step 2 : Create A New Form

Create a new form by clicking on New Form in the top Caldera Forms menu bar. This launches the Create New Form pop-up window.

Step 3 : Select a Template And Enter Form Details

In the pop-up window, click on any of the form templates. Caldera Forms ships with many helpful templates. Many Caldera Forms extensions provide additional templates. Clicking on Change Template will allow you to choose either a different template or a blank form. Once you have selected a form, enter a Form Name, then click on Create Form. You are now in the Caldera Forms Layout Builder, and can start building your new form.

You can now go to the form builder to layout your form.

What If I Want To Start From A Blank Form?

If your project requires you to develop a specific form for your WordPress website, and you’re comfortable with building forms, our blank template gives you a fresh canvas to create any type of form you’d need.

Steps To Create A Blank Form

Step 1 : Go To The Caldera Forms Admin Page

Starting from the WordPress Dashboard, you can navigate to the Caldera Forms Admin Page by hovering over the Caldera Forms icon and in the drop-down menu clicking on Forms.

Step 2 : Create A New Form

Create a new form by clicking on New Form in the top Caldera Forms menu bar. This launches the Create New Form pop-up window.

Step 3 : Select Blank Form And Enter Form Details

In the pop-up window, click on Blank Form and enter a name in the Form Name field, then click on the Create Form button. You are now in the Caldera Forms Layout Builder, and can start building your new form.

You can now go to the form builder to layout your form.

How Do I Export or Import A Caldera Form ?

Creating a JSON export of your form is an easy way to copy a form from one WordPress website to another. It is also a good way to backup a form. It also is a good way to use one form and the basis for a new form that you then edit using the Caldera Forms form builder.

Steps To Export A JSON Form Backup File

Step 1 : Go To The Caldera Forms Admin Page

Starting from the WordPress Dashboard, you can navigate to the Caldera Forms Admin Page by hovering over the Caldera Forms icon and in the drop-down menu clicking on Forms.

Step 2: Export The Form

(Video) How to make a contact form with Caldera Forms in WordPress | Beginner's guide

backup-jsonExport the form by hovering over 1 form from the list of built forms and clicking on Export. This launches the Export Form pop-up window. Download the JSON file by selecting Backup/Importable (JSON) from the Export Type drop-down menu. Start exporting by clicking on Export Form. You receive a prompt to Save the file to your local computer.

Steps To Import A JSON Form Backup File

Step 1 : Go To The Caldera Forms Admin Page

Starting from the WordPress Dashboard, you can navigate to the Caldera Forms Admin Page by hovering over the Caldera Forms icon and in the drop-down menu clicking on Forms.

Step 2 : Start The Import

Importing a JSON Caldera Form fileImport the JSON file by clicking on Import in the top Caldera Forms menu bar. This launches the Import Form pop-up window where you enter a Form Name, then continue by clicking on Choose File. You receive a prompt to find and open the JSON file from your local computer. Start importing by clicking on Import Form.

You can not go to the Caldera Forms form builder and edit the form.

How Do I Configure Caldera Forms Global Email Settings?

These Global Email Settings control how the form submissions are sent from your WordPress website to your email address. They affect the email notification and the auto-responder processor.

Steps To Configure Global Email Settings

Step 1 : Go To The Caldera Forms Admin Page

Starting from the WordPress Dashboard, you can navigate to the Caldera Forms Admin Page by hovering over the Caldera Forms icon and in the drop-down menu clicking on Forms.

Step 2 : Go To The Caldera Forms Email Settings Tab

You can navigate to the Email Settings tab by clicking on Email Settings in the top Caldera Forms menu bar.

Step 3 : Configure The Email Settings And Save The Form

Email setting page displaying options and inputsEmail setting configuration has 2 settings:

WordPress: By default Caldera Forms uses WordPress to send emails. This is often not reliable.
SendGrid: SendGrid is a 3rd party service that when properly configured will deliver emails reliably.
Creating a SendGrid key and more information on how and why to setup SendGrid documentation is here.
Selected an Email Gateway and click on Save Email Settings.

Configuring Caldera Forms Global General Settings

Most of the time these settings should not change. They can be used to prevent loading of different CSS stylesheets in the front-end when your form is rendered. If you turn these settings off it is up to you to style the form in the front-end.

Step 1 : Go To The Caldera Forms Admin Page

Starting from the WordPress Dashboard, you can navigate to the Caldera Forms Admin Page by hovering over the Caldera Forms icon and in the drop-down menu clicking on Forms.

Step 2 : Go To The Caldera Forms General Settings Tab

You can navigate to the General Settings tab by clicking on General Settings in the top Caldera Forms menu bar. This launches the General Settings pop-up window.

Step 3 : Configure The General Settings And Save The Form

Configure general settings by clicking on the toggle switches to turn the setting ON or OFF.

General setting configuration has 3 options:

Alert Style: Turn this ON includes Bootstrap 3 styles on the frontend for form alert notices.

Form Styles: Turn this ON includes Bootstrap 3 styles on the frontend for form fields and buttons.

Grid Structure: Turn this ON includes Bootstrap 3 styles on the frontend for form grid layouts. Get more information by visiting the official Bootstrap website

Exit the pop-up window by clicking on the X in the top right corner, then, click on Save Form.

How Do I Use The Form Layout Builder?

Caldera Forms offers a super awesome form builder system. You can learn more about using our gird based form builder here.

How Do I Save And Preview A Form ?

The Caldera Forms form builder lets you layout your forms on a responsive grid. You can preview what you create in the form builder edit screen by using the preview button at the top of the form builer screen.

Steps To Saving And Previewing A New Form

Step 1 : Go To The Caldera Forms Admin Page

Starting from the WordPress Dashboard, you can navigate to the Caldera Forms Admin Page by hovering over the Caldera Forms icon and in the drop-down menu clicking on Forms.

Step 2 : Creating A New Form

Create a new form by clicking on New Form in the top Caldera Forms menu bar.

Step 3 : Saving The Form

Save a form by clicking on Save Form in the top Caldera Forms menu bar. If successful, a pop-down notice appears and states “Updated Successfully”.

Step 4 : Previewing The Form

Preview a form by clicking on Preview Form in the top Caldera Forms menu bar. A new browser tab automatically opens while the current form displays on the page.

Please note:

  • Previewing a form is only available to the website administrator.
  • Being in preview mode does not change form behavior. All emails will be sent, all processors will be processed.
  • We recommend that you do your final form testing on a published page using the form’s shortcode while logged out.

How Do I Configure Form Settings?

Step 1 : Go To The Caldera Forms Admin Page And Create Or Edit A Form

Starting from the WordPress Dashboard, you can navigate to the Caldera Forms Admin Page by hovering over the Caldera Forms icon and in the drop-down menu clicking on Forms. Create a new form by clicking on New Form in the top Caldera Forms menu bar. Edit an existing form by hovering over 1 form from the list of built forms and clicking on Edit. You are now experiencing the Caldera Forms responsive drag and drop form builder.

Step 2 : Go To The Form Settings Tab

You can navigate to the Form Settings tab by clicking on Form Settings in the top Caldera Forms menu bar.

Step 3 : Configuring The Form Settings And Saving The Form

  • Form Name – This gives your individual form a unique name.
  • Shortcode – This is not an option you can change, however you need this shortcode to integrate the form into a page or post.
  • Form Description – This gives your form a unique description.
  • State – If checked, this deactivates the current form.
  • Capture Entries – If enabled, form entries are saved. If disabled, no entries are saved.
  • Show Entry View Page? – If enabled, this option creates a sub-menu item of the Caldera Forms menu and a page to show entries.
  • Hide Form – If enabled, this option hides the form after successful submission.
  • Honeypot – If enabled, this option places an invisible field in the form to trick spambots.
  • Success Message – This sets the message displayed after a user submits a form.
  • Gravatar Field – This sets the Gravatar when viewing an entry from a non-logged in user.
  • AJAX Submissions – If enabled, this option ensures that the page does not reload after a user submits a form.
  • Custom Callback – If enabled, this option adds a custom Javascript callback handler on submission.
  • Multiple Ajax Submissions – If enabled, the form submits multiple times with out a new page load.

Finish entering all of your form settings and click on Save Form.

Get more information on custom Javascript callbacks by visiting our Custom Processing of Caldera Forms Submissions documentation.

How Do I Configure The Responsive Settings Of My Form?

Step 1 : Go To The Caldera Forms Admin Page And Create Or Edit A Form

Starting from the WordPress Dashboard, you can navigate to the Caldera Forms Admin Page by hovering over the Caldera Forms icon and in the drop-down menu clicking on Forms. Create a new form by clicking on New Form in the top Caldera Forms menu bar. Edit an existing form by hovering over 1 form from the list of built forms and clicking on Edit. You have reached the Caldera Forms form builder page – enjoy!

Step 2 : Go To The Responsive Settings Tab

You can navigate to the Responsive Settings tab by clicking on Responsive in the Caldera Forms sub-menu bar.

Step 3 : Configure The Responsive Settings And Save The Form

The different screen width options are the specific “breakpoints” you can set your grid to collapse at. Collapsing a grid essentially means moving from a 2 column grid to a 1 column grid.
Once you select a screen size, click on Save Form.

How Do I Set Up The Form Email Notification For My Contact Form ?

This getting started guide coversthe processes of configuring Caldera Forms email notification settings. These settings control thenotification process for eachform built within your current instance of Caldera Forms. Get more information on configuring global email settings by visiting our General and Email Settings Guide.

Configuring Caldera Forms Email Notification Settings

(Video) 04 Learn Formidable Forms - Create a Custom Form: Part 1

These settings control who the form submissions send to as well as what information sends.

Step 1 : Go To The Caldera Forms Admin Page And Create Or Edit A Form
Starting from the WordPress Dashboard, you can navigate to the Caldera Forms Admin Page by hovering over the Caldera Forms icon and in the drop-down menu clicking on Forms. Create a new form by clicking on New Form in the top Caldera Forms menu bar. Edit an existing form by hovering over 1 form from the list of built forms and clicking on Edit. You are now in the Caldera Forms Layout Builder.

Step 2 : Go To The Email Notification Settings Tab

You can navigate to the Email Notification tab by clicking on Email in the Caldera Forms sub-menu bar.

Step 3 : Configure The Settings And Save The Form

You can fill in the notification settings here.

  • The process of setting up the email notification is documented here.
  • If you are having problems with emails, see this guide.
  • We recommend that you setup an email service such as SendGrid to improve emails sent by Caldera Forms. Learn more here.

Once you enter your settings, click on Save Form.

Does Caldera Forms Have File Upload Fields?

The Caldera Forms form builder has two types of file upload fields. Basic file fields let you add file uploads to your WordPress forms using the browser’s native form file fields. Advanced File Upload Fields are fancier form fields that you can add with our form builder. These form fields have a btter user interface.

The basic File Upload Field pptions in Caldera Forms let visitors to your WordPress site upload fields allow your users to add one or more files. Multiple uploads can be enabled with the “Allow Multiple” option.

These files become attachments in the WordPress media library, and can optionally be attached to emails sent with the Caldera Forms mailer. Attaching to emails is enabled with the “Attach To Mailer” option.

If your form allows public submissions, care should be used with what file types are allowed. Allowed extensions can be entered into the “Allowed Types” option field, as a comma separated list of allowed extensions. For example, “jpg,png,gif” would limit to images of those types, while “pdf” would only allow PDFs.

Native file upload fields are impossible to add custom CSS to. Also, while they do handle multiple file uploads, their handling off multiple files is not graceful. With a regular file field that is set to accept multiple files, all files must be added using the same file upload window, which is not good.

Caldera Forms file fields can only use the file types that are allowed by WordPress and your server configuration. For more information on how to modify which file types WordPress allows, see this article.

These limitations can be avoided by switching to an Advanced File Upload Field.

