15 GTA V Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words (2022)

It’s hard to imagine, but Grand Theft Auto V dropped almost four years ago, and in that time, the game has gotten a PC port and new generation rereleases. Not unexpected from Rockstar’s marquee franchise. The GTA series has grown into one of the most popular modern video game franchises and with the release of GTA V has cemented itself as one of the most iconic in all of gaming. V gives you a ton of things to do, from an interesting, engrossing story to fun side missions, character customization, and mini-games found throughout the world. Along with its online mode, it’s one of the most inclusive games you can find out there.

But after years of playing it, fans have found their share of humorous quirks with the game. Being as popular a series as it is, you’ll find a ton of GTA memes online. Some poke fun at the story, some at the gameplay, and some just seem pretty random and weird. But they’re all funny in their own way. Anyone who’s played GTA V will more than likely relate to at least a few of these. So now, let’s take a look at 15 GTA V memes that are too hilarious for words.


15 Road Rage

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There are plenty of things you can do in GTA V that might throw people off. Rampaging is pretty common if you have nothing better to do and while it’s just mindless carnage, it can still be pretty fun. But one of the most common acts of violence in the entire series happens too often as a simple traffic accident. The driving controls in GTA V are great, but that doesn’t make you a master driver. More often than not, if you’re going really fast, you’re going to hit something. It often ends up being innocent pedestrians, crossing the street just as you’re gunning it – completely ignoring the red light. It may sometimes be intentional, but more often than not these end up being genuine accidents.

14 No Filter

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GTA is pretty well known for its violent content, but aside from that, is also renowned for the unique satire found in the games. This is a perfect marriage of the two in one picture. Among the plethora of new features added to GTA V, one minor aesthetic one was the ability to take selfies. It’s led to some pretty funny content coming out of the GTA V community. Everything from characters with weird hairstyles to gruesome scenes like this, casually captured on camera can be found online. Maybe it’s the framing of the shot, or maybe it’s all those hashtags at the top of it that make it so ironic, but this picture is absolutely hilarious.

13 Haircuts

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Ah, video game logic. If one tries to go into the fray with common knowledge and reason, they can very well get themselves lost in this one. As realistic as games are trying to be right now, they wouldn’t be all that fun if everything was exactly as it was in the real world. Sure, there’s something to be said about attaining a certain level of realism, but at the end of the day, games are fun because they’re so unreal. This is just hilarious though. It’s something we’ve all probably seen before, but finding yourself a hairdresser and coming out of the place with longer hair than you went in with is something about GTA V that makes us all chuckle.

12 Multiplayer Madness

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All jokes aside, this is a pretty apt description of what playing GTA V Online is like. Imagine the hectic, unrelenting carnage of someone going berserk on the AI in the campaign and now take about a dozen or so of those same people and put them all together on one server. It’s not pretty. Luckily, Rockstar implemented things like Heists and various multiplayer elements and game modes to keep player blood lust at a low. But that doesn’t stop someone from spamming you with a machine gun every so often. It isn’t all that uncommon for players to completely lose sight of their current goal once they pass another player on the road... and proceed to spend the next five minutes trying to kill them for no reason.

11 Fashionista’s

GTA V has three protagonists, each with their own unique tastes, styles, and personalities. You can customize their clothes, hair, and vehicles, whatever. Most of them stick, but there’s always one that resets and it’s annoying every time it happens. You can spend a good deal of time looking for the perfect outfit for Michael, Franklin, or Trevor. You get the clothes, you’re feeling good, switch it up to one of the other protagonists for a second and then once you switch back – BAM, completely different set of clothes. It isn’t that hard to change them back mind you, but trekking it all the way back to your safe house just to out on some new threads is kind of a pain unless you’re in the area.

10 The Muffin Man?

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This has absolutely nothing to do with the game. Just some internet randomness at its finest. When you’re online, you pretty much have to start from scratch and earn your way up the top of the ladder. There are a few ways to do this like playing various game modes with other players, stealing and selling cars off the street and of course, robbing convenience and liquor stores. The latter is one of the quickest ways to earn cash, depending on how fast you can outrun the cops. Well, it looks like someone was experimenting with masks in this picture and it just turned out great. That thing can smile all it wants, it’s terrifying even without the gun.

9 There’s Always One

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If you haven’t played that much GTA V Online in a while and you’re thinking of getting back to it, be weary because there are going to be people on your server that are at way higher levels than you are and they will have the means to kill you on repeat with ease. The higher your level, the better quality of weapons you get. That can get annoying when all some people want to do is go around killing other players. But with all the explosives, melee weapons and guns available, you’d think that people would be a little more creative with how they took you out. As funny as this meme is, there’s a good deal of truth in it. You can’t walk five minutes without some d-bag flattening you with his car.

