Aaron: a Boy Needing Long Term Attention to His Bare Fanny -- Part Xxii (2022)

by Cal<Cal22722z@yahoo.com>

Pops watched the boy carefully that Thursday out there on the field.Aaron remembers his watching him too even though he did not realizewhy. Although Aaron did not know back then that Pops had the old woodenpaddle in his truck behind his seat and was just waiting for an excuseto bust his young ass with it, he remembers how Pops worked closeto him out in the fields that day and the next day too. But Aaronwas working hard those days and Pops had no reason to use it on hisass. Pops, after all, was a fair man. Aaron was grateful for that,especially since out there in the middle of nowhere in the fieldsPops would have been perfectly free to paddle this young man to hishearts content and them some! There was nothing Aaron could have doneto stop it either. Pops bided his time and waited for the boy to screwup.

And as for Ma, well, Ma had given Aaron that look when he wasa little late for getting down to her dinner table that Thursday eveningbut he was not THAT late. He was pretty sure that if she got upsetwith him she would at least follow him up to his room to talk withhim about it and probably have spanked him up there. But even thoughshe did follow him up those stairs after dinner and she did have somethings she wanted to talk with him about, she had not brought herruler with her in her hand. She did give him a "warning," but theword, "spanking," never came out of her lips. For that he was trulyglad as he definitely did NOT enjoy her spankings!

The first timehe heard that word, "spanking," that week turned out to be when Jebhad picked him up early evening that next Friday night to take himover to his own spread. Jeb had jumped in his side of the pickup truckand into his seat while Aaron had been doing the same from the otherside beside him. Jeb had turned the key in the ignition and pushedthe clutch to the floor boards while he looked over at Aaron and smiled,"You got a spanking this week over here?" Jeb had casually yet bluntlyasked as he clearly wanted to know.

"Ah, no, Sir," Aaron had repliedsoftly but truthfully.

"Good! Then I suspect its gonna be my pleasureto see to it you get one when I get you home," Jeb was clear as hestarted driving down Pops driveway and out of there.

Aaron had mixedfeelings about Jeb right then. There was definitely something aboutthe way Jeb put things to him. But he had learned from the last timeand was getting some ideas about all of this. "Its up to you, Sir,"Aaron replied, "if you think I need one."

But Jeb just laughed outloud and continued driving maybe even picking up a little speed orso. "A boy your age always needs one and around here, we think a Fridaynights as good a time as any, son."

"Yes, sir," Aaron replied, "andevery other night and twice on Sundays," he joked half seriously.

"So,weve got us a wise guy do we now? Well see how smart you are whenwe get back to my place," he said, "I want you to get in my kitchenand get your pants and undies down for me first off and Ill take careof it for you." Jeb had obviously thought about this. Actually hehad thought about it a lot and was far more than just a little eagerto get his hands on the boys bare bottom then.

"Yes, sir," Aaronreplied. He knew there was not much sense in arguing, but he alsoknew he did not want to argue with Jeb anyway. There was somethingabout Jebs no nonsense, direct ways that he liked. And, after all,a spanking was no longer something that surprised him from Jeb. Hewas already over that hurdle. Still there was a certain emotion andfeeling deep down inside of him that both scared and appealed to him.They were, after all, only just leaving Ma and Pops driveway and alreadyJeb had made it clear that he was going to be getting yet anotherspanking when they arrived at his house. He could not explain it backthen, but there was something about all of this he was respondingto.

When they arrived, Aaron did go inside and removed his pantsand undies. He folded them and put them neatly on a chair. Then hestood there and waited for Jeb to come into the kitchen and give himthat inevitable spanking he had warned him about. The wait was almostthe worst part but Jeb had some work he was finishing up on out inthe barn and he did not seem to be in any hurry. So Aaron stood therein his kitchen and stood there bare from his waist down. He felt stupid.Strangely enough he did not feel so much embarrassed as simply whathe later came to describe as "hot."

Aaron got spanked that nightand he wiggled and cried his way all over and around Jebs knees fora long time too. It had, after all, been several days since that lastSunday morning when Jeb had had the boy over his knees so he was takinghis time and enjoying doing his duty. Afterwards, Aaron was in Jebsarms and he knew he felt good about himself and about being there.Later still, Jeb took him to his bed. Aaron learned obedience theretoo. He found himself opening up with Jeb. The next night Jeb toohim.

At the end of that Summer, in that August, when I first beganto write about Aaron and Jeb out there in the countryside, Aaron droppedout of university and moved in with Jeb to begin a new life in ranchingwith some farming on the side. His parents were furious and foughtit though Ma and Pops liked having him nearer. But Aaron did not movein with Jeb because of a burning desire to be a rancher. Aaron hadfound himself that summer. He came out as a gay man but a man withvery special needs and those needs he had come to realize involvedbeing with a stronger, older gay man who practiced what they cameto call "domestic discipline."

Jeb and Aaron still live togetherout there and Aaron, at least every time I have visited or heard fromhim, is a very well disciplined young man. Their story is true. Theyare still living their life to this day. And they are still in thatextremely rural community about an hour and a half outside of LasVegas. And they live their life openly while not advertising thatthey are gay.