The advanced file upload field available in the Caldera Forms form builder is an alternative to our regular file field upload fields.Whilethe regularfile fields use the native HTML file uploader — the advanced file upload fields have a custom, and a better user interface. They also can be targeted with custom CSS.

While regular file upload fields support multiple file uploads, we strongly recommend you use an advanced file field if you need multiple file uploads from the same field in your form.

Advanced fields upload fields allow your users to add one or more files. Multiple uploads can be enabled with the “Allow Multiple” option.

These files become attachments in the WordPress media library, and can optionally be attached to emails sent with the Caldera Forms mailer. Attaching to emails is enabled with the “Attach To Mailer” option.

Does Caldera Forms Have Gravatar Fields?

The Gravatar field displays a users universal avatar based on their input to an email field. This field type binds to an email address field and dynamically shows the Gravatar for the email address. You can add these fields to your form from the form builder interface with a simple drag and drop. These form fields provide a nice bit of “wow” to your WordPress form as they automatically display the user’s gravatar when they enter an email in an email field that matches their Gravatar user name.

Does Caldera Forms Have HTML Fields With Dynamic Fields ?

Caldera Forms comes with an HMTL field type. This is not an input field but rather a content block for displaying HTML on the form. This is useful for adding instructions, creating breaks or simply making the form look a little better.

One of the nicest features about the HTML block is that it supports dynamic field binding. This allows you to use field references as %field_slug% in the HTML block. These references are then dynamically updated as the form is filled in.

This is a very cool feature of the Caldera Forms form builder. With this you can create a field that shows a preview of form submissions that is updated dynamically with values from one, some or all of the fields you have added to your form using the form builder.

Does Caldera Forms Have Radio Button Fields?

Yes, the Caldera Forms form builder has radio button fields and a variety of other types of select fields.

The radio field, like the Dropdown Select Field, allows for a user to select asingleoption while seeing all options at once. The “inline” option in the field configuration can be used to make the options show in a horizontal, instead of a vertical list. Options are added to your WordPress form one option at a time, or many at a time using the bulk inserter. Bulk inserting opens a textarea. Each line is an option. Clicking insert options creates the list.

You can auto-populate field options with just a few clicks in our form builder. The built in sources are:

  • Post-Type : This willcreate an option for every postof the selected type
  • Taxonomy : This will create an option for every term of the selected type

The auto-populate can be extended using the caldera_forms_render_get_field_type-checkbox filter.

Is Caldera Forms A Great Choice For WordPress Contact Forms ?

Yes, Caldera Forms is a great choice for creating contact forms on your WordPress site. Yes, it has tons of super powerful features, but even if you just need a simple contact form, you’re going to want to make sure your contact form is accessible, that your contact form is responsive and that your contact form is beautiful. Caldera Forms does that and more for your contact forms. You also get multiple auto-responders for your contact forms, database storage of entries to your contact form all for free. You could even add mailing list sign up to your contact form when integrating your contact form with MailChimp, Aweber or Convertkit add-ons.

Make your WordPress contact forms the best contact forms with Caldera Forms for free!

Does Caldera Forms Have Dropdown Select Fields ?

Yes, it does, over course it does. What kind of WordPress form builder would not?

The dropdown select is for selecting a single option from a list. The configuration panelfor the dropdown select field is much the same as all theSelect Option types: Auto-Populate, and Options. Options are added in the Caldera Forms form builder one option at a time, or using the bulk inserter. Bulk inserting opens a textarea. Each line is an option. Clicking insert options creates the list.

Select Option type fields have anoption to auto-populate.These fields can be auto-populated from a data source. The built in sources are:

  • Post-Type: This willcreate an option for every postof the selected type
  • Taxonomy: This will create an option for every term of the selected type

The auto-populate can be extended using the caldera_forms_render_get_field_type-checkbox filter.

As of Caldera Forms 1.4.3, you can also use the result of anEasy QueriesorEasy Podsquery for auto-populating select fields.

Options are added an option at a time, or using the bulk inserter. Bulk inserting opens a textarea. Each line is an option. Clicking insert options creates the list. This is the fastest way to add options to a select field with our form builder.

Does Caldera Forms Have Checkbox Fields?

Yep. You can use the Caldera Forms form builder to add checkox fields to your WordPress form.

Checkboxes can be used as a multi-select list, or a single toggle. The configuration panel for the checkbox is much the same as all the Select field types that are supported by our form builder: Auto-Populate, and Options.

With checkbox fields you have an option in the form builder to make the options display either stacked, or side by side. This option in the Caldera Forms form builder is labelled as “inline” ?

Can I Get Some Caldera Forms Stickers ?

Do you think Caldera Forms is a great free WordPress form builder and want to show it off your love in sticker form? We have two types of stickers as of version 1.4.3 – Tweet @CalderaWP about how much you love our form builder then ask politely for a sticker and we will send you one. Or come see us at WordCamp and we’ll have all sorts of stickers for you to show off your love for Caldera Forms — the awesome drag and drop responsive form builder for WordPress.

Does Caldera Forms Have Calculation Fields ?

Yep, and they are one fo the coolest features of our form builder. Caldera Forms calculation fields are mainly used for calculating and displaying total prices based on form input. Calculation fields have two modes: visualand manual. The visual editor is a simple way to add, subtract, multiply and divide the values of fields or variables.

In manual mode, you can create complex formulas. In manual mode, you can use any valid JavaScript arithmetic operator. Field or variable values can be used via magic tags.

For security reasons, calculation fields are processed both in the browser and then again on the server during submission. The calculations are processedin the browser so their results can be update live providing a great experience to your customers. The calculations are re-run during submission to prevent tampering.

For this reason, it is important that when using magic tags based on GET variablesto not use them directly in the calculation. Instead, create a hidden field, set its value with the magic tag and then use that hidden field in the calculation.

  • Notes On Manual Calculations

Manual calculations are use JavaScript math functions. You should not use Math. In front of your functions or you will create an error. For example, to multiply the value of a field with the slug field_1 by the value of a field with the slug field_2 raised to the second power, you would use %field_1% * pow(%field_2%, 2 ).

Also keep in mind that you should not end your formula with a semicolon. You also can not use any variables or call other types of functions.

What Kind Of Cool Button Fields Does Caldera Forms Have ?

The Caldera Forms form builder supports 5 button types for use in your WordPress forms.

Theprimary use for the Button field it to trigger the form submission. Buttons can also be used to move to the next, or previous page of a multi-page form.

A form intended for user submission requires a button of the type “submit”Without one, a form cannot be submitted.The button config panel is fairly simple, allowing you to set the name, slug, custom class (wrapper class), type and class (actual button class)

Button Types

A button can be set as a Submit, Button, Next Page, Previous Page Reset.

  • Submit – On click, will trigger the form to be submitted. If any required fields are not filled in, User will be prompted to fill them in.
  • Button – Used for more custom uses like javascripttriggers.
  • Next Page – Triggers pagination to the next available page in a multi-page form.
  • Previous Page – Triggers pagination to the previous page in a multi-page form.
  • Reset – Resets the form to its load state. If returned to the form due to an invalid data, the reset will return it to this state, not an empty state.


A button config canbe given 2 custom classes:

  • Custom Class – Thisclass name is added to the div around the actual button element
  • Class – This class name is added to the actual button element

Since the form is based on Bootstrap 3, built in button classes do apply (provided style includes are enabled)

CSS Tips For Buttons

Buttons in a Caldera Form default to carrying the class “btn” and all Caldera Forms are wrapped in an element with the class “caldera-grid”. Therefore you can target all buttons in your form with “.caldera-grid .btn”

Here are some examples for changing Caldera Forms button – including submit button – color, width or centering the button

Note that these exampleswill changeall buttons in the form. If you want to target one button, you will need to switch to using the button ID.

(Video) How to Use Caldera Form widget on Your WordPress Site

Does Caldera Forms Have A WYSIWYG / Rich Editor Field ?

Rich Editor WYSIWYG Fields are available in the form builder new feature in Caldera Forms 1.5.0.
Caldera Forms offers Rich Editor fields that offer a What You See Is What You Get fields (WYSIWYG) experience. These fields allow those interacting with your WordPress form to easily craft HTML with out writing any code. But they can if they want.

These fields are excellent for creating or editing post content using the Caldera Custom Fields add-on to create a front-end editor.

These fields are powered by theTrumbowyg JavaScript library.

Setting Up The Field

User Interface Options

Rich editor fields have the standard form field options of other forms fields in the Caldera Forms form builder. In addition they have these three fields:

  • Default: This is a text area, for the default value of the field. It is magic tag enabled.
  • Language Code: By default, this field’s interface is in English. You can enter a supported language code here to change the language.
    • Click here for documentation on creating your own translation.
    • Sanitization Level:This sets the type of HTML tags that are allowed. Developers should see this section for more information.

Language Codes

The following language codes are supported:

  • ar
  • ca
  • cs
  • da
  • de
  • el
  • es
  • es_ar
  • fa
  • fi
  • fr
  • he
  • hr
  • hu
  • id
  • it
  • ja
  • ko
  • my
  • ph
  • pl
  • pt
  • ro
  • rs
  • rs_latin
  • ru
  • sk
  • sv
  • tr
  • ua
  • vi
  • zh_cn
  • zh_tw

Additional Information For Developers

Before saving to the database, the field’s value is sanitized using wp_kses. The“permissive” setting forSanitization Level will cause the “post” context to be used via wp_kses_allowed_html. The “restrictive” option will caused the “data” context to be used. You can filter allowed tags using thewp_kses_allowed_html filter.

TheTrumbowyg JavaScript library is used for WYSIWYG fields created using the Caldera Forms form builder. The options passed toTrumbowygwhen instantiating it on the field can be modified using thecaldera_forms_wysiwyg_options filter.

What Does The Error ‘ Submission rejected, token invalid ‘ Mean?

This happens because the validation token — a WordPress nonce — could not be verified. This happens mainly because a caching plugin or CDN, such as Cloudflare is in use and caches the pages for longer than the WordPress nonce life — by default 12 hours.

To fix this issue, set a cache exclusion for the page with your form or set a cache life of less than 12 hours.

This could also be a sign of a more serious issue on your server, but is probably cache related.


Upload the caldera-forms folder to /wp-content/plugins/
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Navigate to ‘Caldera Forms’ in wp-admin.

Once you have created a form using the Caldera Forms form builder, insert it in a page or post via the Shortcode inserter button in the post editor or use


Caldera Forms 1.8.4 (March 28, 2019) CF-1.8.4

* FIXED: Elementor/Beaver builder conflicts withe render client
* FIXED: Translation code reset to translation files
* FIXED: Markup for the Resend button in entries list
* FIXED: Console errors due to Blocks client enqueued on frontend
* ADDED: Value of additional CSS class name in Caldera Forms block added to rendering

Caldera Forms 1.8.3 (March 19, 2019) WeGlot support, React + legacy-bundle for WP 5

* ADDED: Weglot Support
* ADDED: Link from edition page/post Gutenberg block to Form editor page
* FIXED: CF2 File field multiple files attachments
* FIXED: CF2 File field for WordPress versions older than 5.0
* FIXED: Prevent js errors when no cf2 field is in the form during submission event
* FIXED: Conditional disabled
* FIXED: Toggle switch field not initialized properly

Caldera Forms 1.8.2 (March 7, 2019) It’s Snowing In Pittsburgh

* SECURITY: Patch for issue affecting CF Pro API. Does not affect most users, see post for detailssee post for details.
* FIXED: Javascript error when Caldera Forms and WordPress SEO by Yoast or Jetpack’s map module were used toghether.
* FIXED: Conditionals were missing when variable pricing form template was used.
* FIXED: Prevent form from attempting to render if it doesn’t exist, before that triggers a PHP notice.
* FIXED: Consent field, with some settings, created a PHP notice.
* FIXED: Datepicker did not look functional on some devices.
* FIXED: Rangeslider fields, when used in calculations, caused UI lags.