8 Another Simulation Game?

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As we’ve said,and as you already know, there’s a bunch of cool stuff to do in GTA V when you’re either done with the story or just feel like talking some breathers in between. When a game is riddled with mini-games, it usually hints and the overall product being of questionable quality. But Rockstar got it right once more with GTA V. Rather than being there as compensation, these mini-games, and tasks that you can immerse yourself in throughout the game help make it all seem that much more real. But man, Tennis, Golf, Stock trading – this does kind of seem a little bit like a retirement simulator on the side, doesn’t it?

7 Because Math

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As anticipated as GTA V was, the hype gradually subsided once the game finally dropped and fans were more than content while playing through its campaign. But Rockstar upped the ante with the announcement of GTA V Online as it promised players four person heists with friends. People were really looking forward to it, but even when Online was made available on launch day people had to wait a little longer for heists to make their way into the fold. That isn’t the only disappointment fans had to deal with though, as—for a period of time—Online itself was just a busted mess. It was incredibly difficult to get into a session, and most players had to wait days before actually getting in. Some of those that did get in even lost their characters and had to start over.

6 He Has A Point

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Things can get pretty heated in GTA V Online. Aside from having a dozen wild cards around you on the map, you have to worry about which one of them might lose it first. There’s no real reason as to why people always kill each other online. It’s just instinctive. Kill them before you – or just kill them and take their money. But while some people might be passive, others will hunt you to the ends of hell to get even. If you piss people off enough, you might have to just bail to a different server. Some of these people hold some pretty strong grudges. If you’re watching it happen though, it’s pretty funny to see someone get their just desserts over and over.

5 Well, It Is...

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Though it was one of the weirder sequences in the game, the relationship between Trevor and Patricia Mandrazo was kind of nice – even though it was incredibly brief. It went a long way to humanize Trevor, who up to this point was pretty much cemented as a psychotic, crazed, bloodthirsty killer. Though he’s still all of those things and more, this really did show a bit of a softer side to Trevor. But man, can you imagine the two of them together? She’s a good twenty years older than him (at least) and what’s more, is married to a Mexican crime lord. Oh, and she’s also his abduction victim. Yup, only someone as twisted and crazy as Trevor could take all that madness and somehow turn it into a nice love story.

4 911

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There’s a lot of things you can do in GTA V that warrants police intervention. Crashing into cop cars, killing random civilians, driving through an entire sidewalk full of pedestrians; the list is long. Getting a high enough wanted level is part of the fun though, and, more often than not, the player wants to rack up those stars. The thrill of a high-speed car chase and shootout is sometimes too much to pass up. But there’s something else you can do involving the cops that’s just as fun. If you manage to anger an NPC enough, they’ll try and assault you. Should you have placed a call to the local authorities prior to the eventual altercation and you don’t fight back... well you’ve played enough to know how that plays out.

3 Literally Babies In Comparison

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GTA IV came out years ago, and while it’s still a pretty fun game to revisit every so often, GTA V has pretty much bested it in every way at this point. One thing that’s pretty noticeable after a few encounters is how vicious the cops are in GTA V when compared to GTA IV. The latter always seemed to have a majority of out-of-shape balloon-looking men chasing you down. Not very intimidating. But the cops in GTA V are on point. They’re relentless in their pursuit and will pretty much gun you down without much of a thought. They’re quite literally trained, killing machines. You can hold them off for as long as you’d like, but eventually, they’ll catch you off guard and get you down.

2 What Gives?

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There are a lot of stupid things you can do to get your wanted level up. Killing pedestrians, firing off guns, detonating explosives, stealing cars, and robbing stores – the list goes on and on. But sometimes you just want to stay within the rules of the law and go about your day normally, not bothering anyone. But God help you if you so much as touch a police cruiser. Seriously, if you’re driving and you see one of those things around you get out of there. Get on a different street. Run to the mountains. If you, or the cruiser, so much as touch each other then you get one star. It’s pretty frustrating but can be funny to think about in retrospect.

1 No Mercy

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As we’ve previously stated, cops in GTA V are cold. They go in for the call all the time, every time. There’s never really been a passive state for police officers in GTA games. Not that it would do them any good seeing as players would probably gun them down regardless of whether or not they shot first. But some of the dialogue these guys spout is hilarious. Smack in the middle of a car chase, and they’ll tell you to pull over while they’re shooting the crap out of your car. We’ve all tried – against our better judgment – to see what stopping would do in that situation. A pile up on the freeway and a ton of bullet holes are all you get.

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