However, when you are a house guest at Jebs place,it is not at all unusual to walk in and find a very sorry and bareAaron in the corner with a very nice and very red bare bottom showing.Jeb spanks him frequently and thoroughly and not just in the housebut out in the back in the barn and in the fields too. And Aaron showsno signs of leaving either.

It is an interesting place to visitand spend some time. The town is bizarre (in the eyes of any cityboy). It is hard to believe it exists in this day and age but it does.Ma and Pops look more like country farmers than any TV sitcom couldcome up with and they are as opinionated as hell while very crustyand delightful. As for Aaron and Jeb, I have tried to portray themas I know them.

For example, the first evening when I was last there,the meal was marvelous with traditional fresh meat and potatoes servedfarm family style and with real style. Aaron stayed close to Jeb andwas, in every way, his right hand as they cooked together. He talkedexcitedly and freely in every way and about anything and everythingbefore and during dinner. He talked, that is, until Jeb at one pointbegan talking about Aaron and the boys need for discipline and control.At that point Aaron became very quiet and sat there at the table lookingdown at his plate from then on as Jeb talked openly. Aarons face flushedbut Jeb continued talking about some of the more intimate detailsof Aarons behavior and their life together.

Aaron cleared the tableafter dinner and coffee was shared but Aaron still was saying nothing.Then, as if on cue, Jeb snapped his fingers and pointed to Aaronspants. Aaron lowered them and stepped out of them too. Jeb began talkingabout Aarons behavior that day and within a few moments, he had pushedback his chair from the table and himself removed the boys boxersdown to the floor.

Aarons _c_o_c_k_ was full, his balls low slung,and his buns tight and crystal white as he stood there while Jeb talkedto me about him. In fact Jeb left him standing there beside him butbegan patting his buns and talking first to me and then directly tohim. About five minutes later he guided the young man over his kneesand displayed his young bare bottom in the proper spanking position.He adjusted the boy over his knees himself and stretched him out nicely.Jeb left the boy hanging there like that with his bare bottom veryvulnerable and he rested his hand on his bottom as he talked. Jebsipped more coffee, then looked at me and said, "Excuse me." A momentlater his hand began descending rhythmically as he began spankingyoung Aaron hanging right there in front of me over his knees. Jebsslaps were strong and hard ones right from the very start – slow,methodical, and hard --and Aaron yelped from the very first one. AsJebs hand kept descending, the boy cried out more and began to wiggle.His white buns were beginning to show signs of rosy redness as Jebcontinued slapping them.

Aarons body is well defined and very tightfrom the constant work on that farm since he arrived there. He clearlylooked every bit the fine young man that most dads would enjoy having.And five minutes or so later, this young man was kicking, flailinghis legs and body everywhere, and he was crying. Aaron was tryinghis best to clench his buns tightly as I sat there watching the wholething but Jeb was having none of it.

"Spread those legs, boy," Jebspoke clearly, "and spread em wide or well get out your paddle."

Aarondid his best and pretty well succeeded at keeping his legs spreadand his buns unclenched as Jeb slapped him down there and slappedhim hard. Aaron obviously did not want to feel his paddle!

Aarongot his bare bottom spanked well, very very well that night and itlasted a good twenty or far more minutes or so with tears ultimatelyflowing freely before Jeb pulled him up, hugged him, and sent himinto the corner to stand with his pants and boxers clumped down onthe floor. Sniffles and some tears continued in the corner, but Jebjust continued on with a normal conversation with me as Aaron obedientlystood as still as possible in that corner that night.

Aaron wasclearly embarrassed at my being there and witnessing his spankingon this particular occasion, but why he would have been was unclear.I had seen him spanked on prior visits and on two occasions I hadspanked the boy myself over the years so what was the big deal? Still,boys do hate it when an outsider is around when they need a spanking.That seems to be universal in this "scene" or "lifestyle" or whateverwork you prefer. No boy seems to like it when the more intimate factsof his discipline are exposed in front of an outsider. Their men,on the other hand, or at least the ones I know, never seem to hesitate.

ButJeb and Aaron are two men who do live this lifestyle. And these days,Aaron is still learning obedience. Discipline follows dinner in thathouse. That is the way they live it, the way they practice it, andthe way they both prefer it. Jeb is a very good and strict dad forthis particular boy. I would not be at all surprised if this one lastsforever.

Aarons paddle hangs in their kitchen, but there is alsoan old fashioned wooden hair brush that also hangs there beside it.Jeb love applying either; Aaron fears both, but when it is time, itis time. He fetches it obediently as well he should. It is alwaysapplied to his bare bottom, but at least their location is so remotethat Jeb knows very few others and guests are extremely rare.

Itis the life they live and it is a well ordered one. To the outsideworld, they come across as two locals into ranching and doing wellfinancially at it too. However, once they return home, it is extremelyclear that Jeb is in charge. Aaron is obedient in all things. Or else!

Again,reality is often stranger than fiction.

The End

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