Caldera Forms 1.8.1 (February 28, 2019) Improved options in fields and fixed js conflicts

* FIXED: JavaScript error on form submission in Firefox, and possibly other browsers.
* FIXED: Regenerated translation pot file.
* FIXED: Remove forced ‘checked’ attribute value for radio field types.
* FIXED: Checkbox, dropdown, and autocomplete field types could not have disabled options.

Caldera Forms 1.8.0 (February 27, 2019) cf2 taste.

* ADDED: Filter for forms returned by Rest API ( ‘caldera_forms_api_prepare_form’, $form, $request )
* ADDED: New Advanced File Field ( Added support for drag-and-drop, image previews, Max File Upload size )
* ADDED: job manager for the Transients API ( delete transients via job manager )
* FIXED: Uncaught ReferenceError: ceil is not defined, allows ceil and tan to be used in manual formulas of calculations field
* FIXED: Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given , fixed and added a test
* FIXED: Date Picker Validation not updating on selecting date
* FIXED: Fatal error when requesting forms via API with ?full=truedetails=true
* FIXED: When advancing pages via breadcrumbs – empty fields are validated, preventing advancing
* FIXED: CSV exported from entry viewer has JSON encoded options for checkbox fields
* IMPROVED: Structure of API responses for form routes
* IMPROVED: Handling for deleting the files of private files field
* IMPROVED: Use output buffering to prevent PHP warnings/notices from returning bad JSON ( Fixes: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘data’ of undefined )
* IMPROVED: Added jQuery as a dependency for validator script
* IMPROVED: Don’t include disabled forms in the list of forms available in Gutenberg block
* IMPROVED: Local testing environment includes phpunit tests
* IMPROVED: Added js unit tests in Travis CI
* DEPRECATED: Advanced File Uploader 1.0

Caldera Forms 1.7.6 (January 10, 2019) Blocks.

* FIXED: Block was not showing in the editor if Gutenberg was not active and WordPress 5.0.1+.
* FIXED: JavaScript error- target container is not a DOM element, due to privacy settings client.

Caldera Forms 1.7.5 (December 18, 2018) Blocks Blocked.

* FIXED: Unable to continue with Freemius optin after update to WordPress 5.0.
* FIXED: Freemius optin in Gutenberg content WordPress 5.0.
* FIXED: Form imports may not work after update to WordPress 5.0.1
* FIXED: Logger may cause excessive usage, disabled for now. See:

Caldera Forms 1.7.4 (October 23, 2018) import {clone} from form

* FIXED: When cloning a form, the clone had the same ID of the original form, causing the original form to appear to have been lost.
* FIXED: When importing a form, the calculation values of select options were reset to 1.

Caldera Forms 1.7.3 (October 17, 2018) We’re Working On Big Things, Sorry About The Wait, We Wanted You To Have Some Bug Fixes

* FIXED: Settings for disabling enhanced delivery via Caldera Forms Pro not saving.
* FIXED: Improper validation for better phone fields.
* FIXED: Non admin users were not able to edit their entries in the front-end.
* FIXED: When resending emails, magic tag not parsed in recipients, causing fallback email to be used.
* FIXED: Major performance issue with select2 fields.
* FIXED: Email settings not copied when cloning forms.
* ADDED: Support for calculation value using caldera_forms_field_option_presets filter for field presets.
* ADDED: Translator comments for PII fields.
* ADDED: New action caldera_forms_admin_pre_enqueue – runs before admin assets are enqueued, after they are registered.
* IMPROVED: Markup for consent field link to privacy page.
* FIXED: Dollar sign was not localized in CF Pro marketing.
* FIXED: Could not select form in Gutenberg block if there was only one block.
* FIXED: Dead code from older location of CF Pro API client.
* FIXED: Conditionals from processors not saving if variables in use.

Caldera Forms 1.7.2 (June 27, 2018) Infinite Jest

* FIXED: Incorrect usage of Gutenberg InspectorControls
* FIXED: Input masks not initialized if conditional logic is used on a field.
* FIXED: HTML fields not applying wpautop formatting
* FIXED: Caldera Forms Pro API keys did not appear to save
* FIXED: Anti-spam Honey Pot Settings Not Saving
* ADDED: JavaScript Unit Tests With Jest
* ADDED: Documentation links in Privacy Screen Before Choosing Form
* ADDED: API Client and State Modules
* ADDED: Additional Server-side Validation for email and number fields

Caldera Forms 1.7.1 (June 7, 2018) Flushing Meadows


  • FIXED: Rewrite rules could be flushed during activation in a way that causes an error.
  • FIXED: Forms with advanced file fields not submitting properly on Safari and Edge.
  • FIXED: Privacy settings being lost on form update.
  • FIXED: PHP Warning when there are no internal forms.
  • Remove all flush rewrites

Caldera Forms 1.7.0 (May 31, 2018) GDPR, PHP, Onward


GPDR Privacy Tools Preview Release: May 15, 2018

  • ADDED: #GDPR Consent fields and privacy page magic tag
  • ADDED: #GDPR Option to delete all entries of a form
  • ADDED: #GDPR Option to delete all entries of a from
  • ADDED: #GDPR Integration with core exporters and erasers and a shiny new privacy page
  • IMPROVED: #GDPR Marking fields as containing personally identifiable information
  • ADDED: #GDPR Developer-facing APIs for getting fields used for personally identifiable data, modifying the data supplied to WordPress’ exporters and erasers by Caldera Forms and more.
  • ADDED: #GDPR caldera_forms_gdpr_callback filter For creating custom GDPR exporters and erasers in plugins or custom site development.
  • ADDED: #GPDR caldera_forms_privacy_policy_page_url filter To chane the privacy page link used by consent field and privacy page magic tag from its default — WordPress’ saved option for privacy page.
  • ADDED: Helpful messages in place of forms when PHP or WordPress version requirements are not met
  • ADDED: Developer-facing tool for making selecting and deleting saved Caldera Forms entry data easier
  • ADDED: Developer-facing tool for custom, paginated queries of entry data
  • FIXED: Warning in PHP 7.2 related to count() function
  • FIXED: JavaScript conflicts with WooCommerce pages, resolved by removing the Caldera Forms button from all WooCommerce post editors.
  • ADDED: Summary and HTML fields automatically set slug
  • IMPROVED: automated testing and better documentation for contributing to Caldera Forms. Please see the Github readme.

Caldera Forms 1.6.3 (May 15, 2018) The Mask


  • FIXED: Could not edit new fields, without saving and reloading first.
  • FIXED: Input field masking was not working.

Caldera Forms 1.6.2 (May 14, 2018) GDPR Part 1

See: [(

  • FIXED: Fixed deprecated jQuery XHR syntax in some places. Was causing jQuery errors in some browsers.
  • FIXED: mp3s were not allowed by some browsers when they should have been for file fields.
  • FIXED: If spam was detected by CF Pro entry was still shown in entry viewer.
  • FIXED: Nonce refresh was being abused by spammers and not helping with cache issues.
  • IMPROVED: One webback build file for Pro and Blocks
  • IMPROVED: Gutenberg block now has better previews and more sensible controls.
  • ADDED: Ability to show HTML “field” content in emails.
  • ADDED: Link to Caldera Forms Pro app from Caldera Forms Pro page.
  • ADDED: Option to mark fields as containing personally identifying information.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_field_wrapper_after_delete action
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_field_wrapper_before_delete action
  • ADDED: Automatic repair of pro tables if not present.

Caldera Forms 1.6.2 Release Candidate 1 May 10, 2018

Caldera Forms (April 12, 2018)

* Additional SECURITY fix for CVE-2018-7747

Caldera Forms 1.6.1 (April 12, 2018) Full Globe


Caldera Forms 1.6.1 Release Candidate 1 April 11, 2018
Caldera Forms 1.6.1 Beta 1 April 5, 2018
* FIXED: Logo looked bad on main admin page.
* FIXED: Some sites had an error on update due to PHP 5.3 syntax.
* FIXED: PHP warning when getting entries via REST API for a form with no saved entries.
* FIXED: We did not have the new videos Christie made in the readme.

Caldera Forms 1.6.0 (March 26, 2018) Anti-Spam: Enhanced


Caldera Forms 1.6.0-rc.1 – March, 14, 2018

  • SECURITY: CVE-2018-7747
  • ADDED: Multiple BCCs and CCs on auto-responders.
  • ADDED: Support for multiple checkboxes to be selected by default, using a filter.
  • ADDED: Caldera Forms Pro advanced anti-spam.
  • ADDED: Freemius insights integration.
  • ADDED: Warnings if your PHP version is not supported.
  • DEPRECATED: Support for out of date PHP versions. See this page for more information
  • UPDATED: Parsely validation library to 2.8.1
  • IMPROVED: Made reply-to/from labels in main mailer more accurately reflect how Caldera Forms Pro works, when Caldera Forms Pro is being used.
  • FIXED: Work around that was previously in place for WooCommerce nonce validation when items are in cart is now updated to work again.
  • FIXED: Breadcrumbs on multi-page forms disappeared when form was submitted, but did not complete the submission.
  • FIXED: Multi-page forms not advancing with empty, non-required number fields.
  • FIXED: Field sync was not recovering when fields were hidden by conditional logic.
  • FIXED: CC and BCC fields not passing to Caldera Forms Pro properly.
  • FIXED: Some cases where file fields caused errors during submissions.
  • FIXED: Wrong country code was used for Arkansas. Sorry Arkansas.

Caldera Forms 1.5.9 (January 24, 2018) Happy 2018!


Caldera Forms 1.5.9-rc.1 – January 18 2018.

  • ADDED: Ability to remove wpautop formatting to auto-responder message, by removing a hook. remove_filter( 'caldera_forms_autoresponse_mail', array( 'Caldera_Forms_Email_Filters', 'format_autoresponse_message' ) );
  • IMPROVED: Caldera Forms Pro API key settings – made inputs wider and setting validate without a page refresh.
  • ADDED: Ability to disable enhanced delivery per form.
  • ADDED: Ability to change log level via UI.
  • ADDED: New unit tests.
  • FIXED: Files did not attach to emails if sub menu entry viewer was enabled.
  • FIXED: Menu order conflict with LifterLMS and some other plugins causing their menu to disappear.
  • FIXED: PHP warning: Fix json_decode expects parameter 1 to be a string admin.php affecting entry exports and entry viewer.
  • FIXED: The caldera_forms_entry_viewer shortcode was not using output buffering
  • FIXED: Section breaks were showing in CSV
  • FIXED: External forms were not working with entry viewer.

Caldera Forms 1.5.8 (December 21, 2017) We Got You A Block For Christmas

* ADDED: Caldera Forms block
* ADDED: Caldera Forms Pro API client is now included, you’re one step closer to more reliable email delivery with priority support and anti-spam tools.
* ADDED: get_form method to Caldera_Forms_Entry class.
* ADDED: aria-label attribute to form.
* NEW FILTER: caldera_forms_fallback_email – changes the default fallback email.
* FIXED: BC and BCC not setting properly in main mailer with some configurations.
* FIXED: Buttons in main admin page had confusing markup for screen readers that was invalid HTML.
* FIXED: HTML attribute role of form was added to form, which confuses screen readers and is against HTML spec.
* FIXED: HTML attribute role of field was added to element wrapping fields, which confuses screen readers and is against HTML spec.
* FIXED: Edit tokens for front-end editing of entries.
* FIXED: Breadcrumbs were not hiding after submission of multi-page form. Now they hide.
* FIXED: Conflict with Pods effecting Pods Template editor when Caldera Forms is active.
* FIXED: Entry viewer was displaying values of checkbox fields improperly.
* FIXED: Advanced file field required option didn’t block users from going to next page, if field was empty.
* FIXED: Select field default was not used in calculation field default.
* FIXED: Select fields were not outputting an empty option, if there default value was 0.
* FIXED: Credit card fields were validating too soon on multi-page forms, preventing advancing to the next page.
* FIXED: There was a console.log() left over from 1.5.7 dev, which is bad.
* FIXED: Some field field uploads could not process as form ID was not set properly.
* FIXED: Caldera_Forms_Entry::get_form_id() was not using all caps ID.
* FIXED: Github plugin updater URL in header.
* FIXED: WYSIWYG field saveds with extra whitespace and double escaped some values.
* IMPROVED: Caldera_Forms_Entry class was using wp_list_pluck() making it impossible to test isolated from WordPress, which was a problem for tests we are doing.
* IMPROVED: We now check if $wpdb is object before using in Caldera_Forms_Entry, making it possible to use this class without WordPress.

Caldera Forms (November 9, 2017) Quick Fix

  • FIXED: JavaScript error when using conditionals and summary fields.
  • FIXED: With some field types, fields with conditional logic, might not be saved.

Caldera Forms 1.5.7 (November 8, 2017) Prepare For Full Force Nico

* NEW HOOK: caldera_forms_pre_check_condition filter. Early entry point for conditionals for logging or using an alternative conditional logic system.
* NEW HOOK: caldera_forms_insert_button_include filter. Use to prevent loading of Caldera Forms JavaScript or CSS in post editor.
* NEW HOOK: caldera_forms_submit_process_before filter. Early entry point for logging submissions, etc.
* FIXED: Caldera_Forms::get_field_data() when passed an entry ID always returned null.
* FIXED: Calculation fields used option value, not calculation value, serve-side, for select2 fields.
* FIXED: Role parameter for front-end entry viewer didn’t work as string.
* FIXED: CF_API_DATA was being printed to DOM once per form instead of once.
* FIXED: If “Default Option” was used to set select (including autocomplete) default, it’s was not set in CFState, effecting summary, HTML and calculation fields.
* FIXED: Checkbox fields were reporting all options in CFState, effecting summary, HTML and calculation fields.
* FIXED: Default value of fields, if initially hidden by conditionals, were not initially tracked properly in CFState, effecting summary, HTML and calculation fields.
* FIXED: Default values (unchanged) are shown in summary/html fields as “false”.

Caldera Forms (October 12, 2017) Tomorrow is my birthday.

* UPDATED: Input masking library to version 4 –
* FIXED: Input masked number fields, with mobile devices did not handle backspaces.
* FIXED: Basic phone field input masking was not working on mobile.
with numbers was not working on mobile.
* FIXED: Wrong arguments used with wp_upload_bits() when uploading CSV attached to email. Deprecation notice was triggered.
* FIXED: Default value of checkbox and select fields was not supplied to calculation fields properly.
* FIXED: Default value of hidden fields not supplied to calculation fields properly.
* FIXED: Calculation with no calculation defined makes a invalid foreach notice instead of just being 0.
* FIXED: Empty calculation triggers PHP Warning message about calc.php (line 218) invalid foreach Bug
* FIXED: Compatibility with Lightspeed cache required changing a file in Caldera Forms, now it just works.

Caldera Forms (September 14, 2017) Quick Fix For Calculations.

* FIXED: Calculation value was ignored by calculation fields.

Caldera Forms 1.5.6 (September 13, 2017) Sorry for the delay, we had a minor tropical storm issue.

* ADDED: BCC in auto-responder
* ADDED: Rely-to in auto-responder
* ADDED: Warning in admin if your site is not using SSL.
* ADDED: cf.form.submit JavaScript event triggered by form submission.
* ADDED: cf.form.validated JavaScript event when form is validated
* ADDED: cf.form.init JavaScript event triggered when form is initializes
* ADDED: Field ID in object passed by cf.remove JavaScript event.
* REMOVED: Setting for field description
* NEW FILTER: caldera_forms_csv_file_type to change CSV to TSV.
* SOFT DEPRECATED: Add a deprecation message on email settings screen, which will get absorbed into new settings screen. SendGrid API integration is supported, but discouraged.
* MAJOR UPDATE: Front-end JavaScript for calculations. Rewritten for performance reasons and to make more extensible and easier to add new features to.
* FIXED: From name and from email in main mailer din’t work properly with bracket magic tags
* FIXED: Email resend button could trigger fatal error with some form configurations.
* FIXED: Advanced file field file handling.
* FIXED: Summary fields were showing magic tags of synced to field, instead of values, for fields that were field synced.
* FIXED: Auto-complete field calculation value was ignored.
* FIXED: Hidden option values (Labels Only mode) didn’t update value on label change.
* FIXED: CSV exports had non-parsable dates.
* FIXED: Calculation fields were not running on page naviagation.
* FIXED: Caldera_Forms_Field_Honey::get() had unused parameters, which were required, but not called, which was causing honey pot issues.

Caldera Forms 1.5.5 (August 17, 2017) We Had Fun In Canada !

* SECURITY FIX: Possible XSS vulnerability in form editor has been patched.
* FIXED: Error when resending forms.
* FIXED: Email settings screen was not showing.
* FIXED: Some configurations caused a 502 error on WPEngine related to object caching.
* FIXED: caldera_forms_pre_load_processors action was repeated.
* FIXED: Star rating fields set to be required could be submitted with no rating in some browsers.
* FIXED: date_diff function was used, which is not PHP 5.2 compatible.
* FIXED: If field IDs are changed from fld1234 style to words and one of those words was a honey pot word, honey pot could return a false positive.
* ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Field_Honey for honey-pot related functionality
* ADDED: Additional classes to generated processor fields.

Caldera Forms 1.5.4 (August 4, 2017) Revenge of The Sith

* FIXED: With some versions of MySQL when forms with a revision were saved, new version was marked a revision, not primary so it didn’t look like it was saved.
* IMPROVED: There is now a back button for exiting a revision.
* FIXED: Redirect processor might have encoded query vars in URL.
* FIXED: Forms exported by old versions could not be imported.
* FIXED: Some i18n functions.
* CHANGED: jQuery version warning is only shown to admins now.
* ADDED: Utility function to show if any database tables are missing
* ADDED: A standard notification VueJS component, copied from CF Pro client, now available to all add-ons.
* NEW FILTER: caldera_forms_save_revision disables or enables revisions
* FIXED: Toggling form state (enabled/ disabled) no longer creates a new revision.
* FIXED: Main admin experienced JavaScript errors when out of date PHP version was in use.

Caldera Forms (July 27th, 2017) Attack of the Clones!


  • FIXED: Clone forms were not cloning properly.
  • FIXED: Sometimes an error was shown after a form was deleted, even though it was actually deleted.
  • FIXED: Translation strings were missing for form templates.

Caldera Forms 1.5.3 (July 26th, 2017) Canada!


  • NEW FEATURE: Ability to edit, view and restore forms. Learn more
  • NEW FEATURE: 1 Switch turns on a free CDN for all Caldera Forms JavaScript and CSS. Learn More
  • NEW FEATURE: {query_var:*} magic tag for WordPress query vars.
  • NEW FILTER: caldera_forms_email_csv_data for modifying data used in the CSV file attached to the email. Learn More
  • NEW FILTER: caldera_forms_admin_csv for modifying data used in the CSV file exported in the admin. Learn More
  • ADDED: Warning if jQuery version is too old for Caldera Forms to work.
  • ADDED: Warning if submission is likely to result in a cross-origin error.
  • ADDED: CFState and CFEvents JavaScript objects for improving how state of form is tracked in front-end.
  • IMPROVED: HTML fields, summary fields now use CFState and CFEvents to improve performance and prevent some bugs.
  • FIXED: Form became unresponsive after a select (or checkbox/radio) field triggers a condition conditionally hides a hidden by conditional logic field that’s value is used in a calculation field, whose value is showed in an HTML field.
  • FIXED: Range sliders were not using the right color after being unhidden by conditional logic.
  • FIXED: Some fields in modal forms were overflowing modal.
  • FIXED: Some fields had aria-labelledby attribute when no corresponding label element existed or was needed.
  • FIXED: Calculation value for a select option didn’t have to be numeric.
  • FIXED: Option presets option bulk creation was not populating options properly. Now it’s fixed.
  • FIXED: Checkbox fields used value, not calculations value when used in calculations.

Caldera Forms (July 5, 2017) (bool)


  • FIXED: We were using boolval() which is not PHP 5.2-5.4 compatible.

Caldera Forms 1.5.2 (June 30, 2017) Broken Foot Edition


  • NEW FEATURE: Ability to resend messages from saved entries.
  • NEW FEATURE: UTM Fields.
  • NEW FEATURE: {current_url} magic tag for the current page URL.
  • ADDED: cf.presave JS event before the form is saved.
  • ADDED: $entry_id as param of caldera_forms_save_field and caldera_forms_save_field-$field_type filters
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Entry_Field::insert() method for saving a field value to database.
  • FIXED: Select fields without values shown get non-unique values error
  • FIXED: Calculation value setting for checkboxes was not respected.
  • FIXED: Form wrap ID postfix was never less than 2.
  • FIXED: Defaults set from magic tags were not setting select field defaults properly.
  • FIXED: Range sliders on page 2 or greater were not respecting their default value properly.
  • FIXED: HTML fields live preview didn’t respect line breaks from textarea (paragraph) fields
  • FIXED: In some cases phone fields could be submitted empty.
  • FIXED: File fields were getting an extra outline because form-control class was added when it shouldn’t have been.
  • FIXED: In entry list, checkbox fields were not being transformed from JSON.
  • FIXED: Extra empty option select (dropdown) fields
  • FIXED: Forms showed inactive state error when after being reactivated.
  • FIXED: Toggle-switches were not using calculation values on server-side.
  • FIXED: Missing translation string functions in form templates
  • FIXED: Missing translation text domain for mailer from name default setting.
  • FIXED: Issue where readme only said “Hi Roy” twice 🙂

Caldera Forms 1.5.1 (June 12, 2017) Select Pro


  • NEW FEATURE: Default option that can be set by magic tag for dropdown, radio, checkboxes and toggles
  • NEW FEATURE: Ability for select field options to provide a different value to calculations then their value attribute.
  • IMPROVED: Headers for sub tabs with links to docs.
  • IMPROVED: Description for “from” setting in main mailer
  • NEW ACTION: caldera_forms_autoloader_fail Runs when autoloader can’t find class file. Useful for debugging or non-standard autoloading.
  • IMPROVED: Refactored adding of custom tables. Separated each add table statement and added a check for missing tables whenever you go to Caldera Forms main admin page.
  • NEW ACTION: caldera_forms_file_added_to_media_library Runs after Caldera Forms adds a file to media library.
  • IMPROVED: If caldera_forms_autoresponse_mail returns null, message isn’t sent, making it a early return.
  • IMPROVED: Made caldera_forms_autoresponse_mail filter expose entry ID.
  • IMPROVED: Made caldera_forms_mailer filter expose entry ID.
  • ADDED: Dashicons for submenu items.
  • ADDED: Add interface base class to support future CRM processors, which you and or Shawn should make.
  • CHANGED: Page for Caldera Forms Pro
  • CHANGED: Extend submenu page to add-ons.
  • FIXED: where Caldera_Forms_Render_Util::get_current_form_count() could return 0. It should never be less than 1.
  • FIXED: preventing more than one BCC.
  • FIXED: Magic tags based on meta — for example processor magic tags were not being parsed.
  • FIXED: Money format setting for calculation fields was not properly rounding.

Caldera Forms (May 24th, 2017) We Got A Cute Cat Mascot


  • NEW FEATURE: Changed banner to include Catdera mascot.
  • NEW FEATURE: Star rating fields now have a setting for the default number of stars.
  • NEW FEATURE: Thecaldera_forms_mailer filter now exposes the entry ID.
  • NEW FEATURE: All entry management actions are now filterable via thecaldera_forms_manage_cap filter.
  • NEW FEATURE: Added support for radio and checkbox fields in summary fields.
  • NEW FILTER: caldera_forms_summary_magic_fields — to change which fields are used in the summary magic tag.
  • NEW FILTER: caldera_forms_magic_summary_field_value— to change how a field is displayed in the summary magic tag.
  • FIXED: If a submit button was shown on a page of a multi-page for before the last page, it might not work because future pages were validated.
  • FIXED: Conditionals based on calculation fields were not updating properly.
  • FIXED: Hidden classes were not applied to hidden fields.
  • FIXED: Toggle switches values were not included in calucaltions
  • FIXED: Label for datepicker fields were not showing as label when labels where hidden.
  • FIXED: Duplicate column ‘status’ error on plugin activation. Hi Shawn.
  • FIXED: Datepicker fields could not be edited in the form editor. Added more z-index.
  • FIXED: Paragraph fields didn’t show saved value in entry editor.

Caldera Forms (May 2, 2017) Bring Me To Your Contact Form


  • IMPROVED: Multi-page form validation. Validation logic is improved to work with new add-ons and to be faster.
  • FIXED: Calculation fields could target wrong fields if two of the same form were on the same page.
  • FIXED: Disable conditionals were not enabling or disabling.
  • REMOVED: HTML5 datetime type for text fields, since it has no browser support.
  • FIXED: When 0 was the value for a conditional to check against, it was lost on form editor reload.
  • IMPROVED: Processor and conditional interface to highlight new processor/conditional button.
  • NEW ACTION: caldera_forms_delete_entries – Runs when entries are deleted
  • NEW ACTION: caldera_forms_change_entry_status – Runs when entry status is changed.
  • IMPROVED: Made CSV headers match layout order of forms.
  • FIXED: Fatal error could happen when exporting due to Caldera_Forms_Field_Util::check_conditional() not being passed an array
  • ADDED: JavaScript events on validation. See:
  • FIXED: PHP notice when getting saved entry and user was not logged in when entry was created.
  • FIXED: Required toggle switches didn’t trigger validation errors on multi-page forms.
  • FIXED: Ensured that summary magic tag used correct internal APIs.
  • FIXED: Bad conditional in database updater causing PHP notices.
  • FIXED: Field errors were not associated to their field using proper ARIA tag.

Caldera Forms (April 10, 2017) The Earth Is Round, Contact Forms Are Good

* FIXED: Calculations fields were rounded wrong in some cases.
* FIXED: Fields that are shown with conditions did not always show up in entry viewer or CSV exports.
* DEPRECATED: Caldera_Forms_Render_Util::field_id_attribute() since it gets form, not field ID attribute.
* ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Render_Util::form_id_attr() to get form ID attribute.
* ADDED: Utility methods for formatting inline JavaScript that were needed in add-ons.

Caldera Forms ( April 4, 2017 ) %funny_name_for_release%

* FIXED: Checkbox fields were rendering as {“opt”: “ccc” … which is so bad. Fixed the crap out of that.
* ADDED: New Filter: caldera_forms_magic_file_use_link Allows for showing an image tag in email for file field
* ADDED: [Set field defaults with the shortcode](
* ADDED: Helpful New Class: Caldera_Forms_Render_Modals for all modal markup and logic. Makes it easier for developers to work with modals, no end-results changed.
* IMPROVED: Contact form template
* IMPROVED: Magic tags for calculations. Now shows before and after settings and formats numbers according to your settings.
* FIXED: Entry navigation for admin entry viewer wasn’t working in main admin page. Was in sub-menu entry viewer.
* FIXED: Range slider fields in multi-page forms were not working right.
* IMPROVED: Added a few helpful tooltips to form builder. Will add more soon.
* FIXED: When “Use Country Code” option was checked required phone fields they could be submitted empty, now they can’t.
* ADDED: A double check to make sure validation translations were loaded. Will help with slow connections.
* FIXED: Field sync wasn’t working if field was hidden by conditional logic.
* FIXED: Fields hidden by conditional logic were not keeping their values when unhidden.
* FIXED: Credit card field validation was making JavaScript errors.
* FIXED: %field_slug:label% magic tags were not showing label.
* FIXED and Improved: Entry abstraction class.
* FIXED: Calculation functions like tan() and atan() or sin() and cosin() that have same(ish) names caused JavaScript errors.
* ADDED: $atts param on caldera_forms_pre_render_form filter.
* FIXED: In some cases fields removed by conditional logic would still be validated and therefore trigger incorrect validation errors server-side.
* FIXED: Shortcode wasn’t using “shortcode_atts” filter.

Caldera Forms ( March 13th, 2017 ) Apex Calculations

* FIXED: Fields hidden by conditional logic’s values were being recorded. This was not the behavior in 1.4.x and was causing issues with calculations calculating the wrong amount.
* FIXED: The “New Field” button, that isn’t really a button, had a confusing icon. It is now move, not hamburger.
* FIXED: The text attribute for “New Field” button, that isn’t really a button, was not useful enough. It is now 150% more useful.
* ADDED: Abstraction for entry edit tokens for editing form entries, which Josh felt was going to be immediately useful, but wasn’t but, whatever, it will be.
* FIXED: Rewrites were not being flushed on every Caldera Forms update.
* FIXED: Form edit view in admin wasn’t working, because rewrites were not being flushed on every Caldera Forms update.
* FIXED: Processor magic tags were not being parsed for forms.
* ADDED: New method for more more reliable and performant meta-based magic tags like those from form processors.

Caldera Forms ( March 6st, 2017 ) This Field Is Required

* FIXED: JavaScript error when validator (parsely) was loaded in the wrong order.
* FIXED: Field validation messages like “This Field Is Required” were not translating properly.
* FIXED: Datepickers were not translated when scripts were not minified.
* FIXED: Datepickers that were required and left empty were not marked as invalid.
* FIXED: Reset buttons were not reset buttons.

Caldera Forms ( March 1st, 2017 )

  • See:
  • FIXED: When select field or radio or checkbox had 0 or ‘0’ as default, default was ignored.
  • FIXED: An input with a placeholder of 0 or ‘0’ did not receive a placeholder.
  • FIXED: When a label for an input was hidden, label was not used as placeholder.
  • FIXED: When a label for an input was hidden, non-accessible markup was generated (no label element)
  • FIXED: Advanced file fields with certain settings were only uploading one file when multiple files should have been uploaded.
  • FIXED: Next and previous page buttons had the wrong input type.
  • FIXED: Modals have been wonky for awhile, major change, see update post for more details.
  • FIXED: Scroll to top setting wasn’t scrolling to top.
  • FIXED: Conditional recipients processor wasn’t processing.
  • FIXED: Local language for the client-side validation was not respecting WordPress language settings.
  • FIXED: Conditional calculation fields that shouldn’t have calculated were calcuating.

Caldera Forms ( February 22st, 2017) Über Sorry About HTML Fields

  • See:
  • FIXED: HTML fields were super-broken with accents, cyrillic, non standard UTF-8, and lots of other things.
  • FIXED: Fields hidden by conditional logic, which should have not made server-side validation errors were, but errors didn’t show and it looked broken.
  • FIXED: Entry export or view could cause an error.
  • FIXED: API, and therefore entry viewer called a method that got lost between 1.5.0-b-2 and final.
  • FIXED: Shortcode for classic mode entry viewer.
  • FIXED: Checkbox fields, with no explicit value, don’t return label for value, now they do.

Caldera Forms 1.5.0 ( February 21st, 2017) Volcano!

  • See:
  • ADDED: A Front-end entry viewer.
  • ADDED: Conditional redirect processor.
  • ADDED: REST API for form and entry data.
  • ADDED: Credit card number field
  • ADDED: Credit card expiration field
  • ADDED: Credit card secret code field
  • ADDED: Number field
  • ADDED: A better phone number field.
  • ADDED: WYSIWYG field
  • ADDED: Summary field
  • ADDED: URL Field
  • ADDED: Section break field
  • ADDED: REST API client JavaScript
  • REDUCED: The number of JavaScript and CSS fields that are loaded
  • IMPROVED: Checks to make sure that CSS is loaded in header.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_force_enqueue_styles_early filter to force CSS to load in header.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_validate_field_-$field-id filter to add custom field validation by field ID.
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms::time_format() to provide correct time formatting.
  • IMPROVED: Consistent entry point for submissions via POST Caldera_Forms::process_form_via_post()
  • ADDED: Error message when nonce validation fails.
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Fields class. Easy access to all field definitions, or a field’s definition using Caldera_Forms_Fields::definition()
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Magic class that is so magical we can’t discuss it and/or abstracts the magic tag parsing system for more developer friendliness.
  • IMPROVED: HTML fields, HTML tags that could break the field — form, script, iframe — are now removed instead of making bugs.
  • MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS: Caldera_Forms_Render_Assets Caldera_Forms_Admin_Assets and now handle loading/removing / minfiying CSS and JavaScript way better.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_render_assets_minify to disable minfification of CSS and JavaScript. Useful if you want to minfiy or combine resources using a different plugin.
  • ADDED: REST API endpoints for form configuration
  • ADDED: REST API endpoints for entries
  • ADDED: Ability to show the old entry viewer using a function or shortcode — only recommend in the admin, or your CSS is going to need a lot of work.
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Entry_Update::update_entry_status() a utility method to change entry status by ID.
  • FIXED: No more inline JavaScript in the post content. Field configuration and other JavaScript has been abstracted or moved to footer.
  • ADDED: Abstract system for building input type fields.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_field_util_math_functions filter to define which math functions can be used in calculation fields.
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Field_Util::get_field_by_slug() method to get field configuration by slug.
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Field_Util::apply_field_filters
    () to add all caldera_forms_render_get_field type filters to field config.
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Field_Util::has_field_type() to check if a form has a field of a given type.
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Field_Util::get_default() to get default value of a form field.
    () to add all caldera_forms_render_get_field type filters to field config.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_credit_card_types filter to set which credit card types can be shown in credit card fields.
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Magic_Doer::do_bracket_magic() to handle bracket magic tags.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_pre_do_bracket_magic filter for custom bracket magic tags.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_do_field_bracket_value filter to change values of bracket magic tags.
  • ADDED: Spooky magic, not really, but I like using the word magic 🙂
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Magic_Util class full of helful functions for performing Caldera Forms magic.
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Render_Assets::register() Registers all Caldera Forms CSS and JavaScript
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Render_Assets::enqueue_script() Utility method for enqueuing JavaScript with the right slug.
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Render_Assets::enqueue_script() Utility method for enqueuing JavaScript with the right slug.
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Render_Assets::enqueue_style() Utility method for enqueuing CSS with the right slug.
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Render_Assets::make_url() Utility method for standardizing CSS and JavaScript slugs.
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Render_Assets::get_field_scripts() Utility method to get all Caldera Forms field JavaScript files by slug.
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Render_Assets::get_field_styles() Utility method to get all Caldera Forms field CSS files by slug.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_assets_registered action that runs after all Caldera Forms CSS and JavaScripts are registered
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Render_Footer class for handling printing scripts and templates in footer.
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Render_Nonce class for outputting and verifying front-end form nonce.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_verification_token_failed action that fires when nonce verification fails.
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Render_Notices class for streamlining perpetration of succes or error notices returned by from submission.
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Render_Util class that helps with outputting notices and other inline data.
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Sync_Sync class and its children — Caldera_Forms_Sync_HTML, Caldera_Forms_Sync_Summary and Caldera_Forms_Sync_Sync — as well as its factory Caldera_Forms_Sync_Factory for improving magic sync capabilities.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_field_attributes() function to prepare field attributes.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_field_attributes filter to modify field attributes.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_field_attributes-$field_type filter to modify field attributes by field type.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_escape_field_attributes_array() function to escape an array of field attributes
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_implode_field_attributes() to implode an array of field attributes
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_get_release_series() function to get major version/ release series (IE 5 for Caldera Forms 1.5.x and 6 for Caldera Forms 1.6.x)
  • ADDED: eCommerce field category.
  • ADDED: New form templates
  • ADDED: Scroll to top setting. Jump to top of form on submit.
    NOTE: All fixes and new features from 1.4.x releases are included. So this section of changelog is shortish.
  • FIXED: Duplicate forms created.
  • FIXED: preventing custom field options set by filters form working in some situations.
  • FIXED: Form settings tab got messy. We tied it up a bit.

Caldera Forms 1.4.9 ( February 14, 2017 ) Be My Plugin Update

  • SEE:
  • FIXED: File upload fields were attaching files to emails when added to media library, but not set to attach.
  • ADDED: New filter: caldera_forms_grid_row_class – adds custom classes to rows in form layout builder.
  • ADDED: New filter: caldera_forms_grid_row_id – change row id attribute in form layout builder.
  • FIXED: Potential PHPMailer Exception when BCC is not set.

Caldera Forms 1.4.8 ( January 18, 2017 ) 1.5 Awaits!

  • SEE:
  • IMPORTANT: Caldera Forms 1.5 beta 2 will be released shortly, please test, Caldera Forms 1.5 is a big update.
  • FIXED: Potential conflict when using Caldera Forms SendGrid mode and the SendGrid plugin, which BTW you shouldn’t do, but still, it shouldn’t break stuff.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_affiliate_id filter for kind plugin theme authors who are including Caldera Forms to append their affiliate ID to links to our site in extend tab.
  • FIXED: Bad link to Caldera Forms add-ons page, featuring such find add-ons as our Mailchimp and PayPal add-ons, in out post-install banner.
  • FIXED: Type on Caldera Forms email notification tab.
  • FIXED: where only first letter of field entry was sent when using summary magic tag in Caldera Forms email and PHP version was 5.3 or later. If this affected you, we’re sorry, but you also really need to get your host to update your PHP version to PHP 5.6 or PHP7, or get a new host.
  • FIXED: Removed extra from radio and checkbox form fields
  • FIXED: In some cases when importing or copying a form ID was changed, even if no form of that ID existed.
  • FIXED: Importing a form from another WordPress site or a backup now maintains its basic email settings, such as enable.

Caldera Forms 1.4.7 ( December 19, 2016 ) Happy Early Christmas!

  • SEE:
  • FIXED: where checkboxes showed up as JSON data not selected options in emails.
  • FIXED: Wrong variable scope in summary magic tag check if field is advanced file field. Didn’t break anything, but still.
  • ADDED: Ability to remove wpautop formatting on email messages.
  • FIXED: Some notices were still showing up in our admin. Commonly used hooks for notices are now removed. The quest to remove all WordPress admin notices continues.
  • FIXED: AJAX settings in form settings tab’s HTML markup lacked proper accessibility markup.

Caldera Forms 1.4.6 ( December 12, 2016 ) Summary Magic Tag: No with 15% more magic!

  • FIXED: preventing hidden field values, set in browser (via jQuery or whatever) from being saved properly. This was fun:)
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_magic_summary_should_use_label Filter for showing label instead of value for select fields in {summary} magic tags.
  • FIXED: Issue where Josh didn’t have a good answer for how to do what caldera_forms_magic_summary_should_use_label filter now does.
  • FIXED: Issue, which was pretty rare, where summary magic tag might now have the right form’s data and therefore summarizes nothing, which isn’t really a summary at all.
  • FIXED: We didn’t have a check to see if SendGrid API was already included. BTW Don’t use our SendGrid integration the SendGrid plugin. Choose one.

Caldera Forms ( December 4, 2016 ) #WCUS

  • FIXED: Submenu entry viewer had a JavaScript error, it has been eradicated.
  • FIXED: Submenu entry viewer header had both old logo and new logo overlapping, which was kind of poetic, but looked bad.

Caldera Forms 1.4.5 ( December 1, 2016 ) Tacos! Tacos! Tacos!

  • ADDED: caldera_forms_get_field_order filter. Changes order of fields, when you ask for them in layout order. Can use this to change order of fields with {summary} magic tag.
  • FIXED: Admin notices were showing up in the form editor and making things look bad. Josh killed them with fire (or jQuery, hard to say.)
  • FIXED: Icon in admin and shortcode button was the old CF logo, now it uses the Caldera Globe. Menu is still wrong, which is sad, but you can’t win theme all.
  • BTW: Our website is now and looks cooler. Docs are easier to find. Hooray!
  • ADDED: A sarcastic comment to config template for states field because WordFence said an empty file is bad.
  • ADDED: A cool system to show you helpful links in admin.
  • IMPROVED: Position of UI field descriptions.
  • ADDED: The ability to specify calculation field decimal separator.
  • INCREASED: Expiration of transient for submissions.
  • FIXED: Color contrast for required * was not sufficient. Fixed for accessibility reasons. Our form builder must be accesible by default!
  • RESTYLED: Shortcode button in form list. Color contrast in old way was insufficient.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_summary_magic_pattern filter for changing the sprintf pattern for the summary magic tag.
  • FIXED: A dumb mistake that was putting array_merge error in main admin page sometimes.
  • FIXED: Issue where Josh couldn’t pack for WordCamp US until he finished Caldera Forms 1.4.5

Caldera Forms ( November 11, 2016 )

  • FIXED: Missing CSS that caused the date and color picker fields to not work.

Caldera Forms 1.4.4 ( November 10, 2016 )

  • FIXED: Issue where Caldera Forms submit nonce did not verify when using WooCommerce and a non logged in user had items in cart.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_file_upload_handler Filter for alternative file upload handler. See:
  • CHANGED: Usage tracking API URL.
  • ADDED: Redirect for old license manager page to new license manager page for less confusion when activating Caldera Forms add-ons
  • ADDED: Add to Media Library option for regular file fields.
  • FIXED: Previously, files not set to add to media library were left in uploads directory. That was bad, now they are added to a uploads/ and then deleted when no longer needed.
  • ADDED: Welcome banner. You are now welcomed to Caldera Forms. Thanks Matt for the cool example code.
  • FIXED: For accessibility reasons, added an Alt tag on Gravatar field display.
  • FIXED: For accessibility reasons, the warning color red was changed for better contrast.
  • FIXED: Emailed CSVs were showing stored JSON for checkbox fields, now they show checkbox values, which is much better.
  • FIXED: Previously you could not edit a hidden form field in the entry editor. Now you can.
  • ADDED: Infrastructure for REST API. Will be used more later, right now, it’s for add-ons to make use of.
  • FIXED: That thing where people ask Josh how he’s using REST API in Caldera Forms and he has to say “not at all.”
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_csv_character_encoding filter for changing character encoding of CSV exports. See
  • FIXED: For accessibility reasons, added alt tag to toggle switch form field.
  • FIXED: Made summary magic tag output fields in order they appear in form, not order they were added. This used to be how it worked, which was good, then it stopped being how it worked, which was bad. But now it is fixed.
  • IMPROVED: CSS loading. There are three optional stylesheets, most people select all three, when that happens we now load 1 minified style sheet, instead of 3. That’s a good start. Will improve that more in next release.

Caldera Forms ( October 4th, 2016 )

  • FIXED: jQuery syntax error in HTML form field JavaScript

Caldera Forms 1.4.3 ( October 4th, 2016 )

  • FIXED: where magic tag button was not working in Chrome. There is now no magic tag button, nor is it needed.
  • IMPROVED: Email notification tab. Better descriptions, more accessible HTML form markup.
  • FIXED: Inline JavaScript for some form fields types that didn’t work when jQuery was loaded in footer.
  • IMPROVED: Loading of color picker in shortcode form preview. Hi Matt.
  • FIXED: Date picker from field was hidden by modal when form was loaded in a modal. It is now moved in from of the modal form so it is visible when loading forms in modals.
  • FIXED: Color picker was not working when form was loaded in a modal. Color pickers now work when form is loaded in a popup.
  • IMPROVED: HTML for modal forms was using a global, not a class property. That’s bad, we feel bad, we fixed it. Forms in a popup FTW!
  • FIXED: affecting auto-populating form field options auto-populated using posts.
  • IMPROVED: You used to not be able to use magic tags for placeholder of select form fields. You can now preset select fields in your form using magic tags in the placeholder setting.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_prerender_edit action that runs before form editor is rendered.
  • FIXED: Issue where readme did not say “Hi Roy.” Also, Hi Roy.

Caldera Forms 1.4.2 ( August 31, 2016 )

  • ADDED: caldera_forms_new_form_modal_bottom Runs at the bottom of the new forms modal.
  • FIXED: causing errors when magic tag value was not a string and preg_matching was attempted
  • FIXED: Breadcrumbs title attribute for multi-page forms that was missing.
  • FIXED: causing jQuery error and alignment issue when bringing up magic tag list in form admins
  • FIXED: preventing a field value of 0 from being saved.
  • FIXED: PHP notices caused by viewing entries for forms with no entries
  • FIXED: Possibly type error in calculation field in front-end form view.
  • FIXED: Contact form template used an invalid email in auto-responder
  • FIXED: Auto-responder was not checking for invalid from email settings which was causing emails sent from some forms to fail.

Caldera Forms 1.4.1 ( July 27, 2016 )

  • FIXED: preventing saving of forms with checkbox fields. This is the big bad issue that caused this release.
  • FIXED: caldera_forms_sendgrid_before filter was added without documentation and this really upset Josh, who would have been so mad at David if he had made this mistake.
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Email_Save class, abstracting most functionality from Caldera_Forms_Email_Preview class added in 1.4.0. This resolves issue where Josh was annoyed he could not re-use the preview system to make the PDF add-on for printing and saving form data.
  • FIXED: Changed PHP version check for loading advanced email mode from 5.3 to 5.4. Was problem for those on dinoPHP using SendGrid. Really they should update.

Caldera Forms 1.4.0 ( July 26, 2016 )

  • FIXED: Datepicker behaviour on mobile. Fallback to default date field behaviour on mobile.
  • ADDED: Duplicate field button.
  • ADDED: Duplicate field button.
  • ADDED: ARIA tags for form fields.
  • ADDED: Duplicate field button.
  • ADDED: Support for sending emails via SendGrid.
  • IMPROVED: Entry viewer is now responsive.
  • IMPROVED: Improved labels in form editor to make things easier to find.
  • ADDED: Shortcode link to form list.
  • ADDED: Shortcode link to form settings.
  • ADDED: Email preview mode for ensuring that email settings are correct.
  • ADDED: Ability to send emails through SendGrid.
  • ADDED: Preset options for select fields.
  • IMPROVED: Advanced file fields. These fields are no longer in beta, this is a fully operational battle station.
  • FIXED: preventing entries from being saved properly when MariaDB is used.
  • FIXED: CSS for advanced field field buttons clashed with TwentySixteen
  • IMPROVED: New form modal is now more attractive, encourages using templates and provides template previews.
  • FIXED: Permissions for sub-menu entry viewer
  • FIXED: preventing dismissing admin pointer.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_processor_ui_input_pre_html filter for custom admin UI fields
  • FIXED: Wrong colors being used for autocomplete (select2) fields.
  • FIXED: Active class was not being updated properly on multi-page forms.
  • ADDED: Proper ARIA tags for state of pages of multi-page forms.
  • FIXED: causing validation on the next page from running on multi-page forms to soon.
  • IMPROVED: Input masking for phone fields.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_mailer_invalid action that fires when mailer configuration is invalid.
  • FIXED: Issue preventing validation errors from showing properly on some field types.
  • ADDED: General settings section of main admin
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_ui_field_classes filter for filtering processor UI field classes
  • ADDED: Hidden fields to processor UI.
  • FIXED: Allowed hidden fields to use custom classes.
  • ADDED: New database abstraction, this will become very important soon, aslo it’s pretty cool.
  • DEPRECATED: Caldera_Forms_Admin::browse_entries() use Caldera_Forms_Entry_UI::view_entries()
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_presave_form filter to change form config before saving
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Save::create_entry() for creating entries programatically
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_widget_init action after widget is initialized.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_sanitize() utility function.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_very_safe_string() for sanatizing a string really hard.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_field_option_presets filter for adding additional option field presets

Caldera Forms ( May 23, 2016)

  • Security Release

Caldera Forms ( May 18, 2016) The Return of the Widget

  • FIXED: The form widget not showing forms

Caldera Forms ( May 18, 2016) Fix Release

  • FIXED: Issue preventing multi-select fields from saving 2nd or greater option in database.
  • FIXED: Pressing “enter” in new form modal did not create new form.
  • FIXED: preventing some magic tags from rendering in HTML form fields.
  • FIXED: preventing rating star form fields from working with conditional logic.
  • FIXED: Issue preventing forms combining user login and user profile editing in same form from validating properly. ( Requires Caldera Forms Users add-on 1.3.4+ )
  • FIXED: causing PHP notice when creating shortcode previewer in post editor.
  • ADDED: “caldera_forms_admin_init” action at end of constructor for admin class
  • ADDED: “caldera_forms_core_init” action at end of constructor for core class
  • ADDED: Autoloader for all classes
  • FIXED: Missing ARIA tags in auto-generated processor config settings.
  • ADDED: “caldera_forms_processor_ui_input_group_html” filter for adding markup to auto-generated processor config groups.
  • ADDED: “caldera_forms_processor_ui_input_html” filter for adding markup to auto-generated processor config fields.
  • ADDED: Base classes for processors to extend.
  • ADDED: Replaced the mini color picker with the native wordpress color picker in form editor.
  • FIXED: Issue preventing some disable conditions from disabling form fields.

Caldera Forms 1.3.5 ( April 21, 2016 )

  • ADDED: Forms in modals! Ok, this was there for awhile in secret, but it works really well now, so have at it.
  • ADDED: Advanced File Upload fields
  • ADDED: Optional usage tracking mode
  • ADDED: Better handling for errors from forms submissions API
  • ADDED: Ability to use “caldera_forms_mailer” filter to disable using wp_mail() — better emails, like winter, are coming.
  • FIXED: affecting widget admin
  • FIXED: Improper validation for email details
  • FIXED: Inability to disable forms from the admin.
  • FIXED: Issue preventing toggle buttons from toggling in forms.
  • FIXED: Issue with datapicker language in forms.
  • FIXED: Menu pinning
  • FIXED: Magic tags for checkbox fields in forms not showing proper value/label in form entry email
  • FIXED: that caused a submission result to show code on screen.

Caldera Forms ( March 31, 2016 )

  • FIXED: that caused the DB update to not run on manually uploaded updates to Caldera Forms
  • FIXED: that caused calculation to fail if they used Math
  • FIXED: that caused multiple file fields from being attached to mailer
  • FIXED: that stopped forms from being pinned to menu
  • FIXED: that threw errors on pinning forms to menu
  • REMOVED : experimental code that caused stuff to die
  • ADDED : Additional Math support in calculations

Caldera Forms ( March 30, 2016 )

  • ADDED: caldera_forms_pre_render_form for returning HTML early.
  • ADDED: Form ID and CF version as data attributes in outermost wrapping container for form.
  • FIXED: preventing multiple files in same field from attaching to the email.
  • FIXED: making multi-file upload fields, effectively always required.
  • FIXED: causing conditional logic editor to be real slow.
  • FIXED: causing conditional logic editor to not show all conditionals.
  • FIXED: causing multi-select checkbox fields to not be editable in entry editor.
  • FIXED: causing required checkbox fields, when not checked to not report why form wasn’t submitted.
  • FIXED: causing CSV export and entry viewer to not properly display multi-select checkbox fields.
  • CHANGED: “Pin to Menu” to a more descriptive label. No change in functionality.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_render_field_file filter to Change the file used to create the HTML for a field in the front-end.
  • ADDED: entry ID to caldera_forms_submit_post_process and caldera_forms_submit_process_start hooks documented them.
  • ADDED: Caldera_Forms_Forms class to handle all form config CRUD. Refactored form saving for performance and extensibility:)
  • FIXED: Typo in default auto-responder message.
  • FIXED: preventing variables from rendering in calculation fields.
  • IMPROVED: Validation error reporting.
  • IMPROVED: Handling AJAX false failures caused by PHP notices/warning/other funny markup form other plugins.

Caldera Forms ( March 4, 2016)

  • FIXED: causing muti-page forms to validate when going back a page…. again. For reals this time.

Caldera Forms 1.3.3 ( February 29, 2016)

  • FIXED: preventing some field validation methods from showing
  • FIXED: preventing some conditional fields from users add-on from showing
  • FIXED: Issue preventing some calculations from working
  • FIXED: causing muti-page forms to validate when going back a page.

Caldera Forms ( January 14, 2016 )

  • FIXED: that caused calculations using checkboxes or Radio buttons to fail

Caldera Forms 1.3.2 ( January 14, 2016 )

  • FIXED: preventing AJAX submissions on certain Apache configurations with ugly permalinks enabled in WordPress
  • FIXED: Calculation fields with hidden fields not calculating.
  • ADDED: “caldera_forms_cf_ajax_api_url” filter — Filter the URL for AJAX submissions
  • ADDED: Fallback for failed AJAX submissions — 404s now cause submission via a synchronous request.
  • ADDED: Entry Editing.
  • FIXED: Menu display conflict with Sensi plugin
  • FIXED: Validation errors triggered prematurely on multi-page forms
  • FIXED: Use WordPress’ setting for database collation. Hi Chris.

Caldera Forms (November 18, 2015 )

  • FIXED: Annoying little that broke reCaptcha due to new script loading.

Caldera Forms (November 12, 2015 )

  • FIXED: Annoying little that broke the “Next” button if you have a required Checkbox or Radio on a later page. (I know right?)
  • FIXED: A few minor cleanups here and there.

Caldera Forms 1.3.1 (November 5, 2015 )

  • BIG CHANGE: Implement parsley.js for improved client-side validation.
  • BIG CHANGE: New endpoints for processing forms.
  • FIXED: Validation issues in mobile Safari.
  • FIXED: preventing mailer attachments when returning from Paypal.
  • FIXED: where enter key could trigger submit from any page of a multi-page form in some circumstances/ browser.
  • FIXED: Recaptcha settings link opening in same window.
  • FIXED: where CSS was being loaded in footer in some cases.
  • FIXED: Visual issue where datepick fields in Twenty Fifteen theme showed full width.
  • ADDED: Ability to set orderby field and order direction for auto-populated fields from UI.
  • ADDED: Ability to specifify allowed field types in file fields with or without dots.
  • ADDED: support for Github Updater Plugin
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_processor_value filter for changing value of a field from a processor.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_manage_cap filter for managing all capabilities by context.
  • ADDED: HTML content type header to emails sent via autoresponder processor.
  • ADDED: caldera_forms_script_urls and caldera_forms_style_urls filters for modifying/ removing scripts and styles before enqueuing.
  • ADDED: Label space option to aid in horizontal alignment.

Caldera Forms ( September 10, 2015 )

Bugs Fixed

  • Scripts and Styles now load only on pages with forms in the header where they belong
  • David should be fired, but acknowledges his lazyness so he got a mild warning.

Caldera Forms ( September 8, 2015 )

Bugs Fixed

  • Scripts and Styles now load only on pages with forms
  • Fixed a that conflicted with WooCommerce v2.4.6
  • put back the “disable” condition
  • fixes “is greater” and “is smaller” condition that reverted to is
  • autopopulate select fields use ID correctly for post_type and term_id for taxonomy

Caldera Forms 1.3.0 ( August 23, 2015 )

  • Improved: Adding rows in form layout.
  • Added: Conditional groups.
  • Added: New helper classes for form processors.
  • Fixed: Issue where forms with a file field, without a file uploaded, would break mailer validation.
  • Added: Date range settings for date picker fields.
  • Improved: Colors in form editor.
  • Improved: Inline docs in Caldera_Forms class.
  • Added: 2 new form templates.
  • Fixed: Issue with field scripts being double loaded.
  • Fixed: Issue affecting color pickers as conditional fields.
  • Update Translations: German (de_DE), Spanish (es_ES), French (fr_FR), Japanese (ja), Portuguese (pt_PT), Turkish (tr_TR).

Caldera Forms 1.2.3 ( August 7, 2015)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed Checkbox values showing as [Object object] in entry view
  • HTML field with magic tags now work with conditions
  • Toggle switches magic tag now doesn’t show ,,,
  • Range Slider in conditions improved
  • State / Province field correctly uses the required setting
  • issue where if you had a single entry in trach, would show no entries.
  • some smaller annoying bugs solved

New Features

  • Added form templates when creating new form.
  • Automcomplete (select2) field type.
  • File field can now be set to accept mulitple to allow selecting multiple files.
  • Portuguese translation thanks to Luis Martins
  • Turkish translation thanks to Yavuz Uyar
  • Added login/logout link magic tags: {login_url} {logout_url} {register_url} {lostpassword_url}
  • Abstracted final DB saving and mailer into new class

New Hooks

  • caldera_forms_get_form_templates : filter to add your own templates to new form templates
  • Added “caldera_forms_mailer_failed” action to run when main mailer fails
  • Added “caldera_forms_autoresponder_failed” action to run when autoresponder fails.

Caldera Forms 1.2.2 ( June, 2015)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed widget where forms in widget disapeared
  • Fixed conditional logic where multiple forms on a page broke conditions
  • Fixed a that stopped forms from saving if visual editor was disabled in profile
  • A bunch of smaller bugs that was causing minor issues… again

New Filters

  • caldera_forms_autopopulate_options_post_value_field
  • caldera_forms_autopopulate_options_post_label_field
  • caldera_forms_autopopulate_options_taxonomy_value_field
  • caldera_forms_autopopulate_options_taxonomy_label_field

Caldera Forms 1.2.1 ( June, 2015)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed checkbox values not saving on transient redirect ( complicated, but now fixed )
  • Fixed required field on HTML element causing a form to not submit without any notice
  • Fixed issue with pin to menu rights resetting in form edit
  • A bunch of smaller bugs that was causing minor issues


  • Updated the visual styles on forms
  • updated mailer setup descriptions to prevent spam filtering of mails
  • auto slugs are cleaner
  • minor speed improvements in core

Caldera Forms 1.2.0 ( April, 2015)

Bugs Fixed

  • Exports on checkboxes caused issues
  • calculation caused problems
  • Fixed the slug:label magic tag…again.


  • Updated the visual styles
  • Added additional actions and filters
  • imroved saving speed

Caldera Forms 1.1.10 ( April, 2015)

Bugs Fixed

  • deleting entries in bulk, disabled form. – fixed.
  • viewing entries occationally gave a blank modal.

Caldera Forms ( April, 2015)

  • error on checkboxes and array tag showing

Caldera Forms ( April, 2015)

Critical fix

  • on php 5.3 widget forms and function render forms gave “permission denied” error. solved.

Caldera Forms ( April, 2015)


  • Added setting for custom thousand separator on calculator in money format.
  • improved array handling
  • set conditions to look at lable not value.
  • slugs from option based fields can now reference the lable with %field_slug:label%


  • Corrected a in the file upload not stopping on incorrect file type
  • fixed an action in the autopopulate options for field config
  • fixed a that made the field bind autocomplete box dissapear when scrolling

Caldera Forms ( April, 2015)


  • Corrected a that allowed setting a field to its own conditional (infinte loop)


  • Added a “Entry List” behaviour to Variables to allow the variable to show in entry list.
  • Added filter ‘caldera_forms_get_form’ for filtering form structure before using it.
  • Added the ability to render forms directly from an array structure ( Experimental dev feature : Allows you to render forms from a structure without needing to import one ).


  • Made selected field in edit easier to see.
  • Added a Drfat / Deactivate mode for forms.

Caldera Forms ( April, 2015)


  • slashes removed on mailer body
  • Reset fixed for toggle buttons working
  • reCaptcha multi instances


  • changed the delete element and processor buttons to gray
  • changed the Success message box to a textarea for larger notices.


  • added custom ajax callbacks and overrides
  • Increment value processor
  • added BCC and Reply To options for mailer
  • Mailer Demode to track issues with sending notifications ( March, 2015)


  • Fixed datepicker language loader … again
  • Pagination next validator on checkbox prevented progression


  • cleaned up the view entry modal a bit
  • cleaned up paragraph entry view
  • moved a few hooks around for better handling
  • added custom class to html element

Caldera Forms ( March, 2015)


  • Added US States to dropdown as option


  • Fixed a clash with FacetWP pagination
  • Fixed a that stoped the text editor from running on WordPress 3.9
  • A few minor fixes and improvements

Caldera Forms ( February, 2015)


  • Added ID or Name value selector for autopopulation on selects
  • Importer now creates a new form and wont overide the original.
  • Modals only close on the dismiss or cancel buttons. no longer on clicking the overlay. (better for management)
  • Added Filter: caldera_forms_autoresponse_config to allow modifiying the auto responder config
  • Added Filter: caldera_forms_autoresponse_mail to allow modifiying the auto responder mail object before sending
  • Changed the form ajax handler to use the more reliable wp admin-ajax method
  • Hooks to extend the autopopulate for option based fields ( caldera_forms_autopopulate_types caldera_forms_autopopulate_type_config )


  • Updated the reCaptcha to use Google’s new version


  • a few small minor issues where resolved.

Caldera Forms (30 November, 2014)


  • Issue with HTML binding not working. Solved but need to explore a little more later.
  • a few smaller fixes optimisations

Caldera Forms (27 october, 2014)


  • Sorted an issue with custom classes not being an array. facepalm

1.1.9 (26 october, 2014)


  • multi page validation on radios + checkboxes
  • minor fixes


  • {embed_post:*} available in archive list


  • Live preview on shortcode in editor. really. It’s awesome.
  • Additional filters to aid in auto-populating fields

Caldera Forms 1.1.8 (7 October, 2014)


  • Javascript error in reCapture field
  • No Default on dropdown field type results in correct blank option
  • Minor fixes


  • Moved entry creation to just after pre-processor to allow for {entry_id} to be usable
  • Class wrapper locations improved for better addons

Caldera Forms 1.1.7 (29 September, 2014)


  • Javascript error on deleting entries in pin mode
  • Minor fixes


  • CSV exporter improvements


  • Ajax submissions on by default


  • Balrick.JS updated to 2.3
  • Ajax spinner removed and replaced with overlay blocking.
  • Addon licensing v3

Caldera Forms 1.1.6 (25 September, 2014)


  • Akismet spam filtering processor. Listed once Askismet plugin is active and activated.
  • Honeypot spamtrap option to place an invisible field in the form to trick spam bots.


  • Checkboxes, Radio Dropdown select Show Values option corrected to show the values as intended.
  • Better Instancing of multiple forms on page.
  • Minor activation output error.
  • Minor Bugfixes.

Caldera Forms 1.1.5 (18 September, 2014)


  • corrected typos in the textdomain
  • Validation classes added to Alerts and not Forms.
  • Minor fixes that where annoying me


  • Handlebars.js v2


  • Gravatar field for live display of gravatar.

Caldera Forms 1.1.4 (17 August, 2014)


  • Loading speed improved on form editor
  • More Control hooks for form control


  • “Contains” clause in conditionals works correctly
  • multi-site fix


  • option to clone form
  • disable condition option for fields
  • ‘entry_id’ magic tag
  • Magic tag enabled all mailer fields

Caldera Forms 1.1.3 (12 August, 2014)


  • foreach warning in new installs.
  • language load corrected
  • minor bugs

Caldera Forms 1.1.2 (6 August, 2014)


  • datepicker clashing with jquery ui.
  • Conditionals working correctly again round 2.
  • validation across pages
  • minor bugs


  • Pin to menu option to make direct access to entries way faster
  • Extend menu item for addons and licenses
  • Community menu item for sharing stuff

Caldera Forms 1.1.1 (4 August, 2014)


  • (partly) Success Message magic tags work on ajax mode. not yet on standard submit.
  • Conditionals working correctly again.

Caldera Forms 1.1.0 (1 August, 2014)


  • Variables tab: create custom magic tags and URL return values by combining other tags, processor values and static strings.
  • Magic tag autocomplete to magic tag enabled inputs in editor.
  • Autopopulate options from post type or taxonomy for static select fields (radio, checkboxes, dropdown, toggle switches)


  • Rebuilt the get_entry and view methods to be easier to use for developers and be more reliable
  • Form Instancing and field ID’s – can have multiple instances of the same form.
  • Additional hooks and filters

Caldera Forms 1.0.91 (27 July, 2014)


  • Fixed the preview button


  • Form ID added as form class

Caldera Forms 1.0.9 (25 July, 2014)


  • Conditionals error on numerical condition value
  • placeholder field took preference on masked input instead of default field


  • Form preview button
  • Processors can now return an error to stop process chain
  • Process transient now accessable for storing process data for redirects and such
  • Field ID added to field config panel for reference
  • Extra checks for valid data
  • Extra filters
  • Meta Data view templates to processors

1.0.8 (21 July, 2014)


  • PHP 5.2+ compatibility fix on grid generation
  • Multi-page that stopped the page config from being saved
  • Range Slider fixed that broke sliders on multipage forms

1.0.7 (20 July, 2014)


  • Left off an important table update for the status- very sorry. I hate doing two updates in a day.

Caldera Forms 1.0.6 (20 July, 2014)


  • Range Slider field type
  • Star Rating view filter (show starts in entry view)
  • Auto generate mail body from submissions + {summary} magic tag
  • field %field_slug% tags dynamically bound in HTML field type ( updates dynamically with field values )
  • Gravitar field binding to antry capture to show gravitar of form submitter if email is available – else uses userid of logged in user.
  • Trash, restore delete for submission entry management.
  • Bulk actions for submission management (trash, delete, restore export)
  • Form Processor return values are now bindable options for other processors
  • Field tags are now bindable values for processors


  • max_input_limit for configurations. fixed without the need to update php.ini (w00t!)
  • fixed conditionals support for IE8
  • some minor fixes I can’t remember right now.


  • Added processor meta values so that form processors can add to the form submission
  • optimized js in editor UI
  • more filters and actions for developers
  • other stiff I can’t remember

Caldera Forms 1.0.5 (13 July, 2014)


  • Multi Page Forms (still some work to do to make it easier)
  • Bulk option insert for select fields (dropdown, radio, checkboxes, toggle button)
  • Magic Tags on fields and mailer
  • tag conditionals on email message
  • Ajax return filter
  • Placeholder field to add a custom placeholder rather than using the lable.


  • in ajax verification
  • Missing checkmark image in chrome
  • Conditionals on checkboxes now works
  • Conditionals performance on frontend
  • Calculations field responds to conditionals correctly
  • Static field types (select options etc) cannot be minipulated from frontend. Preprocessing on submit restores set values.


  • Switched redirect filter and action order
  • File upload method to use WordPress’ handler to prevent issues on some installs.
  • Field dragging reduces to a set block for easier field placement.

Caldera Forms 1.0.4 (20 June, 2014)

  • Added Ajax submissions option – found in General Settings.
  • Added custom field class – field wrapper based
  • Added general input masking for single line text field
  • Added Form Exporting and Importing

Caldera Forms 1.0.3 (12 June, 2014)

  • Added custom input mask format for phone number
  • Cleaned up form style
  • Fixed in datepicker with no arrows showing
  • Fixed text field showing behind star rating

Caldera Forms 1.0.2 (11 June, 2014)

  • Added Star Rating field
  • Added Calculations

Caldera Forms 1.0.1 (10 June, 2014)

  • Added Phone Field Type
  • Additional Hooks Filters
  • Some fixes

Caldera Forms 1.0.0

Initial Release


What happened to caldera forms? ›

What happens now? Updates and support for Caldera Forms and its add-ons have now been discontinued. You will still technically be able to use the plugin on your websites.

What is the best WordPress form plugin? ›

Six Best WordPress form builder plugins in 2022
  1. WPForms. Contact Form by WPForms – Drag & Drop Form Builder for WordPress. ...
  2. Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms helps you create more advanced types of forms beyond a simple contact form (though it can do that too). ...
  3. Typeform. ...
  4. Ninja Forms. ...
  5. Formidable Forms. ...
  6. Caldera Forms.
12 Apr 2022

How do I add a caldera form to WordPress? ›

Once you are in your page editor inside WordPress, a Caldera Forms button will be available at the top of your WYSIWG editor (next to the Add Media button). Click the Caldera Form button to add a form to your page, this will open up a pop-up window where a list of your Caldera Forms.

Will caldera be changed? ›

There will also be significant changes to Caldera: a reduction in foliage and visibility improvements, a reintroduction of a memorable point of interest in Storage Town, other point of interest updates, and several new items, including the return of keycards for new bunkers.

Is caldera clash back? ›

Caldera Clash has been removed and Rebirth Blood Money Quads has been added!" / Twitter.

Which form builder is best? ›

The 8 best online form builder apps
  • Google Forms for quickly creating powerful forms for free.
  • Microsoft Forms for collecting and analyzing form results in Excel.
  • Jotform for building a form from a template.
  • Formstack for advanced analytics and regulated industries.
  • Typeform for conversational data collection.

What is better than WPForms? ›

While both WPForms and Gravity Forms are powerful and flexible, they can't do everything. To add even more functionality, both plugins allow for third-party extensions. Here, Gravity Forms is the clear winner, with a much more vibrant third-party extension marketplace.

Which is better Contact Form 7 or WPForms? ›

Which is better between Contact Form 7 and WPForms? WPForms is a more modern contact form with numerous features that create a form seamlessly. In terms of features, this contact form is better. However, if you want something effective and free, Contact Form 7 is the better option.

Which plugin is best for contact form? ›

Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress (Free and Premium)
Contact Form PluginRating (
1. WPForms4.9/5from $39.50 / year
2. Formidable Forms4.7/5from $39.50 / year
3. Forminator4.8/5from $60 / year
4. Ninja Forms4.4/5from $49.50 / year
3 more rows
30 Mar 2022

Does anyone use contact forms? ›

It is very common for companies to display contact forms and/or their email addresses, but now a days it gets more common to use some type of a chat platform, either a chatbot or a live chat with a real person.

How do I create a dynamic contact form in WordPress? ›

Navigate to Contact > Edit in your Control Panel. You'll get a default form with your basic fields: Name, Email, Subject, Message. To provide some context to the form, we'll add a new field. We'll call it “Context”, but you could call it something more specific (like “Product” or “URL” or whatever).

How does a caldera form? ›

A caldera is a large depression formed when a volcano erupts and collapses. During a volcanic eruption, magma present in the magma chamber underneath the volcano is expelled, often forcefully. When the magma chamber empties, the support that the magma had provided inside the chamber disappears.

How does a caldera form quizlet? ›

How does a caldera form? Enormous eruptions may empty the main vent and the magma chamber beneath a volcano. The mountain becomes a hollow shell. With nothing to support it, the top of the mountain collapses inward, forming a caldera.

Why is the new caldera map so laggy? ›

In most cases, the cause of lag is down to the connection of players but this time around, having a weak connection isn't a factor. The problem that only affects Caldera matches is so bad that one Warzone player claims the battle royale is “unplayable” much to their annoyance.

Will caldera be Vanguard weapons only? ›

Two new modes will be introduced in Warzone Pacific for Caldera. They are specifically designed to showcase Vanguard content and give players a chance to enjoy the new map without coming up against powerful legacy loadouts from the previous CoD games. That means only Vanguard weapons can be used.


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